Dreams Related To Otter

Dealing with an otter and platypus

I dreamt that I was going out to my back lanai and found a mummified baby otter. I went to pick it up to discard it and out of nowhere a platypus appeared on my lanai trying to take it from me, so I dropped the baby otter, but the platypus kept coming after me. I was trying to knock on the glass door to get help but no one came. Then the dream shifted.

Although there is no precise interpretation for the combination of the animals you were dealing with in this dream, in general, dreams containing images of exotic, unusual or rarely encountered animals contain a prediction that your most secret desires and wants you may have at the moment do not have a great chance to come true or materialize. The vision of the platypus by itself reveals that you tend to depend on other people's decisions and rather be a follower than a leader, which is also supported by the notion of needing to get help to no avail in this dream.

A white otter

Otter. White otter.

Seeing a white otter is often considered the manifestation of negative feelings toward other people, specifically being envious of or coveting what does not belong to you. This situation can only turn out badly should you continue to pursue your desires blindly instead of finding more productive ways to spend your time.