Dreams Related To Pepper

Peppers and green onions

I dreamed of seeing vertical trays of cut green peppers and green onion tops. I also saw old school girlfriend in the dream near the peppers. I only saw the peppers and onions at at glance, they were just there.

The green onions and peppers in your dream likely mean you need to add more spice to your life. Perhaps you are feeling bored and you are looking for more stimulation or excitement, maybe by meeting new people or going on an adventure. The presence of the girl from your past is a symbol of an idealized past. Maybe you want to relive past experiences because of how much you dislike the present. It is also possible that you are thinking of reaching out to old friends and reconnecting with people you may have lost touch with because of changing priorities.

Picking peppers

Dreaming of picking peppers

Depending on the context, this dream could have several meanings. If you envisioned yourself picking peppers growing on a plant, it means that you are currently preoccupied with saving money and being budget-minded. You could be trying to save every penny to make your household more money-efficient. If you dreamed about picking peppers from a store shelf or at the market, it could predict having to deal with people who would make you feel irritated, uncomfortable or tired, these could be some unexpected guests or salespeople showing up at your door uninvited or when you least expect it to happen.