Dreams Related To Parakeet

Parakeet birds in a cage and bananas

In my dream, there were two parakeet birds in a cage. Then they multiplied into a flock of big parakeet birds. They were yellow. And bunches of bananas. The bananas were everywhere in the house all over the floors.

Dreaming about birds in a cage represents an aspect of your personality which is a perfectionist, wanting to micromanage and control the work of those around you to create what you think is the goal of your assignment. While you may have very interesting or well-planned ideas, your insistence on doing things your way may inhibit the creative ability of others and lead to discord within the group. This is supported by the image of the multiplying birds which suggests a rebellion by those who feel powerless under your reign. If you do not let lose the reins and share some of the decision-making power, you may lose friends as well as support for the project you are working on.

Being a parakeet

Envisioning yourself as a parakeet means you value your freedom and independence. If you are a parakeet in a cage, then this reveals your tendency to be a perfectionist. You like being in control, so you micromanage everyone and everything whether at work or at home. Meanwhile, if you are a parakeet that is flying free, then it means you are facing threats to your physical as well as financial health. Being responsible for so many areas of your life will take its toll on your health and drain your finances. There is no shame in asking for help once in a while.

A parakeet flying free

In my dream I was introduced to a light blue parakeet with white pied wings and a head, sitting on a perch. I kept trying to play with and engage the parakeet and became aware I wasn't supposed to. After I stopped trying, the parakeet immediately somersaulted toward me and was traveling with me. I looked up and saw the parakeet flying free with a full wingspan upward toward the top of a utility green pole. I woke and slept several times and the dream continued where it left off.

A parakeet sitting on a perch could signify an upcoming period filled with great disappointment or sadness. While a very generic symbol, the later imagery points to more specific and sinister forces at work. Seeing a parakeet flying free may allude to facing immediate danger to either your physical safety or personal finances, likely as a result of overlooking obviously sketchy surroundings or being too trusting of shady individuals. In another interpretation, it may also be a sign of crossing paths with a convicted felon or a stranger with a criminal past, mainly because of bad timing or circumstantial factors outside your control.