Dreams Related To Pin

Pulling pins out of mouth

The feeling of short pins or sewing needles poking you in the mouth is a sure sign that you are currently facing a lot of troubles in wake life. The act of pulling these pins out, then, symbolizes putting out each of the tiny fires that is causing you trouble or causing you to feel stuck. This could include anything from tidying up a small space in your home or talking to someone who you do not currently have a great relationship with. You will start to feel better and better as each problem is taken care of.

Pins in body

The image of pins sticking out of your body is highly vivid and only seen by those with the most clairvoyant abilities. The feel of the needle or pin inside your skin, in particular, suggests you are confronting a major feeling or challenge in your life. Expressing your emotions to others may be nearly as possible because they simply do not feel things on the same level you do. While you are fortunate to have this special gift, you may feel a bit lonely because others cannot understand your burden.

Pins in hands

Pins in your hands, especially if you were pulling them out or trying to extract them, mean that you feel stuck in regards to a particular relationship, often a romantic one. The sensation of pins pricking at your skin reflects the urge to flinch away from this individual's touch or avoid their presence. The symbolism of the hands, in this case, reveals that you may be reluctantly holding onto this connection for completely unnecessary reasons. If the relationship is no longer fulfilling for you, it may be time to move on.

Safety pin

The image of a safety pin is very poignant in the dream realm. It can only be seen by those with a certain level of self-awareness, as it represents the anxiety you feel in wake life. Your concerns hinge on your fear of not being in complete control of a situation. You may feel like you are on the verge of falling, like the world would fall apart if you make one wrong move. But what is causing your emotions to surge is the pressure you put on yourself. Not everything needs to be perfect.

Pulling pins out of feet

To pull pins out of your feet means you may soon put a stop to something that has been keeping you from moving forward. Taking out the pins from your sole may be painful, but the pain symbolizes the necessary processing required after a big revelation. Needless to say, you are going to reckon with unresolved issues and end negative patterns. Alternatively, you will be able to see straight through someone who has been gaslighting you and stunting your growth. You will finally find the courage to walk away from this toxic relationship.