Dreams Related To Preaching

Preaching to others but not being religious

Started on small islands which were surrounded by shallow water, maybe 4-5 people I was talking to about following Jesus and they didn't believe me, so I got really mad and started yelling and cussing saying ya all will get what is coming. Then a huge water wave came. Everyone was underwater, then It felt like I was pushed or pulled on my chest down to deep darkness fast, or jerked back to my body and woke up immediately. I am not religious so was curious about dreams. Thanks.

The islands in your dream allude to your feelings of isolation. Perhaps you think that you are lacking support and help from the people who surround you. Their supposed lack of belief in you is causing you to lash out. The tidal wave represents your pent up feelings of frustration and aggression that may surface and devastate your friends, family, including yourself. This surge of emotion, if not kept in check, can end up dragging you and your loved ones down. Your vision cautions you to be aware of emotional outbursts and getting carried away with anger. The more constructive message here is the potential for a cleaner slate. The wave that washes away the negative feelings can ultimately leave you in a place where you can have a fresh start.

Yourself preaching

Many people wonder what does it mean when you see yourself preaching in the dream. According to Christian dream tradition, preaching is an act of spreading news or giving of yourself to others. Generally this is a good thing. For instance, a positive or even neutral sermon may point toward giving someone else good advice or helping out someone in need. However, a dark, depressing speech could allude to having to be the bearer of bad news to someone else.

Preaching in church

According to biblical dream workers, the act or behavior of preaching inside a church or house of worship alludes to being called by God. It is a signal that an opportunity is coming your way, and it is your duty to make the most of it. This chance would have a powerful, transformative effect on your life.