Dreams Related To Peeing

Peeing uncontrollably

The inability to control your urine in this vision indicates that you are facing trying times in the actual world, and you need to rid yourself of certain things to get over some problems at hand. Similarly, this image explains the need to cut ties with people who are just taking advantage of you. It is possible that you are contemplating whether to do it or not, yet your subconscious is already giving you signs to free you from any misery. Knowing who and what would be beneficial will give you a feeling of serenity.

Peeing on myself

Dreaming of peeing on yourself can be an allegory for a lack of control over your actions, emotions, or energy in your waking life. It suggests a need for release and a desire to let go of burdens or negative influences from people or situations. Furthermore, this dream serves as a reminder to find healthy ways to unleash and manage your sentiments, while also exploring spiritual practices that can bring balance into your life.

Prevented from peeing in public

I was peeing in my dream, then a lady came to stop me, but I did not until another lady, more mature, came and was directing me to a toilet instead of gutter before I woke up.

Peeing in a dream is often interpreted as a positive sign because it is associated with success and the achievement of dreams. Your deepest desires to hit it big and make a name for yourself are likely within reach, though not without a lot of hard work and a little luck. However, peeing on the ground suggests you may be wasting your talents or not putting the to good use. In this case, the women who guide you to the toilet are warning you not to squander your gifts. Additionally, the image of the toilet indicates you may need to work hard to change other people's impression of you, possibly because you were not on the right path before. It may take time to win people to your side, but their support may be beneficial in reaching your goals.

Peeing in church and chased by others

I run into a commune catholic church with shoes in hands to pee. Four toilets. Four women. When it's my turn, I sit on first toilet. Too close to another woman. I move. To a new toilet. I am alone and see little boys' room in front of me. A little boy in Halloween costume chases me out of the bathroom, the whole church chases me, turns into dead people. I turn into three separate people in a car still running. Get caught and wake up.

Having to urinate in the dream world is often associated with pain and discomfort. The source of your issues seems to be represented by the number four, a symbol that points towards trivial tasks or busy work. You may feel like you always have a great deal to do but never seem to get anything done. In this way, your discomfort would be your frustration with not making progress or not doing tasks that are meaningful. This can also be seen in your inability to choose a toilet. Splitting into multiple people further emphasizes this point, predicting that part of you wants to continue working and hoping for the best, while another part of you desperately needs a change. You would need to make a difficult decision that could seriously alter the course of your everyday life.

Peeing blood

Peeing and finding blood in your urine indicates a period of cleansing. Blood can be a metaphor for passion and urination suggests release, so perhaps you are finally ready to let go of your personal baggage and frustrations. In addition, blood in spiritual terms can signify love. A break up or recent rejection may have sent you into a depressive disposition, but soon you will be strong enough to get back on your feet.

Peeing for a long time

Peeing or urinating for a long period of time, such as after having a very full bladder or a medical condition that makes you empty yourself frequently, may symbolize that you have been holding in your emotions for too long. In a sense, your unconscious mind is expressing a need to release the pent up feelings. You may be having trouble finding true peace in sleep because of the mental block in your brain. Rather than fearing the emotions, it may be time to face your situation and get the shuteye you deserve.

Peeing with silver fish

In my dream, I use the restroom to pee and 2 or 3 silver-looking fish came out of my vagina. What does this mean???

If you have happened to have adult children, since we do not know your age, silver-colored fish in this dream predicts very lucky engagement or marriage one of them is about to have and you are about to witness soon. If you do not have children, this is symbolic of similar events occurring soon to younger relatives you may have or simply being informed about such plans or intentions.

Peeing at the lecturer's house

I used a key to open the door of my lecturer's house. I entered because I was pressed and peed on the sofa in his house. I knew he was inside the room, but he didn't bother to come out or send me away. I later sprayed perfume on the sofa and went my way, but after a few days a course mate entered his house, but he went after him, so that made me realize he must have seen me the other day, but just let me be. Don't understand this dream, thanks.

Dreaming about a specific person, your instructor in this case, indicates that they are on your mind. Since it seems you are currently taking his course, this is understandable and relatively common. Envisioning yourself peeing on his furniture, however, suggests some major problems. This sign is often an indication of major conflict which could have a negative impact on his career and your academic success. The fact that someone else entered the home and was prevented from causing damage indicates others are having a serious problem as well, but that something or someone is holding them back from making any major breaches of decorum. Now that you have this warning, you should be on your guard and take caution in times when there is an opportunity to speak freely, otherwise it may come back to haunt you later.

Needing to pee while at school

I dreamed we were in our kids' school with my friend filling out some forms and my friend was pressed with urine I was trying to tell her to use the office toilets and she didn't want to go, kept pressing until the urine was out. Then she started crying until a teacher and other officials came out and took her outside and I could hear her cry.

Urine is usually a positive sign, although in this case it is not related to you (the dreamer). Urine predicts fortune and success, so seeing your friend urinate could predict great prosperity in her life. The form she was filling out represents your foresight in this matter, suggesting you can see good things coming her way even if she cannot. Whether you choose to share the good news with her or not, your subconscious belief in her bright future is likely appreciated.