Dreams Related To Octopus

An octopus in general

In general, dreaming of an octopus, whether alive in the ocean, being sold in the market or as part of an image, is a reflection of your self-centered nature. You may tend to focus on your own needs and goals without caring about other people's issues or how your actions could affect others. Your narcissism may damage certain friendships in the long run. On the other hand, this dream symbol could also reveal the presence of powerful personalities, like parents or bosses, who may be trying to manipulate you into fulfilling their own goals.

Octopuses at school

I was at a school that seemed like Sacred Heart but wasn't. There were baby octopuses all over the ground and they would climb all over your hand if you picked one up. The school was right on a dock, and there was a huge giant octopus that would use its huge tentacle to try to crush us. Suddenly we were back on campus going to study. We went to the "Poetry Building", but it looked exactly the same as the "Business Building". We were looking for a girl's crush, and found him in another room.

The setting of this vision in a school is very revealing. It suggests you are facing some stressful or difficult situations in reality. Additionally, the image of the octopuses on the ground could mean that your stress is being caused by little setbacks that keep piling up. Even though they seem small and insignificant, the relentless obstacles to your progression are likely taxing your ability to keep calm and focused. This is complemented by your search for the girl's crush, a symbol that suggests you are working toward a particular goal in your life that requires your focus and attention.

Octopus on land

An octopus on land can be a metaphorical representation of feeling attacked and overwhelmed by fear in your waking life. This surreal image evokes a sense of being out of your element, struggling to adapt to a challenging situation or person. Moreover, it is a reflection of your inner emotions and the suffering you might experience during times of vulnerability or discomfort, reminding you to address these feelings when awake to find a sense of balance and peace during sleep.

An octopus preying on other creatures

Observing an octopus preying on other sea creatures, like prawns, fishes and crabs, portends complications at work that could cause division in the workplace. Certain issues or contentious developments could create two camps fighting one another for domination. You may be placed squarely in the middle of this conflict which means you would become the arbiter, voluntary or not. This would require sensitivity, diplomacy and wisdom to bring those two opposing sides together.

Being attacked by an octopus

Dreaming that you are being attacked by an octopus, while you are diving or snorkeling in the open sea, points to the possibility that you would be reprimanded by your superior. Your boss may find out about your mistakes or errors you tried to cover up in your work. Your lack of transparency would have very serious consequences because it reveals your lack of work ethic. Perhaps you would have saved yourself a world of trouble if you had only come clean. Unfortunately, once the damage has been done, you need to deal with the consequences.

An octopus releasing ink

An octopus that is releasing ink, perhaps to defend itself from predators, means you have a very complex problem to solve in reality. The tentacles mean that there are a lot of angles to tackle. As such, this issue or problem would keep nagging you and taking over most of your mental resources and time. You may even set aside or neglect to attend to other matters because the issue is all-consuming and taxing. So you would only really be able to get back to your usual routine once everything has been settled and solved.

Frightened by an octopus

Being frightened by an octopus in a dream vision, maybe because it came out of nowhere and looked monstrous or it appears threatening, means someone in the real world is trying to give you more problems. It could be someone who means well yet inadvertently gives you a lot of headaches, perhaps a needy or whiny friend of yours. It could also refer to your enemies who are circling you and perhaps getting close to breaking you down. So this could be a warning to never let your guard down especially around your rivals.

Catching an octopus

Catching an octopus in a dream, using a cage or harpooning the octopus in the ocean, means you would be able to solve your problems and overcome challenges in the real world. Your grit and determination would allow you to keep pushing until you triumph over adversity. This can also be an indication of an imminent visit from either close family members or distant relatives. The visit may be overwhelming as past issues or the general energy of the catch up would be intense.

Tentacles of an octopus

To dream of tentacles of an octopus, for example when you see yourself in a market and a vendor is selling a grown octopus with its tentacles hanging on the side, could be a hint to use extreme caution after the dream in real life. You may have a gut feel that something is not quite right in your environment that would require you to be cautious. If you are a woman and you had this dream, this could also predict contracting a serious illness that would require a lengthy recovery so be careful. You could ensure that you take extra care of your health to prevent this from happening.

Alternatively, dreaming about tentacles of octopus could also signify that someone could be harboring an unhealthy interest or curiosity about your persona, private businesses or activities. This could be making you uncomfortable in the process. If you see yourself chopping off the arms or tentacles of the octopus in the dream, this could allude to your awareness of the fact and your readiness to address and do something about the situation.

Cooking octopus

Dreaming that you are cooking octopus, such that when you buy a fresh octopus from the market and start cleaning it in your kitchen in preparation of an exotic cuisine to serve to your guests, could contain a possibility of being blackmailed or intimidated by someone in the near future. You should steer clear away from shady individuals or activities in your waking life to avoid this negative situation. On the other hand, the vision could also be significant of an upcoming sickness or getting injured in an unwanted accident. It would do you good to be mindful about your health and daily activities.

Octopus attack

An attack from an octopus in the dream world suggests that you are experiencing a problem with your personal relationship. However, as the dream indicates, it will not be easy to find a solution to this problem. You may even suffer first before this matter concludes. This would greatly affect you unless you get to the root of this conflict.