Dreams Related To Past

An old love from the past

The appearance of an old flame or a past love in your dream depicts your inability to move on. This former love represents your past in general and it is haunting you until now. You need closure in order to set things in motion and embrace the future with clear intentions. It is possible you still have feelings for this person and you need to meet up in order to see whether you can have a future together or none at all to remove the "what if" thoughts in your head. On the other hand, this could also mean you are dwelling too much in the past and it is weighing you down. It could be time to make peace with things you cannot change and turn your attention to matters within your control.

A past love

A former lover or someone you loved in the past is a metaphor for a previous experience which is having tremendous impact on your current life. It can represent nostalgia. Perhaps you simply miss someone or the general vibe of your past because you think it is better than your present situation. Alternatively, you could be spellbound by a charming personality from your past and you are holding on to this memory wistfully. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to let go of things past so you can seek new experiences.

Past love interest

A former love interest usually manifests in dreams when something from your past is affecting your current situation. This past love is a representation of previous experiences and this vision will provide enlightenment on what aspect needs closure, especially when interpreted in combination with other dream symbols present. You could be spellbound and pining over a previous relationship and this is preventing you from meeting new people or being open to new experiences.

People from your past

Encountering old friends or individuals from your past in your REM sleep predicts a falling out. You and a good friend or someone you love will slowly drift apart due to changing priorities and other developments in your respective lives. This person may move somewhere far or another country, or they may become too busy raising a family to touch base with you on a regular basis. Eventually you will run out of common interests or conversation topics and you would naturally fade from each other's lives.

Signs of affection from someone from the past

The guy I liked (we don't talk much anymore), but I had a dream that he sneaked on me and surprised me at my house before I walked in to say he missed me and that he wanted to start spending time with me again.

Dreaming about the person you used to like in the past showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or developments, which could turn out to be negative or unpleasant in their nature, rather than something you were hoping could benefit you. The notion of not communicating with this person in wake life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even re-establish the relationship with this person.

Being in the house from the past

I went to familiar place a I find my family relatives to know them and suddenly I remember the house of my school friend during college then she brings me to her house and talks to them with her husband and kid. Then my friend notices in their kitchen one woman standing and anger with memy said to his husband she aswang nory and I saw that lady outside and I'm angry with her... Then I said don't aswang me don't aswang me... Then in my dream I'm back to my own home and my daughter is their and after 8hours I was dead... What it does mean?

This dream could be an indication that your usual daily routine and the way of living is about to change. Most likely you have been exposed to some tensions or disagreements among people you know closely, such as relatives or friends, but without participating, just a side-observer. The dream ends with you dying and in dream interpretation it means you are longing for major changes, either for yourself or for the people whom you deal with on a daily basis. Angry people in the same dream could also symbolize that you have tried to change things around you in the past, but without any success or because people were reluctant to recognize your efforts to make the situation better. You still treat this issue as unresolved and subconsciously want more improvements.