Dreams Related To Pirate

Being kidnapped by a pirate

I am a girl. I had a dream that me and my 2 best friends were kidnapped by a pirate and he was trying to surgically give us Ebola. All my friends were freaking out except me and they were mad at me because for some reason I didn't care.

Being kidnapped by a pirate denotes your thirst for adventure and a love for freedom. You and your friends probably share the same desire to travel, explore and experience new cultures. However, a deadly disease like Ebola points to an obstacle in your path. Something or someone could be trying to put a stop to your wandering ways and pressuring you to take a more traditional and stable path. A part of you could be ready to provide more security and consistency in your lifestyle, but your friends are likely afraid of sacrificing freedom for stability.

Pirates chasing someone

Two pirate crews chasing the prince and his mother on some sort of abandoned parking lot or construction site. Mom and son disappear into a kind of worm hole. The pirate crews start attacking each other. The colors are drab brown everywhere during the fight, which is short. There is a large crowd on the side walk watching the pirates fight, standing in line, more colors. The military and police at the end of the line is looking for the prince. Suddenly a blue worm hole appears above a bus and the prince falls out, leaving a huge dent on the roof of the bus.

Dreaming about pirates chasing after someone could be a reflection of you recently becoming a witness or participant in plans or intentions by someone you know to leave their home or family. The reasons for this person to move away can be dictated by some significant upcoming changes in this person's life, which could be related to job opportunities, the need to go to school or because they have recently met someone new. You could be strongly opposing such a decision, but the person has already set his or her mind on the idea and your persuasions don't seem to be working. There could be other people disapproving these idea of relocation because they have their own stakes in not letting the person go because if it happens, it could negatively affect their happiness and stability as well.

Being on a pirate ship

I was a part of a group of a pirate camp in a port made up of derelict ship parts. I was in charge of making the clothes for our team. But then, the leader fell ill so we couldn’t participate with the other pirates. I wanted to help and she needed some salt to cure her. The evil counselor was determined to stop me at all cost. From sending my mom away on a boat to try to lure me away to limiting how many steps I could take in town before he would take me away.

Dreaming of being part of a pirate camp hints at getting yourself involved in superficial matters. You might find yourself in circumstances where you think you have enough capacity to do it but actually lack the expertise for this objective to succeed. Because of this, you might become a subject of scrutiny by people who are very critical of you. Furthermore, the vision of salt in this dream suggests that you are surrounded by people who do not share your opinions and ideologies. You might even find yourself in a compromising situation because of these differences. The evil counselor, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean that someone is plotting an evil scheme against you. Rather, this person symbolizes the need for you to ask for someone's guidance in order to get wisdom and avoid any distressing incidents in your life. Heeding this dream as a warning may help in dodging any untoward incident ahead of you.