Dreams Related To Plantains

Cooking plantains

Frying plantains with two stoves at the same time and sharing with relatives.

Plantains are symbols of good luck and fortune in dreams. As such, frying plantains and sharing the dish with your relatives portends blessings and prosperity which you would be able to share with your loved ones. You could reap the rewards of your hard work by getting a coveted promotion, closing an important deal or getting an incentive. It could also mean the end of problems and difficulties. If you have been experiencing issues or obstacles, then this dream heralds a smooth-sailing and more peaceful period of existence for yourself and your loved ones.

Plantains which have been cut by someone

I saw a very big plantain bunch hanging, which is for me to cut. I saw a hand holding cutlass. Already a bunch had been cut, lying on the floor, but I did not know by whom.

Dreaming that a fruit or vegetable that you were supposed to cut has already been cut by somebody else should be considered a warning. Such a dream points to your questionable behavior or some unwise choices you may have made in life. The way that you conduct yourself could be bordering on unreasonable or unacceptable. You may need to take a good look at your actions before you do something you may end up regret forever.

Cutting down a plantain

I had a dream I cut down a green plantain, after that the plantain got all yellow. I want to know what this dream means.

Cutting down a plantain suggests you may be making a mistake in some of your personal encounters. The plantain that changes in color from green to yellow represents growing bored with someone in reality, perhaps to the point that you are acting rudely or less than thoughtfully. This could have negative effects in the future. While you may think you are annoying or hurting this one person, you may not be aware of who they are friends with. Continue your behavior at your own risk.