Dreams Related To Pentacle

Getting married, a tattoo and a pentacle

I was at my own wedding and got a tattoo beforehand of a skull with horns but after the session was done I could not see any ink but just proceeded to walk down the aisle of the church and was standing across from an unknown figure and said "No" to marrying the person. Then when I got home a pentacle marking lit up with purple light on our floor and my mom yelled out not knowing what was happening and then the same pentacle that was on the floor was also lighting up on my chest.

Being at your own wedding in the dream realm suggests you would soon have to make an important decision in wake life. This decision, likely between two completely different options, would significantly affect the current trajectory of your life. Getting a tattoo is often associated with a tendency to act before thinking things through. Perhaps in this case it is a warning to carefully consider the choices being presented to you, especially considering the weight this decision holds in the overall scheme of your life. The design of the tattoo, the skull with horns, represents a threat. However, rather than a physical threat to your body, it means making a poor choice could affect you mentally or emotionally for a long time to come. This vision, then, suggests you need to slow down and weigh the options carefully instead of rushing into something that could turn out badly.