Dreams Related To Park

Amusement parks

The setting of an amusement park in the dream world has highly literal connotations. It suggests you need a mental break and some form of amusement in your life. You may not think you need more free time if you come home from work and plop on the couch, but that may be exactly the problem. Rather than zoning out to relax, this symbol suggests you need stimulation or challenge to refresh your mind. This could include small things, like doing crosswords or trying a new restaurant in your area, to large-scale things, like foreign travel or picking up a new skill.

Park with a rollercoaster and a train station

My dream was about me and my older sister and we went to this big open park thing and my best friend was there getting told off by the teacher. This is really strange because this happened in real life in my year of my school went to Russel Park and my best friend, the same person got told of by the teacher... Anyway then I was on a roller-coaster that took me to a train station.

This dream is a reflection of you being busy in reality and preoccupied with trying to achieve something very important. Your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to take a break and the symbol of a train station could mean a trip or travel to some faraway place. The visions of your teacher and your friend in the same dream are most likely an indication of your tendency to procrastinate or be indecisive in situations when you need to make important decisions.

Becoming lost at a park

My husband and I went to a park. And we got separated. I tried to find him and went to the entrance of the park but it was closed. I went to the cave but there was no way out. The park was no way out. Then I saw a bridge. Just one step to the bridge, you can go to the other side. There was a fence. People were panicking. I had to help! So I jumped and for some reason the fence or walls crumbled and I got inside the bridge fighting something I could not see. But I felt like a hero.

Dreaming of getting lost inside a park could reveal your current struggle with society. Perhaps you have a hard time understanding others at work or in your own community because you hold different beliefs and worldview. Going through the cave similarly points to your desire for enlightenment or at least a way to connect with your peers or people you disagree with. This yearning to make sense of the situation or strengthen your bond with your friends and loved ones is represented by the bridge. There could be a lot of enmity and misunderstanding going around that you just want to break the barrier as indicated by the fence or walls. Ultimately, you feel like you cannot just sit around doing nothing, so you have to do what you can to get through to people and try to reconnect severed bonds or help bridge the communication gaps, especially with people who are important to you.