Dreams Related To Pool

Swimming in a pool with someone

Swimming with someone in a pool is a highly powerful symbol associated with falling in love. If you recognized the individual you were swimming with, it is possible your subconscious is urging you to be with that person or someone with similar qualities. Alternatively, you may be picking up subtle signals that this particular man or woman is into you.

A place with a deep pool

I found an amazing hidden area with green plants, beautiful modern and natural-looking waterfalls, and a still clear pool that looked as if it was natural, but somehow man-made. When looking inside this pool of crystal clear water I remember realizing that it was very deep and there was some sort of city or buildings inside...That's when I realized how incredibly deep it was. I remember thinking I wanted to bring a guy I have been in love with for the last year, but we haven't been together. I recently ran into him on Halloween and we haven't talked since. I wanted to swim, the colors were warm.

Although this is a somewhat complicated dream with several symbols mixed together, there are some points that stand out. The warm colors and the beautiful hidden scenery are a moderately positive sign indicating soon gaining some material wealth or inheritance. The deepness of the clear pool suggests trying, and succeeding, in finding an answer to a question that has haunted you for some time. In this case, the feeling of wanting to share the place you found with someone you are in love with suggests it is about him. Maybe you have been hesitant to get too close for fear of being rejected or maybe he has been involved with someone else. In either case, this vision predicts getting some answer, whether it is positive or negative, which allows you to finally feel at peace.

A pool in general

Dreaming about a pool is a symbol of passionate love. It indicates that you are madly in love with someone at this point in your life, and you would want to spend virtually your entire time together. Consequently, you would forget about your other states of affair. This could mean being absent from work for days, failing to run errands such as paying the bills or having your car fixed, or spending less time with family and friends because you would rather be with the love of your life.

While this dream is all about being crazy in love, there is a high likelihood that it could turn sour in the long run. Sure, you are head over heels in love with the person of your dreams at this time, but too much time spent with that person could cause your excitement to gradually die down. You could grow tired of each other's company and ubiquitous presence. Sooner or later, your love for each other could turn to hatred and disdain because, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Just pray it will not happen.

An empty pool

Dreaming of seeing an empty pool indicates a period of emptiness in your own life. You may have just ended a relationship, and you are presently in a state of shock and denial. This could only be the beginning of a period of loss and pain which could mean going through other emotional states on your way to recovery and being ready to fall in love again. This dream reminds you that the passing of time can help you heal and be whole again.

This dream could be seen from an angle with you as the focal point. You could be putting too much weight on your love for the person, who in the end decided that such a relationship was not worth fighting for. This dream could be telling you that it is time to go back to the basics, that is, to prioritize your own welfare, to love yourself more than others, and to actually tell yourself to get a life. If you do this, you could find greater happiness and eventually learn to open your heart to others again.

Diving into a pool

To dream that you are diving into a pool represents a big change ahead. It indicates that you could be on the verge of deciding on an aspect of your life which could have long-term effects or consequences. Therefore, you would take it upon yourself to spend more time to really think about it, taking all things into account, before finally giving it a go.

Filling a pool

Dreaming that you are filling a pool with water, especially if you felt in the dream you were going to use the pool for swimming later on, is a display of resourcefulness. You have a knack for creating and crafting unique items that you could sell to make money from the comforts of your home. You have the gift of gab, a talent fit for film and radio voice-overs or suited to marketing or direct selling. You have something in you which you could utilize to develop a cottage industry or a successful niche business. For all the success it could bring, this dream reminds you to remain humble and grounded so you would not be the cause of other people's envy.

Draining a pool

To dream that you are draining a pool symbolizes lost opportunities. There are many instances in your life where you could perform, deliver and produce good results, but you seem unable to translate these opportunities into something big for a lack of effort on your part. You must remember that opportunities knock only once, and if you lose them now, you would lose the chance forever.

Someone you know in a pool

Dreaming about a person you know who is enjoying being in a pool symbolizes complete transformation. You could be well under way to becoming an entirely different person on account of a significant change in your life lately. It could be embracing a new religious belief, switching support to a new political party, going under the knife or undergoing surgical procedures which would significantly alter your physical appearance, or having a sex change. In any case, such a change would affect your relationships, career, business and your life in general.

In a swimming pool with unknown creatures

I was in a swimming pool that had multiple "organisms" in it. They were not fish and I remember being very upset because I really wanted to swim.

Your dream appears to be a manifestation of the current problems in your life. Your repulsion to swimming in the pool with the strange creatures symbolizes problems and obstacles for you. The strange organisms represent those difficulties that you are encountering in your wake life. The best thing would be to deal with all your problems head-on and ignore the negativity which pulls you down.

Falling into a pool with boyfriend

I'm a female and last night I had a dream about running from someone who wouldn't leave me alone. Somehow a pool appeared and I fell in it. My boyfriend jumped on me and was choking me underwater. After he released me, his friend said he did that so we could break up and get back together because I'm supposed to be hurt and want to get back together and hangout more.

Running away from someone in a dream actually means you are avoiding an important issue in reality. Unfortunately, you cannot keep evading this concern forever because it will eventually catch up on you or catch you by surprise when your guard is down. The pool represents your subconscious, so falling into the pool means you need to confront your problems sooner or later. You may be suppressing this or perhaps even unaware of it, so a little introspection should help you figure out what has been bothering you recently. The notion that your boyfriend was choking you underwater could be an allusion to tension in your relationship. You likely feel very controlled or smothered, hence you need to address this problem before it gets out of hand.

A pool for a young female

A young woman dreaming that she is having a great time in the pool is an indication that she would soon start an intimate relationship with a person who would turn out to have a lot of things in common with her, making them click instantly. Conversely, this dream signifies that she has refined manners and a calm demeanor, which makes her more attractive apart from her physical attributes.

Swimming skillfully in a pool

If you dream that you are swimming skillfully and showing off different strokes in a pool, the way you would normally do in real life, you are likely being led to a death trap. Soon someone would make you an irresistible offer you could hardly refuse, the kind that promises to catapult you to stardom or grow your business by leaps and bounds. It is these kinds of offers that you should be wary about. You could end up getting ripped off or abused if you are too naive.

Enjoying a pool

Dreaming that you are enjoying your time in the pool is a symbol of boredom. It indicates that your life can be a drag, and you may be confined only to the tedious cycle of your daily routine. You tend to forget, or rather, refuse to acknowledge, that there is more to life than what you normally see and experience. From time to time, you should try to break the monotony. Go to the movies, get a massage, treat yourself to a sumptuous meal. Otherwise, take a break and do something you have dreamt of doing ever since you can remember, like writing a novel. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so make the most of it.

Disliking a pool

Dreaming that you are having a strong aversion or dislike to pools signifies temporary separation. A loved one or a dear friend might soon bid you goodbye. But it is not for long. This person may only be having a vacation or a business trip out of town, or moving on a temporary basis to a new location while the old place is undergoing renovations. Soon this person would be back in your life, and you would resume doing what you used to be doing together.

How to interpret dreams about swimming pools with clear water

A pool with clear water

To dream about a pool filled with clear, azure water is a symbol of success and self-fulfillment. Your hard work and sacrifices have paid off, and you are now or would soon be assuming a new role which would give you a great deal of leverage, apart from the perks and privileges which go with your new position. As a result, you could not be any prouder of your achievements.

Drowning in a pool

Dreaming that you are drowning in a pool depicts the same grim picture in your real life. As one might say, you would drown in a pool of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the course of finishing a project. You would be met with a slew of problems in the execution of your duty. You would suffer a barrage of setbacks in trying to grow your business. Whether you could actually weather the storm depends on how much patience and perseverance you have.

A gigantic pool

Dreaming that you are in the middle of a gigantic pool predicts a fateful meeting. You would come across a person who seems full of promise at first, so you would invest time and money to learn what this person has to offer. In the end, you would find out to your utter disappointment that you would not be able to get anything valuable or useful out of this doomed encounter.

Playing a pool game naked

Friend and I get together at my house while my parents are out of town. We are 11 years old. We go down the basement and decide to get naked and play pool naked. We stand at look at each other then we grab our pool cues and start playing. We play for while then get dressed.

A dream in which you see yourself naked in front of others is symbolic of an illicit relationship. A relationship in which you might indulge yourself, and which might question your morality. This will only bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. Playing a pool game in a dream is symbolic of a hardship or difficult situation which might prove to be hard to resolve or get out of, from the context of this dream, it might involve your friend as well.

Two seals in a swimming pool

I and my boyfriend are at my hairdresser's house which is supposed to be around the beach or ocean (in my dream). Everything is going good, we get into her pool, and we are all horsing around when I feel something behind me, it's a seal and there are two of them, and one that is bigger and meaner (I knew it was dangerous). So my boyfriend gets all of us out of the water and gets us elevated, but he decides that he is going to help the seal (which I took to be like a leopard seal) and he's fighting with it.

Being at a hairdresser's house in your dream reveals your readiness for change. The type of change you are looking forward to has something to do with social status, as symbolized by the seals in your vision. Perhaps you and your boyfriend have been talking about your future in the real world, hoping for some career advancement or financial gain. As such, seeing your boyfriend grappling and fighting with the seal refers to his efforts to compete with others in order to gain a level of success befitting his hard work, ambitions, and diligence. The vision is foretelling greater and better things ahead for both of you, individually and as a couple.

In a pool with large frogs

I dreamt I was in a pool with loads of large frogs and as I was swimming towards them I was glad they moved out of my way and was wondering why they were there and so many of them.

Pools and other large bodies of water often represent soon having access to a number of exciting and interesting opportunities. This is combined with the image of the frogs which is also a promising sign, especially for those who are searching for love. It means success and fulfillment in your personal life. Together, these visions suggest you could find yourself surrounded by multiple suitors in the future, each of them offering unique opportunities for you to explore.

Breathing underwater in a pool

I was walking beside a semi-crowded public outdoor pool with overflowing water, suddenly I lose my balance and fall into the water face first with half of my body submerged, but it didn't seem like I was drowning. I could breathe normally and it was actually soothing seeing that it was hot that day. I also had a small snorkel in my hand that I never used, and at that moment I wake up.

Dreaming about accidentally falling into a pool of water portends unexpected changes soon occurring in your life. These could actually alter everything for you and even dramatically impact the course of your life. However, when you perceived yourself able to breathe while being submerged, it's an indication that you would adapt to these circumstances easily and may even benefit from them. Make sure that you keep yourself open to anything new and continue to stay focused to get the best out of any situation, no matter how unexpected or complicated it might seem.

Playing a game in the pool and showering afterwards

I was playing a game with my sibling in a very big swimming pool. The game was like volleyball with a net in front. I could swim without fear of sinking. However, water was not very clear. After swimming, I went under a big shower where a large amount of water was falling down on me.

The dream you describe could be a metaphor for some kind of competition that exists between you and your sibling. You may be unsure of why you should feel competitive in the first place, and that is why the water was not very clear, and the consequences of such competitive relationship between the two of you could be undesirable. This is because your dream ended with a large amount of water falling down on you, as if you needed to clean yourself after doing something nefarious. Perhaps you could examine your relationship with your sibling and come up with new ways to interact that do not necessarily involve rivalry.

A giant rose growing out of a pool

I was walking around my old university campus, a lot had changed for the better. I came across a Jacuzzi and an outdoor pool. The pool was packed with people having fun, my ex jumped into the pool, I later got in and the pool moved me around the edge until I ended where I started. When I got out the pool, a giant rose, rose from the pool's waters (draining the pool - nobody was in the pool.) The rose was made up of 1000s of small roses. It was beautiful, healthy and changed colors red, yellow, baby blue.

The swimming pool and the pool party allude to a romance, possibly one from your past given the familiar location of the vision at your alma mater. While the dream may not be specifically pointing toward someone you went to school with, dreams set in a place close to your heart, like a childhood home or school, often reference loves that are foundations to how we see and experience love even now as an adult. Perhaps something about your ex has shaped the way you saw and continue to see other potential partners. However, the draining water suggests you should literally let these past preconceptions drain away, as they are clouding your judgment and preventing you from seeing something right in front of your eyes. Specifically, the beautiful color-changing rose made up of other roses predicts a new, fresh romance that would sweep you off your feet. It could be something really special if you were only able to let go of the past.

A deceased friend jumping in an empty pool

A close friend that was murdered about a year ago dove off of a diving board, feet first into an empty swimming pool. He was alive in the dream and telling me to come on and dive in with him. He hit the concrete and I could tell his legs or back had broken upon impact (wasn't gruesome, bloody, etc.) This event replayed about 4-5 times and then I woke up immediately, sitting straight up.

Watching your dearly departed friend jumping into an empty swimming pool represents the negative change that has occurred in your life since his passing. You probably have been missing him, and the lack of his company is surely a loss you are still feeling. His invitation for you to join is not related to you following the same fate. Instead, it suggests that, with the one-year anniversary of his passing in your mind, now is a good time to make positive transformations in your life to honor his memory. You may try to give up some bad habits during this time or partake in courses or acquire some habits that improve certain aspects of your day to day existence, like exercise, healthy-eating or daily gratitude.