Dreams Related To Oracle

An oracle and a strange bird

My dream consisted of two parts. I was sitting with my wife at a table in a public place and a man came who knew things about me like a seer. He was in a wheelchair and I saw fused bones sticking out of his body. And then, in the second part, a small bird (a chickadee) flew into the palm of my right hand and sucked itself into it. It sucked more and more into my hand. I hit the table very hard with my right hand to crush the bird.

The images in your dream are very symbolic and may have a direct reflection of your reality than you can think of. First of all, the presence of the man who seems like a prophet signifies that you need guidance in some aspect of your life. You could be making an important decision soon and this person is a manifestation of the need for spiritual advice in order to avoid making mistakes that could lead to failure. This is supported by the sight of the bones coming out of this man's body which represents some things or some people that can potentially endanger you and taint your reputation. The second image in your dream has something to do with your success career-wise. Generally, chickadees are symbols of success and good fortune. In addition, the vision of any birds landing on your hand suggests that good luck is coming your way. However, since in this vision, the chickadee sucked itself into your hand and you had to hit a table just to crush it is an indication that this good fortune will not come easy. This good fortune may have something to do with a long-time wish or desire, but you will lose some things in your life before this comes into realization. Putting the images together, these elements imply that you are in for something good ahead of you. A business venture, an investment, or your career will see a significant improvement but you will lose something first before all these come true. Hence, you need spiritual guidance or some sort of advice from the people you trust the most in order to handle this situation successfully.