Dreams Related To Owl

A soft baby owl

I was being handed a soft baby owl and was woken up just before I touched it, I was ridiculously upset for weeks after.

A baby owl represents a burgeoning idea, insight or awareness. This means that you are holding on to something that is not yet fully developed. It could be the seed of a business idea or a plan that could get you closer to your desired career path. The soft baby owl is also associated with focus and perseverance. In order to take this germinating idea into a fully-realized business plan, actionable goal or a clear path of enlightenment and learning, you have to cultivate it by developing your own skills, asking for help from qualified people and ultimately to give this sprout the proper time and effort it deserves.

An owl inside your house

Dreaming of an owl inside your house, either flying around or perched on an object, is a forewarning that money, or the lack of it, is the root cause of all evil. You might soon be faced with the reality of losing a job, closing a business or shelving a project for having insufficient or no funds. You could even have your first taste of poverty if you have not been there yet. Before all this happens, this dream strongly advises you to check for any signs of these problems so you can take immediate action and avoid becoming a financial train wreck.

A baby owl

The imagery of a baby owl represents an idea that is germinating in your head. Nurture it because it could turn into something useful and could make a big difference in your community. You may need to partner with experts and seek help from interested parties to come up with a fully-formed plan with actionable steps. This auspicious metaphor planted into your subconscious gives you a peek to your promising future.

Dreams about owl explain meaning

An owl in general

To dream that you are staring at an owl, either in the wild or in captivity, is a sign of verbal abuse. A person from your social circle would grow hostile towards you for an unresolved issue. You could be at the receiving end of a war of words in which the aggressor would feel free to engage you in trash talk, or to utter profanities and hurl invective against your person to try to reduce you to a worthless piece of crap. As one author succinctly puts it, whether you would face the insults with grace and humility the way Mahatma Gandhi famously did or you would refuse to be a victim and reach for the nearest grenade launcher is entirely up to you.

A different interpretation of this dream relates to your emotional or physical state. You could be harboring hatred or remorse in your heart which may cause frequent mood swings. You may have been waxing philosophical lately, spending too much time asking rhetorical questions regarding life after death. You may be filled with dread at the thought of your own death, or that of others'. This could be the reason for your difficulty to get ample sleep. Consequently, you may develop some minor ailments such as a sore throat, coughs and colds, or dizziness.

Owl landing on me

An owl landing upon your arm or shoulder in a dream can sometimes seem like an esoteric symbol. However, dream interpreters have long suspected that this symbol is connected with gossip, slander or verbal abuse. Those who see this sign in their dreams are usually already the victim of such hostility, even if they are not yet aware of it. It would be wise to carefully choose what you say and watch the reactions of those whose motives are not clear to you.

An owl with fledglings

An adult owl appears white and with it are two babies All I remember thinking how majestic they were. 1 baby I kept having to put back in the nest.

To see a white owl in your dream is a sign of meeting a potential romantic partner. You may have set your sights on someone you admire and this vision shows that a relationship with this person would be complementary and beneficial for the both of you. Given enough time to blossom and develop, it could lead to a committed partnership. Alternatively, owls also represent intelligence and surveillance, such that their appearance in dreams suggests a revelation of secrets or the discovery of unsavory information. The owlets or owl fledglings are the pieces of advice you may receive about the potential partner or the acquired information. A trusted friend or mentor can help you decide on your next course of action.

Killing an owl

To dream about killing an owl is a symbol of a struggle between you and the powers that be, of which you will emerge the winner. Some people might think that since you are directly under their guardianship, supervision or authority, it would follow that they could have full control over you or have the final say in everything that means to you. They are dead wrong. Emboldened by your strong sense of independence, you would not allow these people to abuse their authority and power beyond what is rightly called for, or let them boss you around on matters of the heart or pertaining to your personal life.

An owl turning into a man

Dreamed of a flock of pigeons flying and an owl was flying in the midst of them. Then the owl was a man, then the man came down from the sky with the pigeon in his hand, then the man was looking at me, then he bit the pigeon in the chest and killed it.

The pigeon, according to dream scholar John Paul Jackson, is a creature that alludes to mediocrity, blandness and the center. It represents a complete lack of uniqueness or originality. The owl that flew in the midst of the pigeons, then, reveals that you feel frustration and indignation at being lumped in with a particular group. For instance, you may feel that others judge you unfairly for your political or religious beliefs. The owl becoming a man and killing the pigeon is likely the manifestation of your desire to break out of the rigid confines set by your group and show others that you are a force to be reckoned with in your own right.

Black owls landing on bed

My niece keeps dreaming of black owls landing on her bed and walking around staring at her, then they fly away. I asked her how many, she keeps saying 4,8,9,10, 11. Same every time I ask. We have "gifts" in our family, through generations. I know this is a major symbol, but usually means death or something bad coming. I could use more specifics on this dream please.

The images of black owls can be harbingers of death and darkness in the dream world. However, they can also symbolize negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior. As such, the owls landing on the bed in your niece's dream may be referring to her emotional distress or growing anger. Something or someone may be making her question her beliefs and causing her to slowly lose her self-confidence. Without proper guidance, she may continue into a downward spiral of depression marked by moments of rage. The increasing number of owls landing on her bed therefore means that she may be getting closer to her limit, which could push her over the edge soon. It is therefore crucial to coax her to open up about her personal issues to get to the root of the problem.

Owls and chicken

I had a dream where my husband, son (a lot younger) and me in our backyard watching a bunch of young chickens. My son screams the name of one of the chickens and runs to it crying. He picks it up and it is missing its head. I tell my husband it's the owls. I see movement of flapping wings in a tree and tell him to get a gun. Then it looks around the tree and looks right at me. I notice two big owls and then two small owls. The big one screeched. We never did shoot them because I woke up.

Headless chickens in dreams symbolize irrationality and chaotic thoughts. Meanwhile, owls are usually associated with intellect which, when communicated the wrong way, can sometimes come off as condescending. When combined, these symbols can suggest upcoming conflict with another family or group who may be trying to undermine, according to your way of thinking, your or your loved ones' well-being. Alternatively, the chickens could be alluding to past issues and unresolved problems which are affecting your current mindset. Your deep-seated irrational fears may be clouding your judgment when dealing with your current situation at home. Perhaps the rational and level-headed part of you is urging you to stop dwelling in past mistakes and instead use the lessons learned to avoid making the same errors.

An owl perched on a branch

To dream that you are observing an owl perched on a branch of a tree symbolizes a piece of advice that you take with a grain of salt. Your well-meaning friends and loved ones would give you guidance, provide you directions or share with you their words of wisdom gained from experience which comes with age and seniority, and this could be a good thing. However, you would also need your own judgment as well as your ability to read the signs of the times, or to listen to the world around you and not just within your close-knit circle, to be able to decide what is good for you or for everyone for that matter.

A caged owl

Dreaming about seeing a caged owl indicates that you could be a prisoner of your own device. Your life could be a huge, scruffy ball of regret for many missed opportunities, unfulfilled dreams and unrealized ambitions in the past. In fact, you may be seething with frustration and disappointment right this minute, as you read this interpretation of your recent dream. But instead of realizing your true potentials and motivating yourself to action soon, you could be wasting more precious time playing the past over and over in your mind like a broken record. You would keep wondering how different your life might be today if you had been unafraid to try and fail, to take a risk, to be hurt, to plunge into the unknown, to take the path less trodden. Perhaps you may even begin to wonder if you are a little too old to make a fresh start or pursue what you had started but failed to finish. Unless you realize there is hope for as long you live, you may never be able to graduate from the sorry state that you so conveniently fashioned for yourself.

Holding an owl in your hands

To dream that you are holding an owl with your two hands is an ominous sign of bodily harm and domestic accidents. It reminds you to check your home for faulty wiring, broken windows, unplugged electric irons, protruding nails, exposed poison bottles, fire exhilarants, or heavy objects stored over cabinet tops which could fall and readily knock you or a member of your family senseless. There is something to be said for being extra careful.

An owl hitting my window

To see an owl hitting a window means someone is trying to control your decisions. Perhaps you prefer the arts over more practical career paths and your parents will try to force you into being an accountant or a lawyer since it would mean better-paying jobs. On the other hand, this could also reveal your unwillingness to listen to advice. Once you set your sights on something, nothing can usually change your mind even if your plans are foolish. In the end, you need to learn how to temper your more grandiose ideas with a bit of reality check.

An owl flapping its wings

Dreaming of an owl flapping its wings is an ominous sign of a flop in your organization. It could be your school organization, union, fraternity, civic club, religion or sect. The dangers may range from signs of a faction or disunity, corruption, fraud, abuse of power, sexual harassment, breach of trust and confidence, or ultimately, dissolution. The problem could directly implicate you or gravely affect you, so be warned.

A white owl and scriptures

I'm female. I saw a dream of a white owl, I'm seeing a white owl for the second or third time in a dream, followed by a blue woodpecker. And then I see a future date inscribed in the second epistle of John. I haven't a clue what it means, any insight will be helpful.

The white owl is a symbol of good luck and happiness, particularly in regards to romantic relationships. If you are currently single, you may meet someone who perfectly embodies everything you desire in a partner. If you are seeing someone, it is possible your bond with this individual would deepen and grow. In either case, the blue woodpecker is another auspicious sign associated with wealth, prosperity and good health. All in all, the beginning of your dream reveals that your present or future situation would bring you great comfort and happiness. The date inscribed in the second epistle of John by itself has no definitive meaning. But it could represent your fear that such good times must come to an end. In essence, you would be unable to appreciate or enjoy your current blessings because you are too focused on the eventual end. This vision could therefore be a warning to live in the present and be thankful for what you have now.

An owl landing between legs

I dreamed of an owl landing between my legs.

An owl is usually a symbol of wisdom, so your dream could mean that you are having some kind of conflicting choice to make or other kind of issue and you long for advice. The owl landing between your legs could mean that you harbor in yourself the ability to make the right choice, therefore you should not worry so much or question your decisions all the time. In the end, the wisdom is within you and the owl only serves to remind you of this power you possess.

An owl nearby

Had a dream of a brown owl flying at me, landing at my feet and walking beside me, but never touching me. What does that mean?

Owls represent wisdom. Dreaming of an owl flying towards you and landing at your feet suggests that you may soon gain some valuable insight which could help you resolve some problems that you may be facing. The owl is walking beside you in your dream to remind you that you need your wits to avoid any unpleasant incidents in your business or professional dealings. Always be on the lookout for potential problems and risks. Likewise, it is important to stay grounded and humble if you are to face challenges in the future.

Catching a white owl by its feet

I dreamed I caught a huge white owl by its two feet as it was taking flight.

White owls are often thought to represent the coming together of two lovers or a current relationship, so this vision can have two possible meanings. On one hand, catching a white owl before it can fly away suggests you are clipping your own wings in a relationship. You could be sabotaging your current or a potential relationship by not letting things progress naturally. On the other hand, if the owl was flying away, it may indicate you are an impediment to someone else's future happiness. You may be preventing two people from getting together either by inserting yourself into the equation or not helping someone who has asked for your support.

A muffled hoot of an owl

The muffled hoot of an owl in your dream is a deathly sound that could indicate your own cries of desperation. If you are not fully aware of the dangers associated with your risqué relationships, risky business dealings or shallow undertakings, you are likely to be met with hardships and failures which would make you an angry person. The blow to your ego would leave you seething with rage at the world at large, making it virtually difficult for even your loved ones to reconnect with you.

A dead owl

Seeing a dead owl in your dream symbolizes your responsiveness to avert a potential health problem. Upon feeling signs of an ailment, you may have been quick enough to bring the matter to your doctor, who made the right diagnoses and recommended the right treatment which could have prevented a health disaster. On the other hand, this dream could be a sign of your ability to look at the brighter side of a bleak situation. This could pertain to an accident which left you maimed but did not prevent you from doing what you love, or to having a flat tire and being thankful you brought a spare tire with you.

An owl flying around

Dreaming that you are observing an owl flying around or circling its prey from a considerable height before taking a sharp dip is a symbol of your mental alertness. You would be quick to avoid untoward incidents relating to your career or business because your mind has been trained to look out for potential risks and dangers before they can develop into full-blown problems. In other words, you are a proactive thinker who comes up with solutions to issues which have not even been fully conceived yet.

An owl perched on someone's house

To dream about an owl comfortably roosting or perching on a person's house is like having bird pooh on the head. This dream vision portends misfortunes, catastrophes and disasters to befall all members of that household in multiple successions, which could leave them angry and frustrated, and could make them wonder whether their family is under a multi-generational curse.

Meaning of seeing an owl or an owl baby in a dream

An owl preying

Dreaming about an owl finding prey or preying on a smaller animal is a symbol of weakness. Virtually all humans have some kind of fear or phobia. Some have legitimate reasons to be afraid, others have fears which are just played out in their mind. But most people would be able to hide, control or tame them. This dream, however, indicates that it would not be the case with you. Your fears would border on the ludicrous, exposing you or making you vulnerable to ridicule, aggression and abuse every time.

Trying to kill an owl

Dreaming that you are trying to kill an owl is proof that the road to hell is proverbially paved with mere good intentions. You could be acting in good faith to solve a problem or get out of a bad situation, but your means of doing this may have opposite effects and could worsen the situation. This dream vision may be reminding you to look for other ways to take appropriate actions or measures.

To dream about trying to kill an owl is also a reminder that you do not have to rely on your own wits to solve a problem all the time. There are times when you also need others to guide you and give you directions so you can see more clearly and have better options to choose from. Contrary to what you may be thinking, seeking other people's help does not diminish your capabilities or make you less self-reliant. It only means there is nothing wrong with asking for help. You are a social being who lives in a community and is surrounded by people who are there to lend support when you need it.

An owl in flight

Dreaming about observing an owl in flight symbolizes your readiness to lend a helping hand. There are times when a friend or a member of your family would be down on their luck, and you may be the only person who could lift them up and get them back on their feet. This dream indicates that you would be compelled by your strong sense of duty to do the right thing and help people in their times of dire need.

An owl preying on a mouse

Dreaming about an owl preying on a mouse symbolizes a breach of confidence. For reasons unknown to you, the people you would never trust happen to have gotten ahold of your well-guarded secrets, and this could put you in a compromising situation. You are nervous of the fact that these people have an ace up their sleeve which they could use to discredit you when the time comes. As a result, you would always walk on tiptoe and assume a submissive stance in their presence lest they drop the bomb.

An owl attacking you

To dream that an owl is attacking or preying on you puts you at a disadvantage. An enemy who wields more power and authority than you could be threatening to harm you, wreak havoc in your place of work or business, or ruin your plans. This person might actually succeed if you give in to your fear and fail to stand your ground.

A featherless owl

Dreaming that you are looking at a featherless owl is a sign that you may be under a lot stress. You could be having problems at work or with your business. You may be involved in a questionable dealing or have witnessed a disturbing occurence which could be the reason for your agitation and anxiety. This could significantly affect even your personal life and the way you deal with the people close to you, who might notice that you have not been acting yourself lately.

Dreams about owls or other birds of prey meaning

An owl's fledgling

Dreaming that you are observing an owl's fledgling comfortably snuggled in its nest represents a well-taken point or piece of advice. Thanks to a concerned friend who mentored and guided you on what to do in a situation concerning your relationship, career or current project. Because of this person, you made the right decision and are now free of the hardships and problems which were weighing you down not too long ago.

Taming an owl

Dreaming that you are taming and feeding an owl represents your good standing in the community. Your wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with your good nature, would make you a human magnet for people seeking advice or trying to emulate your life. For this reason, you would be filled with a deep sense of gratitude and self-realization for a life fully lived. Never mind the discomfort of having well-wishers show up on your doorstep any time of the day.

An owl preying on another bird

Dreaming about an owl preying on another bird is a symbol of your consuming frustration over a grave injustice. You may be a witness to someone being mistreated, abused or unfairly taken advantage of, and your righteous indignation would almost spur you to action. But in sizing up the power and authority of the abuser, and in consideration of your own safety and well-being, you would allow the abuse to happen in your silent protest, feeling helpless, confused and appalled all at the same time.

Dream interpretation for baby owls soft owl feathers

A white owl

Dreaming of seeing a white-feathered owl is a sign that you are currently or would soon be involved in an intimate relationship with a person you admire. It indicates that the relationship would be reciprocal and complementary, and based on complete trust, with each partner increasingly enjoying the other's company. In time, it could even graduate to a more formal, conjugal relationship. For a different interpretation, this dream could mean learning a secret, the nature of which might cause agitation and fear instead of a good feeling of being at an advantage for knowing.

A white owl attacking a pet

A white owl snatched my pet budgie and started picking at its head. I managed to save the budgie and thought he was dead but thankfully he was alive. The owl wouldn't let go and wasn't scared when I tried to save the budgie.

In this vision, the image of the white owl attacking your pet budgie seems to represent seeing evil in the world but being unable to do anything about it. The owl's white color suggests that this is not a usual or commonly recognized social injustice, but one that nonetheless causes you feelings of guilt and anger. Furthermore, you may also feel some fear because the source of this terrible behavior probably knows you are onto them. The image of your pet being safe at the end of the vision may mean you are able to help this problem some by speaking up, but you should carefully consider your actions so as not to put yourself, or those you care about, in danger.

Being scared of a brown owl

I was dreaming that a brown owl came walking in my nice backyard and climbed on my fence. I was on my balcony with someone and I saw that there is like a some sort of a cement hole. And then I looked at it and thought that it looked nice, and then she opened its mouth, which scared me.

Dreaming about a brown owl on your property is an ill omen predicting disaster and misfortune for you and everyone else in your household. The situation you find yourself in is likely to go from bad to worse to even worse, slowly spiraling downward. Beautiful women are usually a positive sign, but, in this case, likely represent an illusion. This means you or someone in your family may find a small glimmer of hope, but it is more likely that this is all smoke and mirrors. Pursuing this dream-like solution can only lead to further problems.

An owl giving birth to a human-like creature

I and my husband were walking in the woods when we came to two snow owls on a branch. Where the female owl was looking like she was ready to birth, and when the female did deliver, it looked almost human-like. Thanks, looking forward to hearing back from you.

White owls are usually associated with relationships, and the presence of two white owls along with you and your husband strongly suggests this vision is connected to your relationship with him. Normally, white owls point toward complementary features or a balance of temperaments, aspects that make a strong relationship and which you and your husband have shown. However, seeing these owls perched on a branch indicates there may be something amiss, and it likely has to do with a piece of advice that you did not believe and, as a result, neglected to follow. The birth represents a change occurring in the near future, though whether it is for better or for worse or includes your change in heart over this advice or not is not clear. Using your best judgement and communicating openly with your spouse is the best way to smooth out any wrinkles that may be forming.

Owls transforming into human beings

Two owls suddenly stopped me in my tracks, then they both suddenly turned into human form and spoke to me saying they are my guardians.

Seeing multiple owls can represent an aspect of your personality which is happy to help others in need. This generosity may be one of your best attributes or a trait which has, until now, been under-utilized. In either case, watching the owls transform and their identification as your guardians could point to making powerful friends because of your good deeds. Those whom you once helped may now be the ones who come to your aid.

Owls killing each other

2 smaller owls flew into a house to set up a nest. About several hours later 2 barn owls moved into the same space. Shortly later you could hear and sense a struggle. Barn owls killed the smaller ones. A male barn then flew across the street. Meanwhile, someone had the bodies of the smaller owls and we're going to take them home to possibly stuff.

Owls are wise creatures, so seeing them attack and kill fledglings or smaller-sized owls in your dream suggests intellectual discourse. You may be embracing questioning recent viewpoints or perspectives in life in favor of long-held beliefs. The death of the owls is symbolic of a transformation occurring within you and letting go of undesirable personal traits and attitudes. Alternatively, this vision could also point to your power of observation and presence of mind in identifying and resolving a budding problem, such as early detection of a potential health issue or resolving a kink that could have messed up you entire your project.

A white owl dying on the floor

I dreamed I walked into a room and a white owl swooped down from a mantel and ended up on the floor wrapped in a blanket. I unwrapped it and it was dying and it was pleading for help to survive. I had no idea what to do, but I wanted to save it.

White owls usually represent the other party in an intimate relationship, especially in cases where your current or potential partner is someone you truly admire and respect beyond your feelings of love. However, watching the owl swoop down and then seeing it dying suggest something interfering with the relationship. It could be something completely outside of your control, like a job far away, or something connected to the relationship itself, like a difference in beliefs. In either case, your desire to save the owl suggests much the same as it may be in the wake life situation, namely that you are willing to do whatever it takes to save your relationship and even make it stronger.

Owl fledglings without a nest

Two baby owls not in their nest.

The baby owls in your dream that are not in their nest represent misplaced judgment or unwarranted advice. A friend or family member could be concerned about you and may give you an advice or two even if you never asked for it. It may be about a situation concerning your relationship, career or current project. Take their piece of information with a grain of salt because in the end you know more about the situation than anyone else.

An owl eating a rat

There wasn't a door, but it was small, really small, and if you face it, the door was to the left and it was in the building and when you walk in there, there is a little space of wood floor and then a room of hay where you keep a horse or something. But there was a rat, a big rat, I guess it was building a nest, but it ran out and then there was an owl that came out of nowhere and ate the rat slowly and blood went everywhere and shit. But there was someone talking I can't remembered what they said.

This vision contains powerful imagery represented by the rat and the owl. In this context, the rat, despite being large and grotesque, signifies happiness in your life, particularly events which bring joy and satisfaction to you. However, the image of the owl suggests you are ruled by fear, and this fear prevents you from living your life to the fullest. The fear could manifest in the form of a phobia, such as being afraid of heights or spiders, but more likely is related to stepping out of your comfort zone or leaving the safety of the group. In either case, seeing the owl devour the rat shows quite literally how your own lack of drive and desire to overcome your weaknesses prevents you from grasping at the opportunities which surround you. Until you can move beyond your fear, you are doomed to remain where you are.

Being scratched by a snowy owl

I dreamed of my right hand being scratched by a snowy owl. The owl scratched me with its long dark nails and the wound on my hand was deep. The number of nails was four. Then the owl was kept in a freezer and it shrunk slowly and became featherless at the end.

A white owl in a dream usually refers to a healthy romantic bond, however, in the context of your dream, the other symbolic meaning of the snowy owl seems to fit this vision better. In your dream, the white owl could represent enlightenment or a discovery of a secret. The aggressive actions of the owl point to the destructive nature of this secret. Knowing about it may cause fear and agitation in you. However, as the dream suggests, the owl meets its demise. In reality, this death means transformation. Once you overcome the negative repercussions of the secret, you could experience a change in your perspective. Whether or not it is for the better, depends on your chosen point of view.

Almost hitting owls on the road

I was in a car, but I was not driving, going down a dark road and the car nearly hit an owl with its baby owl that was on the road.

Dreaming that you are a passenger in a car that nearly runs over a pair of owls points to the possibility of avoiding a nasty confrontation in the near future. Someone that you know may be scheming against you and could even try to engage with you in a violent, unpredictable manner. Luckily, it is quite likely that you would be able to avoid having to deal with this person altogether.

Offers to eat a dead owl

Last night I saw 3 dead frozen white owls and one man was there who told me that he will roast them to eat. My one friend took one cut piece of that white dead owl and started to eat and offered me, but I refused to eat that.

White owls represent potential romantic partners or even soul mates in some cases, so seeing a frozen owl could suggest those potential connections are being hindered or blocked from coming to fruition for some reason. The image of your friend trying to cut and eat the owl could predict their involvement, perhaps showing that they are jealous of your attention being elsewhere or indicating their interest in your desired partner.

A brown owl held by mother

In my dream, I was asleep when I heard an owl outside my bedroom window. I woke up, got off the bed, and peeked out the window, and there it was, a brown owl sitting on my tree branch. For some reason, my mother was outside and when I told her about my dream, the bids came flying straight into her hands. (Still dreaming) we both sat down as she was holding the brown owl in her arms and that's when the owl smiled at me. I freaked out and that's when I woke up. What could this dream mean?

Brown owls in dreams usually represent something happening to your body. This could range from good things, such as losing weight or recovering from injury, to bad things, like becoming ill or losing a limb. In this case, however, you should not fear. Seeing your mother in your dream is a very auspicious sign which signifies good things happening to you. More specifically, the owl's placement in her hands could predict your or another family member's upcoming pregnancy which would bring great joy and happiness both to you and your family.

An owl and Jesus in the sky

I saw a cloud that slowly took the formation of a huge white owl and then I saw Jesus flying on the left side of the owl but both the owl and Jesus weren't moving.

The white owl you observed in your dream represents a current or would-be intimate relationship with a person you highly respect. It indicates that the relationship would be reciprocal and complementary and based on complete trust. Hence, both of you would increasingly enjoy each other's company. Meanwhile, the presence of Jesus alongside the white owl image is a reminder to always place your faith and principles as guiding lights to your blossoming relationship. This dream vision reminds you to be strong amidst worldly temptations.

An owl trying to get inside the house

An owl was trying to get into my house, but I wouldn't let it.

Dreaming that an owl is trying to get into your house alludes to the threat of financial instability. You could be worried about losing your job or accumulating debt. You could even face the threat of poverty. As such, this dream strongly advises you to check for any signs of these problems, so you can take immediate action and avoid becoming a financial train wreck.

What is the meaning of dreaming about owls

Scared of an owl's stare

My husband has been having reoccurring dreams about owls. At first, it was just perched on a branch staring at him. The other is just a silhouette of an owl. He said he could feel it breathing then stopping, so he opened his eyes and the owl's eyes turned fiery. He says that in both dreams, he felt very uneasy and almost fearful. What could this possibly mean, so I can help him understand and overcome what it might represent? Thank you in advance.

This vision centered around the image of owls contains a highly negative message that should not be ignored. Owls are often thought to be the harbingers of negative energy, so seeing them in multiple visions could be interpreted as a sign that your husband is about to hit a rough patch with you involved. The breathing that he was able to sense could represent the elusive nature of the danger that lurks around the corner, while the fiery eyes could indicate that this is related to something he has already experienced in the past, either a fear he still retains or a negative event he has gone through. Unfortunately, until the darkness takes over, it is impossible for either of you to really prepare. The best you can do is be there for each other and be watchful for what is to come.

Waiting for a white owl to wake up

I dreamt a white owl landed near me, then walked onto my shoulder and curled itself about my neck, and went to sleep. I sat there until it was ready to go, a few hours later it woke up and flew away. Then I just carried on working.

This dream about a white owl landing and resting on your shoulder alludes to a current or possible romance with someone special. This relationship with the person you admire and find interesting would be reciprocal and complementary and based on complete trust. You would feel at ease with each new encounter and increasingly enjoy their company. However, this affair could be fleeting and would end amicably. Perhaps you both would come to a mutual decision to end your brief but memorable romantic experience. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you may soon meet a mentor who would impart valuable lessons enabling you to be better at your job.

Receiving an owl as a gift

Dreamt that my boyfriend gave me an owl as a gift and then the owl was kissing me. Want to know the meaning of the dream.

Dreaming about being gifted an owl has negative connotations. The fact that it was your boyfriend who gave you the owl signifies a loss of trust and understanding inside your relationship. You may find yourself in an abusive partnership or your boyfriend may turn hostile towards you. Ultimately, these things might set you back in your relationship goals, so you should not let them affect you adversely.

Saving a baby owl

I am trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother. I am cupping this little furry ball, the baby owl, in my hands. I am making owl hoots, to attract the mother but there is an enormous cat and a disgusting big black bird which makes me uncertain about what to do with the baby owl. It ends up with me opening this big book and what looks like a kind of shell falling out of the book.

The multiple symbols in your dream share the theme of learning. Trying to reunite a baby owl with its mother alludes to your desire to focus and stay true to the path of enlightenment and learning. However, the presence of the cat and the blackbird represents the obstacles to your quest for knowledge. The cat symbolizes independence and being a free spirit. Perhaps you are struggling to reconcile theoretical and classical learning with experiential and practical knowledge. Furthermore, the blackbird alludes to dark moods and a lack of motivation, representing the times when you probably lose sight of your goals. Finally, the book symbolizes your ultimate goal for learning. The overall vision seems to point to your determination that in the end, you would know which path to follow.

People worshiping a statue of an owl

I saw several people worshiping an owl statue at a very old house or place and while they were doing so, the statue falls into a pond nearby and then those people again bring that statue and put it back and again and start worshiping.

Scenarios in the dream world involving worshiping an owl or its likeness suggest rational thinking. Owls represent knowledge, so the individuals exalting the owl statue likely refer to academics in the waking world. Perhaps this dream vision portrays the conflicting ideals within you as a result of your education. Perhaps your religiosity has been significantly affected by your intellectual capacity.

An owl landing on the shoulder

I was sitting in a car late at night when I saw an owl flying around outside. All of a sudden it swooped down and landed on my shoulder, but was still flapping its wings.

Envisioning an owl landing on your shoulder in a dream represents regaining wisdom. There may have been a flop in your current projects or the ways you do things, which you have managed to get valuable insights from and successfully resolve the problem you were facing. Your good wits may have saved you from unpleasant consequences and allowed to move on with your plans and goals.

Forced to buy a black owl

A black owl is sold to me by an elder woman. I am hesitant to make the purchase but my husband convincingly suggests to continue since money has been exchanged. It then flies directly on my shoulder after the transaction. I am emotionally uncomfortable with the site of the owl. It appears to be a hybrid of an unidentifiable animal but in appearance, mostly an owl. It is very black and short in stature with white eyes and large claws. I feel aggression by owl to my black cat on my lap. I wake up.

The combination of symbols and imagery in your dream vision paints a bleak prediction of your immediate future. The black owl alludes to negative thoughts and self-destructive behavior, while the elderly woman represents your spiritual guide. Your faith will be tested by an abundance of temptation in the form of bad vices like smoking or gambling. It may seem justified to succumb to bad habits in order to escape your problems, but it will only lead to more suffering. The root of your problems is the black cat which signifies a powerful enemy. This well-connected person may be making life difficult for you and your helplessness is driving you into self-destruction. Unfortunately, destroying yourself will guarantee victory for your rivals. Instead of escapism, perhaps finding allies will help you fight your enemies and keep your personal demons at bay.

Many white owls outside

I'm a girl, I had a dream that the terrace of my house was covered with owls (white-colored). There were so many of them, after seeing that I got a little scared, I tried to move them away from there because in the starting of the dream I didn't know that they were some kind of owls (different than the ones found in my country) when I was trying to make them go away from there a person told me that they were owls. Because I tried to remove them a dog tried to attack me several times but I dodged it.

White owls are associated with intimate relationships, particularly those you hold in high regard. It is possible you may have a string of suitors lining up at your door to try and woo you with gifts and promises. Your confusion and apprehension may by an allusion to not having been in such a situation before. However, you may not even realize you are being courted, as some of those who seek you affection may be shy. The dog that tried to attack you refers to marriage and marriage proposals in particular. Dodging the dogs attacks, however, means you may not be in the right place or right time to accept or receive these offers at this time.

Getting an owl out of the cage

Had a dream that I saw an owl in a cage. I walked up to the cage, reached in, got him out and walked around with him. Then the owl started to sweat and I put him down and he flew away.

The caged owl you see in your mind's eye represents being in a cage of your own creation. You are unconsciously limiting yourself, possibly because you are scared of being alone or failing. This may lead you to miss out on opportunities and lead to even further regret and sadness. Releasing the owl, walking with it and letting it fly away, however, can refer to letting yourself be free. You would become mentally unburdened and feel free, much like an owl in flight. The sweat may refer to the hesitation or nervousness you would feel, but you would no longer need to doubt yourself. You have the knowledge, power and ability to do anything you put your mind to.

A white owl transforming into a monkey

There was a white owl in a big wooden room with a big window. As I came closer to the owl he turned in to a white monkey. I wanted to talk to him but he was a little scared and wanted to leave through the window. Then I took out an apple from my bag to hand to him to show I mean no harm only to notice he had his mouth sewn on the sides, so I bit off a part of the apple and gave it to him and so he calmed down. I think that's when I woke up. I don't remember the beginning of the dream though.

The white owl in your dream refers to your relationship with someone you highly respect or admire. The owl's transformation into a white monkey suggests this person is not who he or she appears to be. There is an air of mystery around them and a sense that he or she is keeping secrets or holding back, and it is possible that you will discover this person's true intentions. This secretive nature is further illustrated by the mouth being sewn. He or she is not being completely truthful to you. Meanwhile, the big window is a metaphor for a tempting offer or a huge break which could create distance between the two of you. Giving the apple to the monkey is your way of asking this individual to stay with a counteroffer. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to evaluate this relationship and whether it is worth hanging on to or if it would be better if you just part ways.

Three-eyed owl

A three-eyed owl in your dream means you are a person burdened by a haunting past experience. This lingering experience hinders progress as you carry the belief that you are constantly being observed, leading to anticipation of negative outcomes. The three eyes represent the past, present and future, signifying the owl's ability to perceive the world around them from all angles. This dream suggests that your past is influencing your present, and your present circumstances are poised to influence your future due to the enduring impact of this unforgettable experience on your perception of the world. It is essential for you to confront and resolve these past traumas to move forward more freely in life.