Dreams Related To Parrot

Parrots being let out of the cage

Had a number of birds, including my tame African Grey parrot and my daughter's yellow ringneck in a cage. A strange man who seemed to be my mother's partner opened the cage and let the birds fly away. I panicked about the two pet birds who were gone too. The dream is quite unsettling and has been on my mind all day. Please help!

Dreaming about your birds in a cage represents your constant striving for perfection. You may have a tendency to micromanage and control the work of those around you in order to fulfill your goals. While you may think your ideas are superior, your insistence on doing things your way may cause problems between you and those you are dealing with. The image of someone coming in and setting these birds free could point to a singular event where you are not in control, either because there is no way to force the situation or because someone has wrestled control from you. For either of these possibilities, it would be a learning experience that could help you ease off and allow others to express themselves the way the want to.

Having a parrot as a pet

Dreaming that you have a pet parrot refers to a personal awakening. You are ready to embrace your true self, whether it is about your sexuality or accepting your limitations. Alternatively, this symbol's interpretation based on Jung teachings points to your outspoken nature. You often share your opinions or give advice even if it is unsolicited. This has both advantages and disadvantages. While some may look to you for suggestions, others may resent your tendency to meddle with personal affairs.

Catching a parrot

I caught a nice gentle parrot and put him under my shirt. He was very gentle and seemed to like being pressed against my body and I took him to my father's house (he passed while he was old and asked if I would keep him company about that time). My present day grandson pops out and says "Let me see him" and I awake.

The friendly parrot in your dream is a metaphor for a suffocating or toxic relationship. You may be interested in someone, whether in a friendly or romantic way, but this seems to be an unhealthy attachment. The person in question is likely playing mind games with you to assert their power over you. Alternatively, Jung associated birds with idealism, so perhaps the presence of the parrot as well as your father points to your childhood ambitions. The time is now or never and the window of opportunity is closing for you to give your dreams another chance.

A talking parrot

Jungian interpretations of a talking parrot suggest that they reflect a tendency to speak one's mind or share one's opinions without much fear of censure. This could be directly referring to the dreamer, especially if you were the only one interacting with the talking parrot in the dream. If others seemed to be around or near the parrot, however, your unconscious mind may be superimposing the personality of someone you know from wake life onto the bird. This means that you consider this man or woman as someone who has a big mouth or is all bark and no bite.

A white parrot

Had a dream that I went back to my family's old house in Florida. I remember being there with my brother and my dad. I opened up the closest door and there was a white parrot. I remember speaking to it but I forgot what it said in return. Then a lady showed up whom my dad apparently sold the house to. Apparently it was her parrot. She lived in the house with her son. I remember picking up some cards in the house which apparently belonged to me. Then I remember picking up a guitar and playing.

Dreaming of your former house, like your childhood home, indicates nostalgia. This can be triggered by real-world stress, such as at work or in your personal relationships, which makes you want to run away to simpler, more innocent times. However, if the house has been bought in your vision, then it means you do not have the luxury of escaping your problems. You are fully immersed in your responsibilities and avoiding them will just worsen your problems, especially if you have other people depending on you. Then there is the parrot which represents gossip or a rumor-monger. Someone is just waiting for you to drop your defenses before they attack. Any sign of weakness will be used to tarnish your credibility. There is the possibility of losing all you worked hard for if you decide to turn your back on your problems. Meanwhile, the guitar represents a blossoming relationship. So, if you combine this with the previous dream symbols, it means you would rather choose love over a stressful and challenging career.

Dreams about parrots or parakeets meaning

Buying a beautiful parrot

Buying a beautiful parrot, perhaps with colorful feathers, indicates regrets or dissatisfaction with your significant other. Freudian philosophy states that you are looking for more excitement in the intimate department because your partner is likely not very imaginative when it comes to sex. On the other hand, this could be an omen about a possible fling which is all about physical encounters and lacking in substance when it comes to conversations.

A parrot and a baby penguin

My friend with benefits and I had a home together. Her dog and my dog were there and there was also a parrot flying around. A man knocked on the door and gave her a newly hatched baby penguin. The parrot tried to eat the penguin and I woke up.

Envisioning yourself living with a lover in a dream often represents your desire to receive more attention or affection from this particular individual. This could mean she is withholding love, but more likely it suggests you wish, at least subconsciously, that your connection would grow and deepen. The hatched baby penguin may be interpreted as the manifestation of your desire to have a baby and start a family. If you wish to pursue this goal, it may take some time, patience, and effort.

A pet parrot on display

I just saw my beautiful cockatiel as a display. She was alive and appeared peaceful.

The symbolism of a cockatiel or cockatoo in the dream world has to do with acceptance. It means that you are probably not afraid to show the world your true colors. Perhaps you are the type of person who is very transparent in expressing your emotions. Your friends and family can usually tell your disposition just by observing your facial expressions and behavior. You are comfortable in your own skin, embracing all that you are, including your flaws.

Attacked by parrots

I had a dream I was in a house and the person had parrots, but they weren't in a cage, they were loose and they were mean to me. They attacked one of my arms, they were all on one of my arms and they were picking bugs out there, like 5 to 8 parrots on my arm at once picking bugs out my arm. I fought them off of me and went and hid till I found them asleep under the table. The floor was hardwood and they were asleep with their beaks down in the cracks of the floor in a straight line, so I escaped.

The parrots let free in this house could denote a lack of control over possible damaging gossip about you. The parrots represent malicious individuals who could be spreading unsavory information which could destroy your reputation. The bugs the parrots picked out from your arm are your insecurities and weakness. The gossip-mongers would feed on your self-doubt and shortcomings to push their agenda forward. The only way to escape the attack is to find support and encouragement from your loved ones. They would give you the strength you need to overcome this rough patch. Their unwavering belief in your capabilities would boost your confidence enough to fight back your detractors.