Dreams Related To Playground

Being attacked at a playground

I was on a playground but it was made like a poor man's house. Everything is visible from the outside as its walls and floors are only made by wood sticks. I was walking towards the playground and I encountered someone in a mask and I gave him high five and proceeded to play. As I went into the hole, I didn't expect it was him that set me up at least what I believe. He caught me inside and held off my right foot upside down and started cutting it. I forced myself to wake up to avoid it happening.

The playground in your vision suggests you tend to have a carefree attitude and like to live an uncomplicated lifestyle. You prefer directness and honesty over subterfuge and misdirection. The poor condition of the playground, such as it appearing like a poor person's abode, may point toward trouble in paradise. The masked individual represents those who you perceive as not authentic or honest in wake life. Specifically, individuals who put on airs or pretend to be different than they really are tend to frustrate and confuse you. For instance, perhaps you see your friends posting a "picture perfect" life when you know they are not nearly as flawless as they try to appear. Envisioning that your foot is about to be cut represents your diminishing trust in this man or woman and perhaps your choice to end the connection, although whether you would separate from them permanently or temporarily is not clear.