Dreams Related To Pedophile

A movie about pedophiles

I dreamt that I was making a film about the sexual abuse of young girls in a school. I had to pretend to have a sexual act performed on me by an actress who was playing the part of a pedophile teacher.

Dreaming about making a movie about a particular subject means that you have been trying to sort out or solve some real-life issue or dilemma. The scenes related to sexual abuse you had to deal with in this film within the dream could be an expression of your anger towards discrimination or injustice you have witnessed toward someone or some people, or it could be something you are presently experiencing in your own reality while being victimized by someone, not necessarily in a sexual way. Additionally, seeing an actress perform in your dream could also speak of the lack of direction and priorities in your waking life and whether this is related to real challenges you may be experiencing or something that simply distracts you from achieving more is only for you to try to figure out.