Dreams Related To Potato

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often considered a memorable and unique dream symbol. They tend to represent being able to safely lay your worries or troubles on someone else without judgment. In many cases, it also means your friends and family would be more than willing to come to your aid in times of crisis, bringing you much comfort and peace of mind in troubled periods of your life. For those who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, this symbol can also be a sign of fertility or predict the possibility of twins.

Potato chips

The appearance of potato chips or crisps in a dream may indicate a lack of willpower in your waking life. Perhaps you are struggling to control a behavior or habit that is not serving you well. It can also be connected to your family experience, specifically your relationship with a female family member. Furthermore, eating potato chips symbolizes a desire for comfort or happiness. Alternatively, this dream experience conveys that you are happy at the moment, but perhaps not thinking about the long-term effects of your behavior or food choices.

Worms and bugs in potatoes

I am female. I was cooking dinner, reached under the counter for a bag of potatoes. When I lifted it up one of the large potatoes was black, and the bag had a whole bunch of little white worms and little biting bugs inside. Two or three of the bugs got out through the small holes in the bag and bit me on my hands and wrists while I was taking the bag out to the trash.

Both the potatoes you intended to cook with and the worms that infested them are associated with being grounded and having a simpler outlook on life. It is possible you are integrating yourself into the community where you have settled, or perhaps you are settling down into a calmer, less exciting time of life. In addition to representing simplicity, worms also suggest potential negativity and weakness. The worms you saw in the potatoes and the bugs that bit you may be symbolic of your doubts and fears about where your life is going. These more negative feelings could be preventing you from making important decisions about your future. If there is something bothering you about your life right now, maybe you should explore your options so that you can settle down without fears or regrets.