Dreams Related To Pine tree

Feral kittens and pine branches

I dreamed I found several tiny kittens in my barn. The mama cat was there too. She was feral, the kittens were running around. Several of my domestic cats were there. The kittens took off running and managed to get away, under a crack in the barn. They were white and gray and so tiny. Also, dreamed of a bundle of pine tree tops or limbs with green needles. I wanted to root and make trees from them. There was a lot of them, my husband had them.

Dreaming about kittens with their mother cat together without considering their other characteristics like size or color, is conventionally interpreted as a particularly beneficial image. This vision predicts great wealth and prosperity in the imminent future. In case you are married, this dream may imply that you are about to get a present or some delightful and wonderful news from your family members and relatives. In some cases, it could also signify that you are to receive a visit from someone from your surroundings shortly. However, the white color of the kittens carries a message of caution. You may be currently dealing with someone who is trying to find your weaknesses and abuse your kindness, including a person who will come to see you in the upcoming future. Your sixth sense will help you detect his or her intents, so you can regroup before something bad happens. The symbol of the pine tree indicates your personal character and the way you present yourself in front of others. You may want to use this strong point in case you need to counteract their plans if the situation calls for it.