Dreams Related To Pain

Pain in your kidney

Kidney pain is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon find it necessary to travel. In some cases this could refer to business travel or some work-related event. Alternatively. it could also mean you would travel to a new country for pleasure, learning about the new culture and language along the way.

Pain in your arm or shoulder

Pain in your arm or shoulder is often considered the manifestation of your boredom and lack of direction. You probably do not have a job that is fulfilling, nor a hobby that you could pour your creative energies into. At present, however, attempting to alleviate this situation by jumping into something new would only have disastrous results. It would be better to let some calling or activity naturally appear and call out to you.

Pain in your throat

Pain in your throat may reveal jealous feelings in wake life. In some cases this refers to your own envy for the achievements and accomplishments of others. However, it can also mean that someone close to you in reality is jealous of you, your status or your recent wins.

Pain in the stomach for married women

For married women or those in a committed relationship, pain in the stomach region is often considered a message that she may soon become pregnant. This is especially true if it would be her first child.

Feeling pain

Feeling the sensation of pain or discomfort while you are dreaming at night is often directly related to injuries and ailments you are currently experiencing in reality. Therefore, it is the result of those particular physical troubles and not necessarily deep in meaning. Alternatively, however, it can sometimes predict upcoming difficulties or challenges in wake life.

Others suffering from pain

Dreaming about others suffering and in pain can often be considered a warning. It sheds light on an upcoming mistake or omission you would make that could have disastrous implications if not prevented. You may want to be more diligent with your work for the time being.

Pain in your ears

Pain or discomfort in your ears is often interpreted as a sign that someone is talking behind your back in reality. The rumors that are spread through this gossip could cause you some real difficulties in the near future.

Being in excruciating pain

Finding that you are in excruciating, agonizing pain at some point during a dream vision is actually considered a fairly auspicious omen. It often means you are about to partake in proceeding or series of events that would bring you multiple gains, both tangible and intangible. This dream can also have more specific connotations for particular individuals. For example, those who are currently in love have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make them come true, while those who work in sales may find that the product they sell has more interest and activity than usual.

Pain in your hip

Pain in your hip while you are walking or sitting in a dream vision predicts soon falling victim to minor inconveniences or major troubles with members of your immediate family. For example, you could have a minor spat with your spouse over money or chores, or it could be a large falling out with parents or older relatives over religious or political beliefs.

Pain in your liver

Pain in the liver region means that you would likely cause some pain or sadness to a young person in wake life. This could be your own child, such as denying them a toy or forcing them to do their homework, or it may be another youth you are familiar with in reality.

Pain in your collarbone

Pain in your collarbone, such as from an accident during the dream vision, can be considered the manifestation of some repressed grudge or resentment you hold toward your romantic partner. In some cases. you would be justified in your feelings. However, it is also possible that there is no reason for your feelings because they are based on rumors or lies.

A stranger in pain

Seeing a stranger or unknown individual in pain suggests someone in your circle of influence is actively seeking to do you harm or hoping that some evil would befall you. They may go out of their way to cause trouble for you in wake life by making your life difficult or causing you additional emotional turmoil.

Pain in your chest

Pain in your chest, like an ache or a throb, usually points toward some fear or unease toward someone or something in wake life. Your feelings may be justified after witnessing the situation in reality, but it could also be a reflection of your gut feeling toward an unclear set of circumstances.

Pain in your nose

Pain in your nose and sinus region is often interpreted as a sign that you want to be loved and cared for, most likely by the current object of your affections. Perhaps your crush has not noticed your feelings yet, causing you some emotional discomfort in reality.

Causing pain to someone

Causing someone pain during the course of a dream vision may be the manifestation of your personal tendency to behave childishly or act irrationally. This could be because you are still a bit immature and spoiled, and you have yet to fully develop your character.

Pain in your tummy

Dreaming about pain centered in your stomach and torso predicts soon acting in a way that causes you great embarrassment and humiliation. If you wish to avoid such a fate, it would be wise to consider your words and actions before you commit to them.

Pain in your eyes

Pain that seems to radiate from your eyes in a dream vision foretells illness befalling one of your close relatives, possibly someone in your immediate family. They may not feel well or recover fully for some time.

Your teeth in pain

Feeling pain or sensitivity in your teeth at some point during a dream often means you are irritated by or fed up with someone close to you in reality. For example, you may be annoyed with the lack of cleanliness of a roommate or the strictness of your parents. This symbol is sometimes thought to be connected to the idea of clenching your jaw when you force yourself not to say something in reality.

Pain in your legs

Pain in your legs, such as aching or fatigue, often reveals that your current endeavors would amount to nothing. In a sense, you would not have the strength to continue moving forward, hence the inability to make your dreams come true.

Someone you know in pain

Seeing someone you know in pain or discomfort during a dream vision predicts exactly the opposite situation. Whoever you saw would likely be in an excellent condition and very happy, to the point that you may even be subconsciously jealous of their stamina, strength or constitution.

People suffering from pain

Envisioning multiple people suffering and in pain can be considered a warning from your subconscious to reconsider your current plans or endeavors. Continuing on in this way would likely turn out to be a huge mistake, causing you trouble and hardship down the road.

Being subjected to pain

Being subjected to pain by either torture or bullying suggests your enemies are ready to move against you. Those who hope to see you suffer may be ready to cause you a lot of hardship and grief, messing up your social connections and getting in the way of your success.

Pain in the heart for engaged women

For women who are engaged or soon hope to be, pain in the heart region suggests she would soon be upset, annoyed or disappointed by his lack of initiative and drive, particularly when it comes to their own wedding plans. She is likely to become impatient with how slow he is preparing things or making decisions.

Pain in the back

Back pain in the dream world refers to upcoming illness or physical discomfort. In many cases, it predicts becoming ill because of not paying attention to the warning signs early on. For example, not drinking enough water or getting enough sleep over time could make you susceptible to getting sick. Also, not paying attention to a cough that will not go away or a strange lump on the body falls into this category. Alternatively, it can sometimes be associated with extra responsibilities at your workplace, like taking on a new project or being promoted to a managerial position.

Feeling pain in your head

Pain in your head, like a headache or migraine, often means that some of the older individuals in your life may have health-related problems that are popping up. It is usually a reflection of your internal concern over how to care for them and make time for them over the coming months and years. You may need to consider long-term care facilities or inviting them into your home.

Pain in your joints

Joint pain, such as aches and creaks in your wrists and knees, often means you should be cautious when working on your current plans and endeavors. Despite your best efforts, you are likely to find yourself in a difficult or challenging situation in the near future. The circumstances would be so dire that even direct interference would have no effect on the outcome.

Someone complaining about pain

Listening to someone else complain about pain in the dream realm points toward a need to pay closer attention to the advice and suggestions of those in your inner circle. If you fail to heed their warnings, you are putting yourself at risk of completely failing and making a fool of yourself.

Your entire body in pain

Feeling pain radiating throughout your entire body can serve as a warning that you are about to go through a string of major fights and conflicts with someone in your family. This could be a disagreement between two members of your immediate family or the continuation of a large feud that has plagued your extended relations for many generations.

Pain in the stomach for pregnant

For women who are already carrying a child within them, pain in the stomach is often considered a negative image to behold. It means she may experience some complications later in the pregnancy or at the time of delivery.

Feeling pain for the sick

For those who are sick or infirm, pain can have a negative interpretation. It suggests you would soon have difficulty affording the treatment or medication necessary for your condition. Alternatively, it could point toward denied health insurance claims or pricey medical bills after a relapse or complication from the illness.

Pain in pelvis area

Pain in the pelvis area can be interpreted as a sign that you would see a decline in the closeness or quality of your relationship with your family members, particularly those you live with. In some situations, pain in this region is also connected to the idea of repressed sexuality or a tendency to hold back from expressing your true sexual desires.

Unable to ease the pain

Being unable to ease the pain and suffering of either yourself or someone else suggests you could be struggling to justify your behavior or ideas to others. Your actions or beliefs have likely been criticized or mocked by someone you see regularly, and at this moment you have no clear evidence or reason to convince them of the truth of the situation.

Unexpected pain

Sudden, unexpected pain may refer to an uncomfortable or difficult situation you would need to deal with in wake life. Just like ripping off a bandage instead of pulling slowly, buckling down to get over whatever it is would lessen the overall length of your suffering. For example, if you are contemplating breaking up with your significant other, it would be best to just call them and tell them the truth rather than stewing in your guilt and desire to see other people for weeks or months. Similarly, if you have a great idea for a new product or service, jumping in and looking for the programmers, investors or clients you need may be easier if you fully devote yourself to the project instead of waffling over it for a few years.

Husband in pain after intimacy

I dream that my husband had intense pain after sexual intercourse. I ask him what was wrong, but he could not answer, because of the pain.

Experiencing pain after intercourse could refer to existing dissatisfaction in your relationship. There could be underlying resentment between the two of you which could lead to possible altercations in the future. A lack of open communication may be feeding into your frustrations with one another, so there could be a need for better interactions in your relationship to properly address any issues.

Pain in the left hand

My dream was about feeling pain in my left hand.

Pain in your left hand means you lack compassion and empathy. All your negative encounters with other people and the bad things people do to get ahead in life would make you become cynical and jaded about life. Fortunately, your subconscious through this dream symbol is making you realize that a lack of compassion would not make your life easier, it would just be a burden or a cross you must bear.

Tooth pain

In the dream realm, tooth pain, in the form of a toothache, cavity or impacted tooth, is an important symbol that represents something finally falling into place. According to John Paul Jackson and his works, the meaning behind this symbol suggests you are hoping to move past fear, discomfort or constant judgement to live a life without pain. If you were able to get rid of the pain during the course of the vision, it means you would be able to move past this situation successfully. On the other hand, lingering pain and tenderness could indicate that this situation would continue for some time.