Dreams Related To Poop

Poop inside a ear

I had a dream I was cleaning poop out my ear.

Cleaning your ear in a dream vision refers to having relationship difficulties due to your straightforward communication style or weak observation skills. It also suggests that you may be predisposed to criticizing others for your own mistakes to avoid making yourself look bad or incompetent. Sadly, you would appear immature to others if you persist in this way. The specific image of cleaning poop out of your ear is connected to this idea because it suggests some trouble, awkwardness or difficulty due to your behavior. You probably would expose yourself to ridicule by those with whom you have a remote, unstable, or unreliable relationship. Perhaps focusing on taking responsibility for your actions and limiting your criticism of others would help you maintain your connections better in the future.

Human poop

Dreaming about human poop could symbolize a current personal dilemma. You may be upset or worried about some aspect your life, such as a person, a task or a personal belonging. Although you might be aware of the source of your concern, you could feel unable to deal with the situation. Alternatively, if the poop was yours, you may feel an urge to accumulate or produce some visible material result. If the poop was someone else's, you might come to admire or envy other people's work, wealth or possessions.

Trying to wipe poop off your body

Trying to wipe poop off your body in a dream could translate the uncomfortableness of the situation you are in. You might have or soon would expose yourself to someone or to people with whom you have a distant, insecure or untrusting relationship. That is, you could do something or express some personal opinion or experience to questionable eyes and ears. You would then become consumed with fear of seeing your privacy shared with others.

Pooping in public

According to Freudian sources, pooping in a public place, like a park or shopping center, is a sign of upcoming loss and hardship. This could refer to either material loss, like the misplacing of an important document, or emotional loss, like the death of a close friend or family member. You would suffer greatly during this time, and you would likely be unable to hide your sadness or grief from others.

Traces of poop on your clothes

Dreaming of having traces of poop on your clothes could be a sign of personal disclosure. You could be about to discover some intimate and private information regarding a close friend of yours. This would be some confidential and secret information. Your friend would be unaware of your recently acquired knowledge.

Poop in toilet

When considering a dream meaning poop in toilet as a symbolic message, it generally refers to problems that arise due to personal financial issues. For instance, you may be the target of debt collectors because you lack the resources to pay what you owe. Alternatively, feces in an overflowing bowl could indicate that you may suffer socially from not being able to participate in nights out, leaving you out of important networking opportunities.

Cleaning poop

The imagery of cleaning poop, using shovel or scooping it with your hands, means you will have more workload in the coming days. A colleague may have resigned and their work will be passed on to you or a new project will be given to you on top of your other responsibilities. On a positive note, traditional meaning of poop or feces also suggests more wealth coming your way. You may have to work doubly hard, but you will be compensated fairly for it.

Dog poop

As a general dream image, dog poop is associated with relationships that are centered around money. Depending on the other symbols present in your vision, you may be the one giving out or receiving the money. For instance, if you are a boss or manager, you may be dealing with multiple contracts to take care of business deals. On the other hand, you may be an hourly employee trying to make ends meet. Both the other images in your vision and your reaction to the dog poop could give more context to this memorable symbol.

Poop everywhere

Envisioning feces everywhere around you is likely your unconscious mind channeling troubles you are facing in reality, namely in regards to finances and emotional health. You could be suffering from depression or have recently lost your job, leading to the manifestation of all this trouble as feces in your vision. To remedy this situation, you may need to do a number of different things, depending on your situation. In some cases, you may need to turn to family or a counselor for an unbiased opinion, while in others you may need to sit down and budget carefully or speak to a financial adviser.

A pile of poop

Seeing a pile of poop in your dream could tell of great and unexpected profit or wealth. It is possible that your businesses or activities suddenly and unexpectedly become tremendously profitable. Alternatively, your material possessions might become more valuable than expected. You might also earn considerable fortune by means of an inheritance or win a prize. For those who are artists or produce material work, they may become more well-known. Alternatively, the dream could speak of how happy and satisfied you are with what you have been doing with your life. You would see only merit and success and move forward effortlessly.

Toilet overflowing with poop

A toilet overflowing with poop is a vivid image to encounter while going through REM sleep. Modern dream interpreters, like Miller, would suggest that this vision symbolically represents trying unsuccessfully to mitigate problems caused by a lack of financial resources. In many cases, this would be brought on by your own lack of budgeting or expenditure on non-necessities, like video games or the latest tech. If you do not take control of your wallet, you could find yourself drowning in debt.

Baby poop

Baby poop dream meaning is often reflective of the less pleasant tasks or responsibilities that appear throughout the day, things such as taking out the trash, doing paperwork or dealing with annoying customers. Depending on your lifestyle and circumstances you could be seeing this symbol due to different reasons. You may want to take some time off from the things that bother you most, as even the stress of thinking about doing these tasks could be a source for this vision.

Humans poop

Dreaming about the excrement of a human may be the manifestation of one of your current problems. This issue is likely causing you some concern or worry, eating up a lot of your spare energy in reality. Even if you are aware of the source of your troubles, you may not feel equipped to handle it by yourself. If the poop you saw belonged to another individual, you may admire or covet something which belongs to another person. On the other hand, your own poop could reveal an innate need to produce some tangible result after all your work and struggles.

Smelling poop

The smell of feces can have positive or negative connotations depending on your reaction. If you feel that the smell is unpleasant or disgusting, it means you would attain money but feel guilty or embarrassed about receiving it. Liking or feeling neutral about the smell suggests you would be pleasantly surprised by the money and not at all bothered by its source or the reason you got it.

Cooking poop

I was cooking in a big casserole a pile of soft poop and I'm asking a foreigner if it is still smelly because I smell the odor of the poop. And I'm thinking that was for the dog.

A pile of poop symbolizes immense wealth or unexpected profit. The smellier the poop, the more impact this financial gain is going to have on your life. Meanwhile, cooking in a big casserole means you are going to take on a lot of responsibility. It will be difficult, but the rewards you reap from all of your hard work would benefit not just yourself, but a lot of other people depending on you. Furthermore, rather than feel burdened by your obligations, you actually consider this a privilege. Your generous nature rejoices every time you are able to provide for your loved ones.

Eating your poop

Dreaming about eating your own poop or putting it in your mouth could reveal a pessimistic attitude towards life. You may have a tendency to be negative and expect the worse in every life circumstance. This approach might do you more harm than good. In the most extreme cases, it may generate suicidal tendencies. Therefore, it is beneficial that you make an effort to see the glass half full, rather than half empty. You could start by enjoying small and simpler things. Alternatively, you could also have a very low self-esteem or be overly narcissistic.

Trying to dump poop into the river

People clearing a lot of coal from a river or sea, me carrying poo in a cup, trying to get rid of it... l was thinking "I can't empty it in the river, people are already looking for the cause of infection..."

Despite the story of your dream revolving around a spreading infection or disease, this vision is actually more closely related to your relationships with others. Imaging people cleaning coal and other debris from water is symbolic of becoming involved with a powerful person who influences you in a negative way. They may get you to do things you are not particularly comfortable with by justifying your actions in some way. However, your inability to get rid of the feces you were carrying suggests that continued involvement with this person could expose your actions to the public at large, bringing shame and embarrassment. Your closest family and friends are likely to be very disappointed in your behavior.

Husband pooping on a chair

Last night I dreamt that I was in the process of getting the kids ready for school. My husband and, for some reason, my mother-in-law (whom I consider a friend, so no bad vibes there) were chatting at the breakfast table as I'm scrambling to get the kids ready and out the door. After the kids leave, I go to take a shower, but the shower is in a corner of our bedroom and not enclosed in any way. As I am in the shower, my husband brings my mother-in-law in so he can show her something. She is carrying a basket of folded laundry. I cover up and yell something like "Hey! Some privacy, please!" She avoids my eyes, but my husband yells at me to stop worrying about it. They leave. I finish showering and get dressed. As I go into the kitchen, I notice a brown mess on the chair my husband was sitting on. I look and it's poop. I ask him about it and he says something along the lines of pooping in his pants after his workout. He hadn't changed his clothes because he wasn't ready to get a shower and get ready for school yet. Again, he was really snippy with me about the fact that he was choosing to sit in a pile of poop and that I couldn't make him change. He refused to clean up the DR chair, too. In writing this, I just realized that his mom is no longer there.

Dreaming about a pile of poop, despite the sullied imagery, has positive connotations. It could signify that you may soon come across a great deal of fortune and wealth. The notion that it was your husband sitting on that pile of feces could symbolize that he would be the one who is responsible for this acquisition of wealth and prosperity. Your recollection of going about your daily chores in the same dream symbolizes that you are satisfied and happy with your lot in life. Also, observing your mother-in-law together with your husband in your dream implies that she is always there to help you. However, the sudden increase in affluence and fortune could become a welcome change and may help make things even easier and more pleasant between you and her. It could therefore reduce or eliminate the need of constant support from your mother-in-law and could be the explanation for her absence at the end of your dream. In any event, it could be a good time now for you and your family to start expecting some fortuitous developments to take place.

Pooping out fish

I was pooping different sizes of fish.

This particular vision has two different interpretations, depending on your situation. If you are ill or injured, pooping fish of various sizes could be an indication that your symptoms would get worse before they got better. A cough or cold could become worse than it was, or you may once more injure a part of your body that was already under great stress or strain to bad effect. This may cause you some embarrassment or shame, especially if what you caught is normally not talked about, like a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Another possible interpretation suggests pooping fish is related to conflicts in wake life, meaning you could find yourself on the wrong side of an argument in reality.

A rope coming out while pooping

I dreamt that I was sitting on the toilet trying to pooh and a bit of rope came out. I was pulling the rope out and it just kept coming. Then I cut the rope because no more would come out. Then loads of blood came out of my bum and then I started pulling more rope out?? Any ideas what this could mean? I am male.

Using a toilet in dreams refers to clearing your image and correcting any mistaken impressions about you. This will happen after a particularly trying period when you will feel like everybody is against you because of a controversy. So, expelling rope instead of excrement means you are going to sever a lot of social ties after this ordeal. You will find out who your real friends are and which ones will abandon you with a mere hint of a scandal. Similarly, the blood from your bum suggests exhaustion and disappointment. To lose a lot of cherished friends in the process of clearing your name will drain you of energy, both physical and emotional. You just need to remain firm in your beliefs and not allow the judgment of others to get the best of you.

Pooping in bed

A dream where you see yourself defecating indicates that you will soon find yourself in a messy situation. This might circle around your financial matters, so it is best to be cautious with your spending. In addition, pooping in bed is a bad omen that reveals the status of your spiritual life. The feeling of irritability and annoyance always gets you in trouble, so try to hold back your emotions when necessary.

Mouth full of poop

I dreamt I was trying to find a place to poop and people kept interrupting me. I would find another bathroom and more people would come in. Somehow I ended up with my mouth being full of poop. I assume it's mine. I try to open my mouth to vomit it out, but it is stuck like peanut butter or something. I never got it out.

Trying to find a bathroom but being unable to indicates that you have been holding on to an outdated set of beliefs for a long time. The other people who are hindering you from using the restroom, then, can be seen as the people in your life who want to keep you from changing your mind, most likely parents, older relatives or politicians. In this case, finding that your mouth has been filled with your poop suggests you are slowly poisoning yourself by holding onto this old way of thinking, and the only way to release yourself from the negative baggage is to force yourself to break free.

Cockroach poop

I swipe the poop of a cockroach.

Both fecal matter and cockroaches are powerful symbols which allude to wealth, prosperity and financial security. While excrement by itself is often associated with money in a tangible sense, such as cash or property of a valuable nature, the cockroach usually refers to powerful, gracious individuals who would take care of you and your wants. Together, these symbols suggest you would meet someone willing to lift your financial burden, although the cost of their generosity is unclear.

Carrying water and river with excrements

I dreamt that I was fetching water in the bucket. Then I carried two buckets full of water. Going somewhere and a little kid was asked to show me the way. As we were going, I saw a river and we swim in the river and in the river I saw an excrement from the toilet and it was really smelling and I swam through it. Then I got on a piece of wood and I climbed the wood. Then, the girl who was showing me the road almost soaked in the water, then I rescue her out. Then, I woke up. What's the meaning?

Fetching water in a bucket and carrying it is often interpreted as a positive sign in the dream world, as it predicts being triumphant over issues or obstacles that have stood in the way of your success and happiness. The particular source of your trouble seems to be related to money, as the presence of feces in the river is thought to represent financial difficulties and decline in prosperity. In a sense, swimming through the river while being surrounded by fecal matter could mean that you would need to tackle some serious problems or challenges in order to gain the money and material possessions you desire. Saving the girl who was with you from drowning at the end of the vision portends finding happiness and contentment with your position in life after going through these trials.

Poop on the battlefield in a video game

Male19 years old. I was in this video game that was like futuristic "Call of Duty". I watched people die and come back to life, and I knew no one was dying or hurt, it was a game. I was out I guess because I was watching the shooting and for some reason the battlefield had poop on it and I decided to get a pooper scooper and clean it up. As I was cleaning it up, this middle-aged man in his late 50s told me I better grow up and be a man, then he reared his leg and kicked me in the balls, then I woke up.

Images associated with war and violence from video games in a dream often are linked with your own feelings of dread and worry in reality. There is a possibility that you are experiencing tension and pressure in waking life, and these anxieties are manifesting in your subconscious mind. This experience gives you a chance to confront them to reduce the burdens you are carrying during the day. The feces you tried to clean up could reveal how uncomfortable you feel in this situation as well as your desire to fix it or escape from it. However, your problems while dreaming can only be stopped by overcoming the real-world challenges you are facing at the moment.

Wanting to poop at school

I have a recurring dream that I'm in middle school in a stall, but the toilet is overflowing and I have to poop so bad. I'm trying so hard to not poop.

Your dream could mean that you feel ashamed over something that you consider to be normal but which others might not look upon so kindly. For example, you could have some kind of illness you are unwilling to share with friends and family because you fear their harsh judgement over what could have caused it. The location of the middle school for this vision makes sense, then, because such a location is often associated with feeling humiliated or embarrassed.

Poop at the end of a slide

Well I was in a car and somehow I'm scared and trying to hold on in the back and end up going into and down a water slide that is like a tube and ends in poop, but there are people there with water hose rinsing us off at the bottom and my friend is waiting for me and we walk away laughing and hugging on each other.

Envisioning yourself as a passenger inside a car, especially when you are feeling scared, means you lack control of your own life. Instead of actively making decisions, you tend to let other people decide for you. Similarly, the water slide symbolizes your habit of going with the flow. The poop or excrement at the bottom of the water slide can suggest financial issues or a negative turn of events, while the people hosing you down refers to family and friends who would bail you out when times get tough. So every time you get into trouble because of your carefree ways, you do not absorb the gravity of the consequences because of your safety net or supportive loved ones willing to clean up the mess.

Poop in your hand

Holding poop or feces in your hands suggests you are currently in the middle of a tricky problem. This may be an issue in your personal life, like a money issue, or something related to business, like a project you were in charge of. You likely feel as though you have been handed the short end of the stick. While this problem may be tricky, solving it could do more than fix the immediate problem. It may raise your social standing among your peers or get your other hard work more attention.

Cat poop

Cats are cute but naughty creatures, but dreaming of cat poop represents unexpected material gain or money-related situations in your life. As a symbol of animal feces, it suggests a need to pay attention to your instincts or primal urges. From a spiritual perspective, this dream is interpreted as a reminder to let go of negative energy or emotions that are holding you back from achieving your financial or more general goals.