Dreams Related To Organ

Woman having male organ

In general, dreaming about a woman with a penis has nothing to do with fetishes or being transgendered. Instead, the male organ on a female body is meant to bring attention to the sexual power of the dreamer. During the activity of sex, the dreamer likely has had an issue in the past, but now he or she is able to have more confidence and be more comfortable during intimate acts. This symbol is also seen by those who are trying to get pregnant and often alludes to the birth of a son.

Female organ

In general, both male and female genitals or private parts are associated with sexuality. The image of a woman's vagina in particular carries two further interpretations. The first alludes to fertility, suggesting that, if she is old enough and financially secure, now may be a good time to consider pregnancy. The other meaning of this dream ties it to creativity. Similar to the idea of giving birth physically, this particular interpretation refers to the birth of an idea and the creative spark needed to make it a reality.