Dreams Related To Pit

Crossing a pit with snakes

I dreamed I was indoors crossing a balance beam or pit, there were others, maybe my child too. There was a viper looking snake, everyone knew, that passed by it. It bit my leg and latched on, I left it there thinking once he let go the poison would be there. Most got across, the snake bit another man I didn't know. I left it on my leg so I could get my daughter across. It looked like a canyon or pit, but inside on a balance beam.

Crossing a pit filled with snakes is the manifestation of negative emotions from your reality bubbling over into your dreams. The pit itself is often the reflection of a particular dilemma you are facing, while the snakes could point toward the potential pitfalls and difficulties you perceive. Being bitten by a snake further suggests this may be related to your daily activities, as a competitor with shocking tactics may get in the way of your plans. Letting your daughter get across before addressing the snake, however, just proves how much better you are than this individual, as you are willing to put your own wants on hold to take care of others before worrying about yourself. Perhaps now, however, you can see this vision as a sign that you can help others and yourself at the same time.