Dreams Related To Penis

A penis for females

If you are a woman and had a dream about seeing a penis, it is a sign of potential problems in your sexual life. You could be experiencing some difficulties or complications with intimacy, and this would cause you much disappointment with your partner. Maybe your partner is too busy to make time for you, or he might be so distracted with other concerns that it could possibly affect the way he relates with you intimately.

Your penis cut off

Having a dream that your penis is cut off symbolizes losing power. You might be losing authority at work or in your soclal circle, for whatever cause or reason. Maybe somebody else will replace your position at work. Or a new person in your social circle with skills or personality which are better than yours will be the center of attention. This vision also symbolizes losing a son or it could be warning for you of your own passing.

Having a penis for females

I am a female but I dreamt where I have a penis and I made love to my best friend and I made love with my husband. Though I enjoyed the sex, I don't enjoy it physically.

For women, having a penis is usually tied to their self-confidence in the bedroom or within their intimate relations. Your best friend, though not your marriage partner, falls into this special category of relationships as well. Perhaps you feel that you are not as good a friend to your best friend as they are to you. You may even question your ability to satisfy your husband's sexual needs or support him as a wife should. However, enjoying the sex, even if not physically, suggests your desire to be better for them because you love and care for them deeply. This alone may be enough to help you find ways to show how much they mean to you.

Touching a penis

Having a dream that you are touching a penis means that you will be in a predicament regarding performing certain sexul activities with a person or persons you will meet. You could be placed in a situation in the future where you would be involved with somebody intimately. However, this person might ask you to perform something sexually which you are unwilling to do. This might also be a possible scenario with other people you could be attracted to in the future.

A strange-looking penis

Dreaming of seeing a strange-looking penis or a penis that is unusually shaped symbolizes having a sexual encounter. You are about to meet a new sexual partner in the near or far future. If you had this dream and you are married, be careful. It means that you might get attracted to somebody else and would possibly have an extramarital affair with this person.

A penis for males

If you are a male and had a dream of seeing a penis, it is a sign of having some problems with your sexual life. You could be experiencing some dissatisfaction and disappointment with sex because of erectile dysfunction. If you have this image in your dream, maybe it is time to consult a specialist who can help you with your problem.

Small or large penis

Experiencing a vision of a small or large penis refers to losing or gaining authority. If you had a dream that your own penis is getting smaller, it means losing authority. You would lose authority over people who used to depend on you, maybe your subordinates at work or relatives who used to rely on you for support or guidance. This could be brought about by circumstances in your life or changes that might affect your status in life. If you had a dream that your penis is growing bigger, it means the opposite.

A man with a giant penis

I had a dream that a man pulls his pants down and he has a really long, huge oversized penis.

Sexual symbols in dreams usually suggest that the dreamer is having some issues with intimate life. However, the imagery of a massive penis in your dream indicates that some of your sexual skills are improving and getting more dominant over your partner, which you perceive as a growing asymmetry between the two of you. Seeing a man pulling his pants down reveals that you could be seeking an instant solution for the imbalance you are experiencing or experienced in your current or former relationship.

A giant penis

Having an image of a giant penis you have in your dream symbolizes your great character. It is telling you that you possess a dignified persona. You are an achiever who will go a long way in life, whether at work or in your personal life. You have a natural knack for success which would help you to attain your goals in life. This vision is also a reflection of your uncanny ability to seek the help of others when you are in need of support.

Having sex with someone with two penises

I'm a female and had a dream of doing oral sex on a guy with 2 penises. Also in the dream I had sex with the same guy and was attempting to have sex with other guys as well.

Sex in dreams typically represents a union of contrasting aspects of your personality. Dreamers who envision this scenario are probably undergoing an introspective journey and becoming more self-aware. Oral sex, for female dreamers, alludes to being dominated in reality. Someone in your life is probably controlling you, whether or not you choose to be more submissive to this person. Esoteric circles speculate that this can also depict a desire for some variety in sexual experience. The two penises underscore this sexual curiosity because multiple penises depict a lack of satisfaction or sexual frustration in waking life.

Your own penis

If you are a male and you dream of observing your own penis, it is a symbol of your inability to fulfill your sexual needs. You are unable to meet this physical need possibly because of your preoccupation with other things such as work. You could also be lacking a sexual partner or it might also be due to bad habits or your age. At the same time, this vision is a reflection of your growing concerns regarding your virility and potency.

Husband having two penises

I saw two penises on my husband, the larger one was covered in exotic feathers like a headdress and the smaller one was flatter but growing when I touched it.

This vision seems to be related to your sex life with your husband. In general, the image of a penis in a woman's dreams allude to some challenges in the physical aspect of her relationship with her partner. The two diverging penises allude to two children. In some cases they represent children already present, but some traditional sources also consider them indicators of the number a children a woman would have in her lifetime. Touching your husband's penis under these circumstances could reveal there is some disconnect between what the two of you want for your family. One of your may desire more children than the other. The penis with feathers is a warning that this discord may cause your eyes and heart to stray if you are not careful. It would be wise to discuss things openly with your spouse so that you are both happy and on the same page about what you want.

Erect penises for females

I am female married for 6 years. I am 38 years old. I often see erect penises in my dreams at least once a month. I don't know its meaning, please help.

The image of a penis in the world of dreams may reflect problems with sexuality in reality. In a sense, some aspects of your intimacy with your spouse may not be fully satisfying you. If you desire more sexual encounters or specific sexual acts, it may be better to tell your partner directly rather than hoping they would eventually get the hint.

Injured penis

Having an injured penis in your dream refers to possible hospitalization. You could be involved in an accident that would cause you to end up in the hospital. This dream vision can also symbolize having your feelings hurt. Someone in your work or in your social circle might verbally harm or insult you. This person or group of persons could dislike you or may be competing with you for a position at work or for dominance and authority in your immediate social group.

A girl with a penis

In a dream I recently had, I dreamed about walking past a group of girls. This group of girls follows me. When this group of girls finally meets me, I seem to know one of the girls in this group. She also kind of reminds of a girl I knew while growing up. That girl asks me to see what she has under her dress. When I pull this girl's dress up, she has a huge erect shaved penis.

This dream seems to have some relation to issues with sexuality or relationships. In particular, being reminded of someone from your past could mean this is an issue that hits close to home for you. Pulling up this girl's dress, then, alludes to opening up old wounds from your past concerning your sexuality or sexual behavior. The erect penis you envisioned is often interpreted as a sign that you are not currently satisfied with your sex life. Perhaps the issue from your past is weighing down on you and preventing you from really enjoying your intimate relations.

Penis ejaculating

Dreaming of a penis ejaculating is a symbol of projects being completed. An undertaking or projects you are currently working on for quite a long time now would finally be accomplished in the near future. The time spent working on them would finally reach conclusion. However, this dream does not tell you what the results will be, whether it would be a success or not.

Dating someone with two penises

I am a woman and I had a dream that I was dating a guy that had two penises.

For females, the image of a penis usually alludes to sexual or intimacy issues, you may not be satisfied with a current romantic partner or you have trouble connecting intimately with another person. On the other hand, a man with two penises can portend having two children in the near future. It is also possible that this dream illustrates your desire to bear two children or add an additional two children to your current family.

Breasts turning into penises

Nightmare. I am female. My breast turned into penises and the thinking about it makes me physically sick?

Both the images of breasts and penises are, for women, related to their feelings of sexuality and self-awareness. In essence, you are probably feeling rather self-conscious at the moment, worrying about your physical appearance or how your personality is interpreted by those around you. The idea that your breasts became penises, then, means that these negative emotions about yourself are affecting your sex life and intimacy with others. This dream can be interpreted as a warning to not let things you cannot change interfere with the love and support you are able to give to and receive from others.

Mother with a penis

Seeing a penis on my mother and touching it.

Envisioning your mother with a penis means you view her as someone powerful and authoritative. This could also be a reflection of your inferiority complex due to your mother's strict parenting and controlling nature. On the other hand, touching a penis suggests intimacy issues. You could meet someone who would urge you to perform certain sexual fantasies which you are not willing to do. Your poor self-esteem could also affect your ability to find pleasure in the bedroom.

Penis branching

Dreaming of your penis branching in many directions symbolizes having children or having more of them. The number of branches corresponds to the number of children you could have in your lifetime so the larger the number of branches you observed in this dream, the more children you would have with your spouse or partner.

Mother touching penis

My mother touched my penis in a dream and discussed its size and suggested to increase its size... I want to know the interpretation?

For men, dreaming of their own penis can refer to issues with sexuality and authority. In this case, your mother's suggestion to increase the size of your penis may reflect both your internal desire for power and the external pressure she puts on you to be successful. You may soon be in a position to improve your social or career standing, so it might be a good idea to be ambitious and take on more responsibility for yourself to alleviate these feelings.

Son losing his penis while urinating

I had a dream that my 6-yr old son was urinating in the toilet, then all of a sudden his private part fell off. A hole was left and that's where he peed, but I saw him peeing all through the dream. My son was calm and I was crying and panicked I was afraid. What does this mean?

The penis symbolizes power, aggression and fertility. Dreaming that your son's penis falls off reveals your anxieties regarding your relationship with him. If you look at it from the perspective of power, then there is a sense of losing control over your son's childish behaviors, which is symbolized by the act of urination. This struggle of exercising your authority over him brings out feelings of frustration. Alternatively, when viewed from the fertility and sexuality angle, the fear and panic that manifested in your dream point to the worries you are harboring in raising your son. This vision may stem from your uncertainties as a parent about how to balance control over your child while giving him the freedom to play and discover his identity.

Your penis showing while dressed

Envisioning your penis being visible even though you are dressed is a metaphor for your failure to satisfy your sexual desires. This is due to being consumed by your work or career. This might also be possible because of your singleness or as an effect of your lifestyle. Additionally, this vision is also a manifestation of your fear of being impotent.

A plant growing out of penis

A young tree or flower-like substance was sprouting from my penis. I pulled it out until I got to the stem. I was worried it might damage something in my left testicle so I asked for help to open up the skin of the testis so I could remove it from the root out. I was just about leaving the house to where I assume is a hospital when I woke up. I touched the length of it and it is not embedded anywhere else on my body.

Dreaming about inspecting or noticing visible changes in your penis could represent your worries and concerns about your sexual performance. You could be having difficulties finding a stable sexual partner because of your busy work schedule or inability to find potential mates. The excessive focus on attributes pertaining to your genitalia, such as its length, shape, substances coming out and its performances could also indicate your propensity to masturbate more as opposed to engage in physical sexual activities with a sexual partner. If these dreams continue to happen on a regular basis, we could explore possible interpretations if you provide additional details about these dream visions.

Chewing a penis and a garden

A man chews at a half-cooked penis, but fails saying it's half cooked. Then another man takes a bite on a large testicle and chews. Then I am walking on rocks or stones. Somehow I come across a ripe garden of millet that is ready for harvesting.

Both dream symbols of chewing on a penis and a testicle refer to emasculation. You feel like you are being underestimated by your colleagues or people who work alongside of you are overpowering you at every turn. Fortunately, this is merely an obstacle you would have no trouble overcoming because the second scenario depicts triumph. Navigating a rocky path or road implies a new undertaking which would eat up a lot of your time and energy. Fortunately, the ripe garden ready for harvesting means all your hard work would return rewards and blessings in spades, so just keep your head down and focus on doing your job well.

Penis covered with dirt

Seeing your own penis covered with dirt is a symbol of deceit and backstabbing. Some people, possibly your friends or coworkers, are going behind your back and spreading malicious information about you. These people have the intent of destroying your name and reputation. They are the people whom you deal with regularly at work or maybe in your business dealings.

A boy turning into a dog with a penis

A boy face that turned into a bull dog that nipped me on my arm a little, but did not hurt. The dog then fell on the ground and he had a giant life-size man penis in which the tip was red and swollen and split into two.

Dreams containing imagery of morphing or sudden transformation of one object into another are subconscious reflection of your fear of upcoming changes or rearrangements in your waking life. Based on the sexually explicit undertones of this dream vision, they may represent some existing fear or concern which is closely related to some sexual experiences or aspects of your sexuality. You could presently be having a partner in sex who delivers a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to you, or you could be having encounters with multiple sex partners who create a perfect balance as far as your sexual needs are concerned, but you feel threatened that this arrangement might not continue for much longer or may change in a way which would be disadvantageous to your physical intimacy needs or certain sexual desires you have.

Husband with a big penis

I had a dream that my husband had a long penis, we are separated at the moment.

Phallic images are often seen as symbols of growing strength and power, meaning it is likely you have gained or are gaining authority at the moment. This could be in relation to your separation with your husband, such as division of assets or custody of children, but it is equally likely that this is connected to your work situation. Additionally, a long penis can represent positive character traits, both for yourself and as perceived by other people around, such as being a hard worker or a visionary.

A friend in pain in the groin area

My friend who is also my secret love is holding his penis and when I ask him about it he said that he feels pain from it, so I ask to assist him in the clinic.

To dream of a penis in this context could be reflective of potential problems in your sexual life. You may be experiencing intimacy issues resulting in a less than desirable sex life. The pain he feels could also be a reflection of your sexual frustration. Perhaps your repressed feelings are manifesting in your dream as a way to assure you or validate your desire. Maybe you feel as though you are what he needs in his life, therefore in the dream, you are at the right place at the right time and in a unique position to help him with his predicament.

A penis covered with feces

I dreamed I was touching my husband's penis. When I looked down at it... it was covered with feces. It was even on his leg and thigh.

Dreaming of a penis covered in feces means that your respect for your husband could be going down. His penis represents power and masculinity. In reality, this power and sense of pride come from his personal achievements and the ability to provide for the family. Meanwhile, feces alludes to dirt and feelings of disgust. The symbol of feces in dreams has also been associated with financial and money matters. Your husband may be having money issues in the waking world and, as a result, he may be feeling insecure about not being able to catch up with your family's needs. Perhaps you are also second-guessing his capacity to get your family out of a financial rut.

Husband's penis falling off

I'm a female. I was sucking my husband's dick and part of it fell off and started bleeding.

Images of a penis falling off in the dream world point to emasculation or a loss of power and diminished masculinity. In the context of your dream vision, having your husband's penis detach during oral sex likely reveals your tendency to be domineering in your interpersonal dynamics. Perhaps you use your influence and feminine wiles to get your way or have him submit to your will. Alternatively, it is also possible that your nurturing and fussy side is softening his rough edges and maybe he is becoming more dependent on you in the process.

A person with erect penis on a hospital bed

I dreamt of seeing a large erect penis of a person (probably not known to me) sitting on a hospital bed as a female visitor to the neighboring bed was looking at it, the curtains on that side were being drawn by a person at the bedside to ensure more privacy.

For female dreamers, the image of an erect penis could reveal problems with intimacy or sexuality. You could be having issues with your current partner because your needs are not being fully met. Similarly, a penis in a male dreamer's vision also alludes to sexual concerns. This may come in the form of sexual anxiety or a fear of not being attractive and desirable enough to the object of your affection. Either way, perhaps it is advisable to become more open with your significant other in order to communicate such concerns without damaging the relationship.

Husband's penis growing

Dreamed about husband's penis growing.

Experiencing a dream vision of a large or small penis refers to losing or gaining authority and since you dreamed about your husband's penis getting larger, then it can mean that either he is becoming more powerful or you wish he would. An image of a giant penis can also symbolize a great character. It is telling you that you may possess some lofty ambitions. You are an achiever who will go a long way in life, whether at work or in your personal life. You have a natural knack for success which would help you attain your goals in life.

Boyfriend's penis falling apart

I was given my boyfriend head and a piece of skin fell off his penis. Then I started gagging and I tasted the blood in my mouth, then I spit out half of his penis from my mouth, then the piece left on him shriveled up and he just had a hole and he kept wanting to continue to have sex and I would try to tell him he didn't have a penis. Then I woke up because he was calling me.

In dreams, a penis that falls off or gets cut off is a symbol of emasculation. As such, dreaming that your boyfriend's penis gets cut off or bitten off during oral sex could be an allusion to your controlling or domineering tendencies. You may be prone to undermining your boyfriend or manipulating him to get your way and this is making him feel weak or insecure. On the other hand, this could also represent your impression of your boyfriend. Maybe it is you who sees him as weak. Perhaps you want him to be assertive at times instead of always submitting to your will or allowing you to make decisions in your relationship.

Deceased husband's penis falling off

Had same dream 5 times. Husband's penis falls off while having sex. Husband passed away 8 years ago. Thank you.

Dreaming that your dearly departed husband's penis has fallen off during sex may be a metaphor for the intimacy issues you are currently facing in reality. In a sense, this vision is suggesting that you are having trouble connecting with others both emotionally and physically after his passing. While this it is completely normal to experience hesitation and confusion in the wake of major life changes, your subconscious may be hinting that you need to open up more emotionally, if not to family and friends then to a counselor or trusted adviser. They may be able to help you get over whatever is holding you back.