Dreams Related To Pair

Two pairs of the same dogs

I was petting my 2 dogs, when another pair of them walked through the doggy door, so I don't know which pair are my real dogs.

Dogs in dreams represent loyalty and protection. Petting the dogs in the dream alludes to your allegiance to your family or your company, whichever is a more salient concern to you at the moment. As such, not knowing which pair are your dogs probably means that you are questioning your loyalty. Perhaps you are unsure which direction or part of your waking life you need to prioritize. Maybe this vision is a question of balancing your personal and professional duties.

People in pairs

I keep having dreams of 2 pairs of people watching kids in my dreams.

Dreaming of seeing people in pairs, regardless of age or gender, reveals your loneliness. You may not be looking for a romantic prospect, but you crave the feeling of having a steady companion. However, if you do have someone special in your life, you still feel neglected and unloved. Your deepest desire is to find a soulmate who will be by your side through happy moments and tough times. Pairs also symbolize starting over. As the year ends, you are looking forward to a brand new start to welcome a new year, even if it means leaving your comfort zone behind.