Dreams Related To Pigeon

Feeding pigeons

I dreamt that I am feeding pigeons.

This dream indicates that you are searching for a resolution to a problem or conflict in someone's life that is close to you. If you're trying to remedy a relationship with someone, try being more open to understanding their situation. Once you can see from their perspective you can help make peace with any conflict.

Late father surrounded by white pigeons

I dreamt my late father was in the bedroom and there were three white pigeons on the wardrobe in the box and I am begging my late father to go out of the room and he refused to go out. And I dreamt about 3 women dressed in black and gold saris.

Dreaming of your deceased father indicates feelings of longing. You may have been reminded of him in waking life, hence he manifested in your dream. You may also be receiving some news or gossip, as messengers often appear as pigeons in dreams. Pigeons likewise represent a yearning to come home. As such, you could be calling out to your dead father to return out of a need for guidance or his words of wisdom. Three is also a significant symbol because it is associated with signs that come in threes: the Trinity; past, present, and future; father, mother, and child; mind, body, and soul, among others. Find out whether there is a personal significance for the number three in your life. You may be looking to fill a void in your existence or something that will complete you or give you a sense of fulfillment.

Someone with a pigeon head and marching pelicans

The first dream was about marching pelicans that tried to attack me, and the second dream was in a classroom where somebody had a pigeon head instead of a human head.

Being attacked by pelicans in a dream vision is a negative sign associated with confrontation and bad blood between you and a group of females. This is likely a group you have had some negative contact with in the past, and the cause of this particular incident is probably some action you made against them recently. This is coupled with the image of the pigeon-headed person, which represents the sadness of your current situation and the stress you are currently under. You may need to reevaluate how you interact with others in the future or lay low while the situation sorts itself out.

A pigeon, gypsies and dogs

I saw in my dream I was trying to catch a pigeon with bonded legs to help him get free, but I found myself on someone's property full of gypsies. I was not welcomed there and had to leave, but one of them predicted me marriage and pregnancy. When I went back to my parents' house, neighbors told me that my father just killed stray dogs, but I found them alive and got free 4 bleeding dogs alive, wrapped them in a carpet under wooden planks, and woke up screaming and crying.

The variety of symbols surrounding you in this dream seems to suggest a general feeling of being trapped. You could be the pigeon with bonded legs. Much as you try, you cannot free yourself and fly. Some events may have grounded you and forced you into a pedestrian life, as evidenced by the gypsies with their news of possible domestication in your future. You may not be ready to settle down, but circumstances would steer you in that direction anyway. The wounded dogs speak of a loss of protection and deteriorating security. You may be on the brink of losing your much-needed comfort and security, whether it be financial or personal support, hence the acute need for you to move forward and have some solid plans for the future.

Catching and releasing a pigeon

I caught a pigeon, then after a while I saw my grandparents at work, then I found myself letting the pigeon go.

Your dream of catching a pigeon probably points to your tendency to either believe in rumors or spread gossip. You may secretly find joy in hearing juicy information about others even when you know participating in gossip can have negative consequences, especially for those involved. As such, seeing your grandparents in the same dream calls your rational side because your grandparents represent wisdom. Hence, your subconscious is reminding you to exercise prudence in those situations.

A pigeon on the head

I dreamt I was lying down and a pigeon tried to touch my head with its claw and I grabbed it and bit its head off.

Birds seen near the head in a dream are often thought to predict death, particularly the passing of the one who was touched by the bird. In this case, however, the act of biting off the head of the bird could be interpreted as a sign that either you would survive whatever was supposed to threaten your life or that your success and personality would ward off any evil spirits with ill intentions. As such, you should continue to live your life to the fullest and not worry so much about your mortality.