Dreams Related To Oil

Spilling oil

Spilling oil during a night vision, such as all over the floor or on a cooking surface, is often looked upon as a positive omen. It predicts your financial situation is about to improve a great deal in the near future, bringing you peace of mind and happiness.

Drowning in a car in black oil

We were trapped in a sinking car. The liquid the car was trapped in was a black sludge oil.

Cars are symbols of social mobility, so a stuck or sinking car in the dream world denotes difficulties and hindrances to your existence in general. The obstacles may be confrontations or disagreements at work or at home that would distract you from focusing on achieving your goals. Alternatively, crude oil typically symbolizes recklessness and overindulgence. Perhaps your hedonistic pursuits and lack of personal discipline would suck you into a period of difficulty, especially concerning your finances.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a multi-faceted dream symbol that can be interpreted multiple ways depending on the context. The general image or impression of olive oil may represent a period of ill health or the loss of something important to you, while the act of spilling olive oil has been associated with being secretly watched or having a stalker. Drinking olive oil has a slightly more positive connotation, as it is related to being able to rely on your friends during times of need, and being splashed by it during a dream vision is usually thought to mean a great improvement in your financial situation or career prospects. Burning olive oil also carries a positive meaning, as it tends to represent upcoming celebrations and occasions filled with joy and happiness, like weddings and birthdays.

Fried eggs, oil and bread

I was sitting at a table with other people and a waitress brought a plate of fried eggs to the table. She then proceeded to mop up the oil on the plate of eggs when one of the guests leaned forward, took the plate and poured the oil onto a slice of bread on his plate in front of him.

For a male dreamer, visions involving fried eggs may be associated with masculinity and sexual prowess. You may be concerned about erectile dysfunction or impotency. Alternatively, perhaps you feel your dating game and appeal to women need improvement. The oil being dumped onto another plate alludes to slick style and smooth moves that typically draw or attract certain women to men who show confidence and remain in control. Maybe this is a preoccupation you have in the waking world in an attempt to find a romantic partner.

Oiling your body for women

Applying oil to your body during a dream vision, particularly for women, suggests she would involve herself in some frivolous, unimportant matters that could cause trouble later on. It would be wise, then, if she were to mind her own business and stick to improving her own situation rather than commenting on or inserting herself into other situations.

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil, whether it is in a bottle or poured into a pan, can predict terrible and sudden losses in reality. You may soon lose something very important, like a sports match, important client or something similar. You would likely be very disappointed by this outcome, and it is also possible you would be stupefied and unsure what to do next.

Buying oil

Buying oil during the course of a dream vision, whether it is at a regular grocery store or a farmer's market, means you would soon experience some terrible loss or have to deal with some major difficulties. You would find it very difficult to recover from this situation if you are able to at all.

Receiving oil as a gift

Receiving a gift of oil may reveal upcoming social encounters of a pleasant or positive nature. You would enjoy spending time with friends and family, making memories and refreshing yourself in the process. This could include simple outings, like lunch or a shopping trip, or more involved occasions, such as parties or short vacations.

Pouring oil for the sick

For those who are currently sick, undergoing treatment or injured, the act of pouring oil can be interpreted as a positive symbol. It points toward noticeable improvements in your health, both in your specific ailment and overall physical well-being.

Hands covered in oil

Envisioning that your hands are covered in oil or an oily substance is actually considered a positive symbol in dream interpretation. It often predicts surprising or unexpected developments taking place in wake life that positively affect your day to day matters. For example, a shop opening a new location that is convenient for you or a change in office procedures that make your work more streamlined and efficient.

Spilling vegetable oil

Specifically spilling vegetable oil, in the context of a dream vision, is a highly negative image. It is associated with the development of negative situations and overwhelming challenges, all caused by your own lack of thoughtfulness and compassion for those you call friends and family. Perhaps having more sympathy for their troubles or concern for their feelings would go some way toward fixing this situation.

Machine oil

Machine oil is an auspicious symbol to perceive in the realm of dreams, especially if you used it to refill something or otherwise interacted with it during the vision. It is a fortuitous symbol associated with good luck in upcoming ventures and productivity in your business matters. Your career is likely to flourish during this period, and you may make some great connections with other men and women in your field at this time.

Plant-based oil

Plant-based oils are often considered negative images to perceive during dream visions. They portend soon being deceived by someone you thought you could trust or defrauded by an unknown, mysterious entity. You could potentially lose a lot of money if you are not careful.

Drinking oil

Drinking oil is symbolic of upcoming disappointments and let downs, most likely related to your romantic affairs or dating scene. Your current lover may soon upset you or hurt you deeply. Alternatively, you may go through a string of pointless, annoying flings.

Large quantities of oil

Large quantities of oil in the dream realm correspond with major disappointments and setbacks in reality, usually for business ventures or work projects. If you were considering starting a new business or assignment, you may want to wait until your luck changes for the better.

Taking oil in as a remedy

Trying to heal yourself by using oil is a negative symbol to perceive in a dream vision. It suggests that you would have a fight or falling out with someone you were once close to. On top of that, you would also be actively attempting to hurt, humiliate or sabotage this individual by sharing some unflattering information about them or starting an untrue rumor. The reason for your poor behavior would only be known by you.

Head anointed with oil

A dream where you experience your head anointed with oil depicts a period of transition for you. This decision to make a radical change in your lifestyle, such as turning vegan or adapting minimalism, will happen after you experience a profound loss. A loved one could pass away or you could go bankrupt and this will force you to focus your efforts on things that truly matter. The transition will not be easy, but it will be full of lessons which will help you simplify your life and live more consciously or responsibly.