Dreams Related To Pills

Someone giving you pills

Receiving pills from someone else in the dream world is a two-fold symbol. On one hand, it reveals that you would soon undergo some serious hardships or trials that would shake you to your core and challenge your faith in yourself and others. However, persevering and overcoming these difficulties would eventually lead to the accomplishment of some of your biggest goals.

Detoxing with orange and black pills

I dreamed I was detoxing. I took two orange pills. Then I see I detoxed 2 piles of poop outside that was orange in color and looked like piles of sweet potatoes. Then I had 2 more pills to take that were black. I just took one of them, and nothing more came out. The orange piles of poop were all there was. I felt totally detoxed. I'm sorry, the dream was crazy, but I am curious to know.

Pills are symbolic of people in reality who get under your skin, often with the intention of using you or forcing you to do things you usually would not. The colors take on a special meaning under these circumstances, as one color was excreted while the other remained. The orange pills point toward success and achievement, suggesting that a period of short-lived success may be upon you due to the influence of someone else on your actions, like a new friend or some influential personality. However, once the initial honeymoon period of this relationship has run its course, you would have to deal with the permanent sadness and frustration their involvement causes, as is witnessed by the lack of excretion caused by the single black pill. In essence, this vision is a warning to watch out for those whose motives are unknown because they may quickly reveal themselves to be leeches rather than true friends.

Seeing pills

The image of pills in the dream world is usually considered positive, as it predicts success and progress in reality. Usually this is related to minor projects and undertakings rather than large-scale or important operations.

Taking pills

Taking pills while in the world of dreams, whether they were prescribed or not, means something is lacking in reality. In most cases, this refers to a physical deficiency, such as not getting the recommended amount of vitamins, nutrients or exercise for your body. You could consider this dream symbol a warning or a hint to pay more attention to your body's physical requirements and perhaps make an appointment with your doctor or nutritional specialist.

Buying pills

Buying pills from a drugstore or pharmacy may reveal excessive, unnecessary or disproportionate attention to minor symptoms or illnesses. This may be related to your own hypochondriac nature or that of someone close to you, such as a parent or sibling. You may be boring others with your constant whining over little bruises and symptoms, or perhaps your never-ending advice from less than reliable sources is turning them off or wearing them out.

White pills

Taking or swallowing white pills during the course of a dream vision takes on special meaning in Judeo-Christian dream philosophy. This esoteric symbol is associated with a future situation that you would have to accept, even if it is a difficult pill to swallow. While not exactly a positive sign, this symbol also does not predict long-term unhappiness associated with this issue. Rather, it is likely a short term roadblock that forces you to take a different path than you initially intended.

Throwing pills out for women

The act of throwing out or of disposing pills in the realm of dreams reveals that you would soon experience some minor emotional turmoil or discomfort in the near future. This internal battle would be the result of jealous feelings or the covering of the possessions of others. For example, you may desire to look like a certain celebrity or desperately want a nice car like your neighbor.

Giving pills to someone

Giving pills to someone while you are in the middle of a dream often portends that you would cause some hurt or pain for this individual in reality. If you did not know or recognize the man or woman in your vision, it is possible that the stress you cause would be for someone in your circle of friends.

Unable to find pills when you need them

Being unable to find pills when you need them, such as when you have a headache or an aching back, is often considered an ill omen in the dream world. It means you would get into some trouble or face some difficulties, most likely due to your own actions. In this case, it is probable that a lack of action would be the source of your troubles. For example, you may omit to tell someone important information or you may hesitate to get involved in something that actually requires your attention. You could consider this dream a warning to take a more hands on approach and not try to avoid difficult situations when they arise.

A handful of different pills

Seeing or holding a handful of pills in various shapes and sizes usually represents finding minor success in some small venture, like getting your stuff together or Marie Kondo-ing your room. It's also possible that the unusual assortment of pills represents finding the silver lining in a slightly unfortunate situation, much like a mixed bag of candy. You may not get what you were expecting, but it may be enough.

Taking pills and swallowing an egg

I dreamed I was sick and had to be taking many pills. Along with those pills I had to swallow a whole egg. While repeating that process another day I couldn't, because I started vomiting.

Having dream visions about taking pills, especially when perceived as on a regular basis, means that your body is becoming deficient in some important nutrients or vitamins. A recent decline in or a complete absence of one of these elements in your intake could have magnified this need by projecting the image of a whole egg. You may want to analyze the reason or motivation for stopping nourishing your body the way you used to and find ways to rectify and improve this situation.

Being told to take anti-pregnancy pills

I'm not sure where I was or who I was talking to. All that stands out was that I was talking to a female and she said "If you don't start taking your birth control, you'll be pregnant by or in April".

This vision is likely the manifestation of something you heard or talked about in wake life, meaning you may have recently overheard someone talking about birth control pills or started such a conversation with a friend. The female speaker, however, is symbolic in that she represents some resentment or scorn you might feel at this idea. It may be that you do not want to take birth control or that you dislike having other people stick their noses in your personal affairs. In either case, this vision is more likely your subconscious trying to work out its views on a particular topic rather than a prediction of things to transpire.

Pills traveling inside the body

Pills were coming out of my skin, from both my forearms, through little slits in my skin. I could see the pills travel under my skin up towards my wrist and then pop out by the slit. This was very disgusting and disturbing given the fact that I don't even use pills.

Pills by themselves tend to represent other people taking advantage of your kindness and patience, forcing you to do things your would rather not do and preventing you from exercising your free will. Seeing those pills exit your body through the skin in a steady stream, then, suggests ridding yourself of the person or people who prevent you from being true to yourself and your goals.

Forced to take a pill by cannibals

My friend came into the room with a pill. He said a family member wanted me to take it. It had a team symbol intricately drawn on it. I hid the pill under the couch. A while later another family member came and knocked me out. When I woke up I found that my friend's family were cannibals. I had to pretend to be sleeping through the effects of the pill. I was the last one they tried to butcher. A young family member made them take me along to a picnic like a doll.

Being forced to take a pill in a dream alludes to ideals being forced upon you. Some peers or colleagues may be trying to change your perspective on certain topics because they disagree with your beliefs. Likewise, the threat of being consumed by cannibals represents the mounting pressure and expectations to conform to your social circle. Oftentimes, voicing a dissenting opinion can cause conflict in your group while agreeing with the majority is a way of easing the tension. Everything comes to a head in the picnic scenario. This symbol means that a major confrontation or a meeting of minds would occur to settle the score. You can either go along with them or stand your ground.

Causing someone's death as a doctor

I went back to work. I think I was a doctor of some sort. Because I gave one of my coworkers a vile to give a man a certain amount of dosage every few hours. Well, something went wrong and the man died. I went home and was jogging around my neighborhood thinking about this. Recalling the conversation I had telling them it was not my fault and us hiding the fact the man died. I got home to my husband who greeted me with a kiss. I don't know who he was but I felt a connection to him. I went and took a shower and that's it.

Dreaming about being a doctor has positive connotations. It portends that you would soon reveal a side of you which was previously unknown to your partner or others around you. This would help strengthen your relationship with them. Similarly, the notion that you saw someone dying because of your mistakes in this dream is an encouraging sign despite it being a completely opposite image in reality. The death of someone could signify the end of all your past problems, an indication that your life is about to take a completely different turn making things eventually fall into place and to your advantage.

Swallowing pills

Swallowing pills or tablets is often interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream realm, as it often means you have failed to pay attention to something of great importance. As a result, you may have to accept an outcome that is less than you desired. You may feel a small amount of regret or disappointment in this situation, but it should serve as a reminder about the importance of being detail-oriented.