Dreams Related To Plague

Dying from plague

I am a female. I was in front of a church next to a tree. Around 4 feet away from the tree I picked up an old wooden pencil. I then died from the black plague. I felt like it was during 14th century.

The church in your dream symbolizes guidance and enlightenment, while the tree refers to wisdom and growth. A big issue is weighing heavily on you and you are contemplating the best course of action. The pencil represents your impact on this issue or situation. Finally, the plague points to societal issues affecting a large group of people. As such, you have the opportunity to influence others and this is a responsibility that you take very seriously. You are likely very concerned about what your stand is going to be because committing a mistake entails not only the death of your own credibility and integrity, but would also affect the well-being of a lot of people involved.

A plague of flies and cockroaches

A plague of flies and roaches.

This dream contains two opposing images. On one hand, the flies represent an upcoming illness or infirmity that would cause you much trouble. On the other hand, roaches are generally associated with meeting someone rich and powerful or becoming wealthy yourself. Together, this vision can either mean you would develop unhealthy habits due to a sudden increase in income or that you would win some amount of money due to a condition that you develop.