Dreams Related To Pets

Buying a pet

The act of buying a pet in the universe of dreams or adopting a stray suggests you have a desire for companionship in reality. In some cases, this simply and literally refers to the wanting of a specific pet, like a cat or dog, to spend time with and take care of. Other times, however, it sheds light on a deeper longing for human connection and interaction. For those living alone or who have recently moved somewhere new, it could mean you need to put more effort into being social, making friends and networking. Humans are social creatures, and ignoring that aspect of the self could have more drastic consequences later.

Your existing pet dying

Envisioning the death of a beloved pet is a subconscious reaction to doubts and fears from your waking mind. You may feel uneasy or worried that something bad is about to happen, either due to certain indications or a general pessimistic attitude. In either case, your preoccupation with this concern is unlikely to be beneficial and could at worst hinder you or hurt the situation further.

A pet that is long dead

Seeing the image of a long lost or departed pet is often thought to be the manifestation of change and upheaval in reality. You may be about to make a major change in your life, like move house or change careers, or enter a new phase in life, such as getting married or having children. In a sense, the image of your pet is akin to a reflection of the difference you felt after their loss or passing. When you see yourself on the brink of change, your subconscious connects it to other similar situations or feelings from your past, leading to visions such as these.

Something you are afraid of as your pet

Being afraid of the type of animal you keep as your pet in the dream world, such as spiders, a large dog or a dangerous wild beast, is often interpreted as a sign that some aspect of your wake life feels out of control. You probably need to harness or rein in some situation that is becoming increasingly volatile. Paying attention to and looking up any details associated with said pet in the vision could yield more clues or a more precise interpretation.

A pet needing your attention

Envisioning your pet acting in such a way as to get or hold your attention, such as rubbing against or crying for you, suggests someone in reality is trying to accomplish the same thing. A new friend or casual acquaintance may be sweet-talking to you or trying to persuade you to act a certain way for their benefit with the ultimate goal being to take advantage of your naturally generous and unsuspecting nature. Paying attention to information that seems biased in some way and avoiding those with obvious or potential hidden agendas would be the best course of action in this case.

Kissing your pet

In the context of a dream vision, kissing your beloved animal companion represents an upcoming change in your day to day existence. This shift could be either positive or negative, depending on your situation and the other symbols present in the vision. You may need to find something steady to hold onto while you go through this period.

Having many pets

Having many pets in the dream world, whether you have many in reality or not, is often thought to reflect the valuable and comfortable relationships you have with friends and family in reality. These close, lasting friendships and familial connections are sure to bring much happiness and contentment to your days. If you were worried about a particular friendship during this time, it is possible any wrinkles would be smoothed out and everything would return to normal quickly.

Pets white in color

Dreaming of a white pet, whether you have a white pet in reality or not, is an auspicious symbol in the realm of dreams. It predicts a happy or awe-inducing event in the near future, an occurrence that would bring joy and relief to your soul. You may get some good news that you barely dare hope for or reunite with a long lost companion. This latter interpretation is especially true if you were recently reminded of the said individual either in an earlier dream or in reality.

Pets black in color

Having a black-colored pet in the realm of dreams, whether or not you have such a pet in reality, could mean you are quickly amassing a group of enemies or competitors in wake life. These individuals may even come together and bond over their dislike for you and your methods. With this symbol alone, it is unclear if you are purposely antagonize these men and women or not. However, if you are able to point to some action or behavior that is causing this situation, it would be wise to cease and desist immediately.

Exotic pets

Owning or caring for exotic pets in the dream world, such as tigers or monkeys, suggests your worries and fears are compounding in reality. The concern you feel over a certain subject or stressful task is likely eating at you, making it difficult to focus on even the most basic of everyday activities. The reason this is causing you so much turmoil is because it is so important to you. Therefore, it would be wise to find a solution to your troubles or go all in to take care of things before it is too late.

Playing with your pets

In the context of a dream vision, playing with your beloved pets represents an upcoming move in the physical sense. You could be able to buy a new house or rent a new apartment in reality. Alternatively, this move may be related to your place of work or the discovery of a new place to hang out with your friends and family members.

Agitated pets

Envisioning your pets in a state of agitation or anxiousness could be the manifestation of your own concerns regarding roadblocks or obstacles in reality. Even though you would be close to getting rid of those impediments, their mere presence is enough to raise your hackles, represented by the aggressive or agitated demeanor of your pet. Until you are completely able to remove or get around what stands in your path to success, you would likely continue to feel tense and on the edge of your seat.

Pets in the backyard

Seeing your pets running around and playing in your backyard or in a shared lawn space sheds light on the closeness of your friendships in reality. Your friends are likely trustworthy in the extreme and very loyal to you. Additionally, you can probably rely on them whether your need is for something trivial or gravely serious. Your ability to depend on these individuals would bring you much happiness and contentment.

Pets running away from you

Envisioning your pets running or moving away from you in the realm of dreams predicts trouble ahead for your current projects or goals. This could be related to personal ambitions, such as losing weight or learning a language, or career aspirations, like getting a promotion or asking for a raise. In either case, there could be a lot of doubt surrounding your ability to achieve success, meaning you may need to make some extra effort to overcome the challenges in your path.

Undernourished pets

Dreaming that your pets look malnourished or undernourished is normally interpreted as a neutral symbol. It carries a possible indication of change in your future, likely related to your career. You may soon find yourself in a position where you want or need to change jobs, either for a similar position elsewhere or in a completely different field. The cause for this shift could be due to personal reasons on your part or circumstances beyond your ability to control.

Well-fed and groomed pets

Seeing your pets in the dream world and noticing that they are particularly well-fed and groomed is often interpreted as a sign that your current partner or lover is in sync with you. Your romantic relationship with this individual likely provides you with much happiness, contentment and fulfillment. This situation would probably continue to grow and become better as time goes on. For those without a significant other, you may soon find such a person in reality.

Your pet crying

When you pet is crying out in the dream world, it often predicts soon receiving unfortunate news. Whatever you learn would greatly disappoint you or leave you feeling bereft and heartbroken. While this symbol by itself does not contain an indication of the type of news received, other symbols in the vision could point to a more comprehensive interpretation.

Your pet put to sleep

Putting your pet to sleep, in the context of a dream vision, suggests your partner or significant other is more scared of or subservient to you than they are in love with you. This means, rather than staying with you or loving you because they feel strongly for you, they probably stick around because they worry what you would do if they tried to leave. It is possible to save this relationship by changing how you act and react to your partner, although it may be too late if you are already seeing a vision such as this.

Trying to catch your pet

Seeing your pet running about in the dream world and attempting to catch it predicts soon making the acquaintance of someone who is destined to be a good friend. This individual would have a natural sympathy and affection for you. Their presence is sure to provide you much comfort, happiness and satisfaction in reality.

Accidentally killing your pet

Accidentally killing your own pet in a dream vision, such as running it over with a car or forgetting to feed it, indicates an upcoming period of time rife with misfortune and negative emotions. You could find yourself the victim of bad luck on multiple occasions, often getting into accidents or being passed over for praise and recognition. This would be the source of great sadness and frustration.

Owning a pet bird

Owning a pet bird in a dream vision, whether or not you do in waking life, represents hanging onto relationships and connections in reality that currently serve no purpose. Perhaps you have maintained the same group of friends since your childhood. While they are probably nice people whose company you enjoy, they may not be pushing you forward to be the best version of yourself. Perhaps you need to reevaluate some of these old connections and weed out individuals who no longer fit the type of a person you have become.

Dead pets

Seeing lifeless pets in your dream suggests unpaid debt. This debt could be financial but it could also be a personal favor or request from a loved one. According to Vanga, pets symbolize friendship, hence this symbol points to a possible falling out with a close friend. You could be seen as ungrateful because you do not give back to the people who helped you out when you were in trouble.To remedy this, you need to repay the favor or apologize for not being around when they needed you.

A pet snake trying to escape

In my dream my pet snake, although in reality I'm terrified of snakes, was in the cage and kept striking at the side, toward me. I thought it was funny, until it began striking at the top, knocking the lid off and slowly got out of the cage. I was so so so scared I was going to die, I was screaming for my mom and she didn't come. Then I woke up.

The vision of a pet or tamed snake trying to attack could be indicative of your current preoccupation with the fulfillment of impending projects or plans which you think would bring you some financial gains. You fear that you will be unable to accomplish these goals. The fact that the snake was caged could also mean that you might have possible creative solutions for overcoming these obstacles, however, you feel hesitant and unsure about their usefulness or effectiveness. Therefore, you keep them in a "cage" or a "box". The snake symbol represents one of your utmost fears. Still, in the dream, it was your pet. It turned against you, confirming the existence of your fear. This could suggest that you may have some intuition about how you should not trust someone or accept something that seems questionable to you. Even though you are currently discarding such suspicion, the dream suggests that such mistrust is justified. This suspicion could be about your ability to accomplish your objectives, but also about the expectations you have about what is going to happen. The snake's behavior could also symbolize how you have been able to control your fears so far, but you now feel on the edge. The pressure is building and you could be losing control. This could hinder your success. It is important to remain in control of the situation, without panicking. Finally, you asked the help of a significant other but you remained alone, with your fear, in a situation which was evolving dramatically. This could translate your anticipation that no one would be able to help you out of your circumstances to overcome your obstacles. Overall, this dream advises you to act on your own in your decisions, because you are probably the only one who can find the best solution and succeed. You should expect the unexpected, act with wisdom and build up some energy so that you can deal with these issues.

Losing a pet in a foreign country

I was in a foreign country and mt beloved pet dog slipped out of her harness, she ran off and although I chased her I couldn't find her, I kept calling out her name and crying, but no matter how hard I looked for her, I just couldn't find her anywhere.

Dreaming about trying to locate or search for a lost dog that has been missing for quite some time is a sign of upcoming hardships. It means you will soon face some troubles or threatening circumstances that you will have to deal with for a while. At the same time, you saw yourself in a foreign country, which could also mean soon going through some serious ordeal or participating in an activity which you suspect you would not be able to complete. This same vision could also reflect your tendency to place the blame on yourself first for something you cannot complete or accomplish at the moment.

An alligator and a bunny as pets

An alligator attacked a white rabbit, both were my pets.

White rabbits usually symbolize other people's devotion to you. These people, usually family and friends, would do anything for you because you have supported them in their time(s) of need and have been dedicated companions for many years. However, the image of the alligator represents the rise of a powerful adversary in your life. This rival is likely to interfere heavily in your doings, causing havoc and disrupting your relationships. While the outcome of this vision is unclear, seeing the alligator attack the white rabbit suggests this rival may go after your loved ones in an attempt to get to you. You should try to anticipate these events to protect those you care about most and, ideally, prevent any further negative outcomes.

Trying to catch a pet bird

I tried to capture my African Gray and I was chasing him. When I caught him, his wings fell off. I cried.

Seeing yourself trying to catch a parrot in a dream, whether it belongs to you or someone else, reflects your tendency to immerse yourself in interaction with other people which proves to be pointless and a waste of your time. You could be surrounded by individuals, including close friends, who may be forcing you to spend your time with them idling and with no particular purpose in mind. At the same time, seeing this bird lose its wings may indicate your slowly decreasing hope and faith regarding a person or a thing that you truly value. Perhaps you are just starting to realize that it is high time to build new, more meaningful relationships or acquire friends who will share your interests and fuel your ambitions.

Reuniting with an old pet horse from the past

I went to a house from my childhood and in the field was my beloved horse. I screamed "Misty" and saw her perking her head up and came running to me. I held her like she was a baby in my arms. I couldn't believe she was still alive after all these years. I told my son I was going to ask the owners if I could have her and I was even willing to give up one of my other pets to keep her.

Dreaming about interacting with the horse you had in the past could mean that you would soon be pleasantly surprised. In particular, you may be positively impressed by your own sympathetic and generous action of helping and supporting someone who is in need of help or supporting an important cause or initiative. You could also be facing several options to show your generosity and kindness, but remain unsure as to whom to help or where to apply your efforts. The notion of trading your other pets for the horse you are fond of so much points to the state of indecisiveness you are in, or simply taking the time to plan your further actions.

Buying a little pet dog when it rains heavily

Dreamed that I purchased a very little black puppy dog and it was raining very heavy.

Buying a puppy usually indicates that someone you care about has been going behind your back and lying about it to your face. This person is deceitful and does not truly want what is best for you. Heavy rain on the day the purchase took place in this dream vision also suggests that not only is this situation likely to hurt you, but it may also negatively affect you in some way. Your so-called friend may have been spreading negative rumors or sabotaging your efforts to improve your situation.

Evil duplicates of pets

I've had recurring dreams of evil pet duplicates since I was young. Not necessarily every night, but often enough that I remember. Firstly when I was little, I had dreams about my cat having an evil twin that was larger, had very big eyes and just looked wrong. And that duplicate dream happened a lot, often being that the duplicate was attacking my sister, mother and stepdad. And now, I have dreams of my ferrets having duplicates and I have to decipher who's the real ferrets, sometimes evil, sometimes not.

Pets in dreams are associated with loyalty and civility. Generally, this means that you make a point of being nice and polite in most social situations, even at home, in the waking world. As such, the recurring dreams of pet duplicates or evil pet doppelgangers may be representations of your rebellious and temperamental side. No matter how much you try to be good, sometimes you cannot help disobeying your parents or speaking rudely to them. In addition, pets also represent your need to be nurtured and loved. In this case, the evil pets could be symbolic of your resentment and frustration whenever you feel neglected or overlooked. Either way, this type of vision may recur whenever you are tempted to not play nice.

Pets being taken away

I'm a female, I had a dream a stranger was trying to take my pets away from me. In my waking life it was all my current pets including one I adopted out years ago (who is still alive and healthy). In my dream I was crying and trying to protect my animals, I was mainly focused on my cats, both of which were black in the dream, whereas in the waking world only one is black. The people took two of my dogs and chained them up, my animals were acting confused. I was making plans to rescue them.

Dreaming about pets, especially if you have pets in reality, indicates strong and reliable social connections. So, to witness a stranger taking your pets away reveals your anxieties about losing the people you love whether through disagreements or clashing values. The stranger, which actually symbolizes an aspect of your personality, means you are not afraid to express your views and you can even get aggressive when you disagree with someone over a topic you are passionate about. Unfortunately, your passion could be mistaken for condescension which could seriously hurt the feelings of certain loved ones. Perhaps you need to decide whether your values and beliefs are more important than maintaining your relationships. The black cats in particular are metaphors for your shadow self which can cause you to project your personal issues and lash out on other people. Meanwhile, the chained dogs means you like to be in control. However, forcing your opinions on others may not be the most effective way to come to an understanding. Your subconscious may be urging you to learn to listen more and empathize to broaden your perspective. You can then use this knowledge to find a more effective way to come together and build relationships instead of cutting them off completely.

Finding a lost pet

Pet cat that had disappeared last year appeared outside across the parking lot from where I was walking and looked at me. End of dream.

Parking lots tend to represent a vague, unclear space or situation. In the same way that an empty parking lot has lines painted on the ground but no real barriers, so does this symbol suggest you are in a position where there are so many possibilities that literally anything could be viable. With so many choices, however, comes a paralyzing fear about what the right choice might be. Seeing your old pet cat represents someone in your life you have lost contact with but who may have the answers you need to make an informed decision about your predicament. It may take you some time to track down their new number or a current email address, but establishing contact with this individual could make all the difference in how your life progresses from this point on.