Dreams Related To Police

Running and hiding from police

I was on the run from police... In hiding.

Running away and hiding from the police in this dream means you are running away from your responsibilities. You are in the middle of an important undertaking and people are expecting you to perform your duties, however you do not want the obligation. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from this. Sooner or later the repercussions of your unprofessionalism would catch up to you and when that time comes, it would be a much heavier burden to bear.

Talking with the police

Dreaming about having a conversation with a policeman regarding some important issue indicates that you would be having arguments and disagreements with your rivals and people who generally shun your views, ideas and opinions. For young females, this dream symbolizes an important milestone in their lives. They would have an auspicious encounter with their current boyfriend or lover, who would pop that all too familiar question, "Will you marry me"?

Police in general

Dreaming about seeing or having a conversation with a policeman or police is a sign that you might harbor unreasonable fears owing to your aversion towards certain norms and rules set by society. Such fears may be traced back to the way you were brought up by your elders or to the environment which you were exposed to when growing up. However, you could successfully adapt to your new environment if you keep an open mind while retaining your sound judgment.

Put in a different context, this dream could be a sign that a person or people of great authority could be trying to pressure you and push you against the wall for some reason, perhaps to elicit admissions of guilt or extract undisclosed information, and your subconscious mind could be putting up a fight or resistance, but your body says otherwise. Conversely, this dream indicates that you might encounter a series of minor difficulties in your life which would need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Police chasing you

Dreaming about a policeman chasing or going after you is a reminder that you should exhibit humility, tactfulness, tolerance and soundness of mind when you get yourself involved in or start having an argument or misunderstanding with a person or a group or people. Acting otherwise would get you in more trouble, which could turn unpleasant, upsetting or even deadly.

Police entering your house

When you see a policeman or policemen entering your house in a dream, it symbolizes physical strength and wellness. It indicates that a friend or family member who has fallen seriously ill for quite some time would soon get better or fully recover, allowing that person to go back to his daily routine and become productive again.

Being arrested by police

A dream of you being arrested by a policeman is a positive sign that you would soon get an offer so lucrative and irresistible you would be hard put to turn it down. This dream, however, is also a reminder that as in many other similar cases, you should exercise prudence and due diligence. You would want to know whether such an offer, too good as it is to be true, could benefit you in the long run, or ruin your financial standing and leave you feeling cheated.

If your dream suggests that you are being arrested for a crime you did not commit, it is a positive sign that you would emerge victorious over your competitors in some undertaking, whether in business or in your personal life. Conversely, if your dream connotes that the police got the *right guy* with your arrest, that is, you did commit the crime you are being charged for, then it is an indication that more bad news and unwanted changes could come your way.

Being part of police force

If you dream that you are a policeman or a part of the police force, it is a symbolic of a badge of courage and valor. You could speak your mind regarding any issue without fear of being ridiculed or mocked, and your confidence could actually be working to your advantage. But be prepared for a possible challenge, for you would act on your own without your friends' support, and be guided solely by your wisdom in making decisions. As the saying goes, "Strong men are those who have sound ideas".

This dream could also be interpreted to mean that you are about to make a major decision that could drastically change the course of your life, and nothing could stop you or change your mind. Believing that you have finally found the right path to success, you would hasten to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and aspirations, even if it means unjustly stepping on other people's shoes and losing friends along the way.

Police checking your documents

If you dream about a policeman demanding to check your documents, say a passport or a driver's license, it is an indication that you are on the verge of making an important decision which could change your life forever. This upcoming decision could pertain to your work, current projects, business relationships or future plans, something that you had given a serious thought to for a while and could not have been more resolute and sure about in your entire life.

A police squad

Encountering a police squad in your dream forebodes a difficult situation affecting your work, business or current project. You could receive bad news and witness negative developments relating to your undertakings, which could seriously jeopardize your interpersonal relationships and work performance. Failing to address these issues would make the situation worse.

Calling the police

Dreaming that you are calling the police to report a crime in progress is a forewarning that you might soon commit an indecent act, such as expose yourself in public and the like, or exhibit inappropriate behavior which could put people off or offend their sensibilities. This dream reminds you to guard your actions and observe decency.

Unresponsive police

Dreaming about asking for police assistance but not getting any is a forewarning that you would find yourself in a similar situation. At some point, you would ask your family and friends for help and be surprised to be turned down. Their indifference could have a profound effect on your life and make you start to question what you could have possibly done in the past to deserve such a harsh treatment.

Someone calling police

Seeing someone calling the police in your dream is a bad hunch that you might insult or subject someone to a public humiliation, whether inadvertently or on purpose. Doing nothing to appease the aggrieved party or assuage the situation could put more strain on your relationship with this person, which could eventually result in a falling-out or even cause your friendship to end.

A police post

If you dream seeing a policeman at his post on duty, it is an indication that you are currently experiencing, or about to experience a situation in your workplace or business in which you would be expected to increase your productivity, which could mean additional workload and more laborious tasks. Despite the mental and physical exhaustion that it could bring, you might learn a thing or two from the experience and use this practical knowledge to your advantage when the time comes.

International police

Dreaming about being a member of an international police organization portends that you are likely being held accountable for a wrongdoing or indecent behavior in your recent or distant past. On the other hand, if your name appears on the Most Wanted list of an international police organization in the same dream, you could soon become a member of a shady group or start dealing with shady characters, and you would find it virtually impossible to get out of the situation.

Police stopping your car

If you are stopped by a policeman while driving in a dream, you will likely experience minor problems in your life that would still need to be properly addressed. These seemingly trivial issues could pertain to misunderstandings and disagreements with friends, which many people tend to ignore in the belief that friendships are bigger than anything that gets in the way. In truth, you could lose both your friends and a substantial amount of money or property if you fail to address these issues immediately.

Being released by the police

If you dream about being released from jail by the police, it is an indication of your emotional instability and immaturity. It also shows that you would likely be unable to handle, much less accomplish something important which relates to a project or activity you are currently working on.

Chased by police during protests

Police arresting demonstrators in a city. Removed my car from the affected area. Came to look for my mom and found her. Police started chasing us as we were walking home. Lost my mom, police almost caught me as I was running down a mountain.

Seeing demonstrators in the dream world likely reveals your meek and passive nature. Conversely, being chased by the police illustrates your fear of authorities and tendency to avoid conflict. Maybe at the moment or sometime soon you would find yourself in a position where speaking your mind could get you into trouble and you are conflicted about how to proceed. Perhaps the dream is telling you to be more assertive, speak your mind and stand up for your rights every time you feel justice and fairness begin to matter.

Police offering to buy a gun

My dream was about 3 cops arriving to my home and offering me to buy a gun.

Symbolically, seeing a policeman or policemen entering your house in a dream symbolizes soon witnessing clearly expressed physical strength or determination, either by you or by another member or your family. It could be as trivial as resisting a temptation or combating a bad habit, or something greater, like making a decision which could affect your life in a major way. The notion of being offered to buy a gun, however, could be indicative of some weakness or uncertainty which may currently prevent you or another person in your household to reach the full potential in these efforts or pursuits.

Falling in love with a state trooper

I was travelling to another state. State troopers were directing traffic. This one particular trooper made me pull over and took me to the hotel I was checking into. We never had sex, but he said he was in love with me and will move me there. I asked if he was married and he replied "No, but would divorce her if he was". There was something about me that made him fall in love. He promised to get off and my time there would be his. By the way, I was visiting my cousins is how I met the trooper. Looking into his eyes I could see the love and I began to have feelings for him. I was very shy and blushing.

A dream about being stopped by the police indicates that you may have some seemingly insignificant problems which you should not ignore. These problems could well have something to do with misunderstandings or arguments with friends. Often we do not want to deal with these problems, as we believe that friendship transcends all, but this can be a mistake and could result in loss of money or personal property. Similarly, a dream concerned with falling in love also indicates potential issues, but often more serious ones. You can also overcome these problems by putting in a lot of effort. The fact that you were blushing means that you need to become a little more assertive, both with others and with yourself.

Being recruited into police force

l saw myself about to be recruited into police high commission.

Dreaming about getting recruited or joining the police force, and the high commission in your case, has to do with a badge of courage and valor. Your subconscious mind is contemplating this idea and scenario as a way of resolving your issues in the real world. Maybe you feel you need to be braver and stand up to your oppressors. You want to be able to speak your mind regarding any issue without fear of being ridiculed or mocked. However, be prepared for a possible challenge when you act on your own without your friends' support. Part of being brave is also becoming accountable for your actions.

Being challenged by police

Police teasing me.

Dreaming about being challenged or teased by policemen could be an indication of either being dissatisfied with their work or performance in general, like supporting BLM movement ,or feeling guilty for something you have done recently.

Police car

Police or patrol cars represent authority figures in your life, particularly disciplinarian ones like parents and teachers. You may be searching for control or looking for ways to express your growing individualism. Your decision to exert your own presence may lead to some problems, but in the long run it may be what is best for you.