Dreams Related To Plane crash

Fear or anticipation of a plane crash

When you are in fear of an impending plane crash in your dream, or that you may witness one, this is a sign that you will need to watch out! Be aware of where you are in your current situation, in your work and your personal life. Keep a watchful eye out and make sure that you fully understand the situation that you are in. This will allow you to solve your problem with great success and little stress.

Surviving a plane crash

To dream of being a survivor of a plane crash is a positive prediction of mental health recovery. The plane crash itself is a metaphor of depression and suicidal thoughts, so emerging alive from this plane crash is a good sign that you will overcome your personal demons. In addition, this symbol can also refer to quitting vices and bad habits. With the help of a support group and possibly some medical intervention, you will finally start following a healthier lifestyle.

Going through a plane crash

Being involved in a plane crash in your dream, especially if you see yourself inside the plane when it begins to go down, is an indicator of suicidal thoughts that may lurk within you. Perhaps it is the state of your current circumstances that has led you into a grave position. The sudden feeling of despair and a lack of control may be sending you over the edge. While the thoughts of suicide may not be acted upon, the tendencies are absolutely present. The dire situation that you have found yourself in may even have pushed you into thoughts of committing homicide. Your subconscious ideas of hurting others would stem from an utter feeling of having your life spinning out of control.

Remains of a plane crash

If you dream that you have found yourself surrounded by the aftermath of a plane crash, then it is an indicator that you are better off working out tasks on your own. There may be a project at your work that you are not completely familiar with, or something at home that you have decided to tackle on your own, but are unsure how to do so. You should trust yourself in these projects, do not rely on the help of a friend or co-worker who assert that they know exactly what to do and will be able to help. The aid that you receive will most likely end up being counterproductive, causing you to lose progress in your project and have to work twice as hard just to get back to the point that you were at. Trust yourself and do not rely much on anyone else.

A crashing plane with a lover inside

I am a 22-year-old girl. I saw a dream that my lover was coming from abroad to my native land in a plane and I saw that plane above my house and when it was about to reach, there was some problem with it and it starts to jerk in the air and it seems headed for an air crash. I looked at it a lot and I expect everyone to die with my lover along with that air crash. I see this dream from an early age.

Seeing an airplane crash and burn before your eyes can have multiple meanings, but seems, in this case, to indicate the necessity of paying attention to your surroundings and taking care of your problems yourself. This implies that your natural tendency is to wait for others to step in and solve your problems for you. However, if you continue to rely on this approach, you may find things do not turn out the way you want.