Dreams Related To Praying

Someone praying for me

According to ancient biblical teachings, to see someone praying for you in a dream indicates that the people who hold you dear and close in life are sending goodwill towards you. It shows your complete faith in those people and your inner desire to reciprocate the same goodness towards them. Fortunately, you will never be abandoned by these people in wake life and they will always be by your side.

Laying hands and praying

Laying hands on someone and praying for them during the course of REM sleep may reveal something very important about your future. It is a warning that you may need to ask this individual for forgiveness due to your own bad behavior. For instance, you may say something insensitive or act rashly, leading to a misunderstanding with someone you care about. It would be up to you to extend the olive branch and repair the relationship.

Praying in the rain

I dreamt that it was raining, so when l came out it was full of white worms, l came out and l saw some young men standing outside drinking. So I told them to go on their knees to pray while l was on my knees too and before l realized l was at church alone praying.

Dreams about rain, in general, point towards shutting yourself from others, either emotionally or physically. Rain tends to hide or obscure objects and people, and this forced seclusion may be because of a natural inclination towards being introverted and reserved or because you may be currently experiencing some feelings of sadness, depression, or humility. The symbol of white worms is often interpreted based on their tendency in real life to be burrowed in dark, safe places, like the moist earth or a fresh apple. Combined with the sign of rain, these two indicators point toward drawing in on yourself and putting up walls, possibly to protect yourself from others. Asking others to join you in prayer but then being left alone represents feeling isolated or fearing being left alone. It is likely that, despite your hesitation to let people get close to you, you still subconsciously believe people are good.

Praying and a pigeon turning to a fish

I was talking and praying to God in my dream. Suddenly it starts to rain. I was still praying and the rain gets heavier. I saw some pigeons starting to paddle because of the rain. I couldn't do anything for them. At the end of my dream I recognized the pigeon has turned to fish!

Praying to God in dreams means you need to express remorse for your transgressions. It can also be an indication that you need to devote more time to religion and renewing your faith so you can follow a straightforward path to the future. You will be tested with problems and challenges as symbolized by the heavy rain. If you manage to overcome these obstacles, you will be rewarded. Specifically, the transformation of the pigeon into a fish signifies insights you would learn from all the hardship. This could even result in a brilliant project that would give you a lot of blessings once started.

Praying on a mountain

Praying on a mountain in the dream world is a metaphor for your awareness that something in your life is not right and you wish for some sort of change. The act of praying itself suggests that you desire something good to happen in your life, and doing this on a mountain signifies that you value life and every encounter that happens to you. This could also mean that you want to start anew after an unfortunate incident in your life.