Dreams Related To Ocean

Reaching destination in a stormy ocean

Traveling over a large body of rough rocky water (sea or ocean). I was scared in the dream, but I overcame the fear and was able to reach the destination. But it was scary.

Traveling over a stormy, choppy sea often means you tend to find yourself in scandalous situations or in the middle of conflict. This is probably having a negative effect on your relations in reality, especially those closest to you like your family. Although the source of your troubles is unclear, making it to your destination is a positive sign. Perhaps you would work out whatever has been causing you to lash out or behave poorly, leading to closer relations with those who care about you the most.

A calm ocean

Dreaming about observing a calm and serene ocean most often is a favorable sign. It usually symbolizes present or forthcoming tranquility and peace in those matters that currently are worrying the dreamer. For example, for people who are used to the sea traveling, the dream could disclose the possibility of an upcoming successful, peaceful and carefree trip. For business people, this dream could translate the possibility of the effective completion of projects or the closing of beneficial business deals. For someone who currently is in a love relationship, the dream would be revealing of a present or forthcoming steady, satisfying and pleasurable relationship.

Ocean for females

For women, dreaming about the ocean with no distinctive or remembered characteristic features is neither a positive or negative sign. This is because it could reveal your anxiety, uneasiness and worry about an upcoming encounter with a man. This would be a man whom you find very attractive and with whom you would like to develop a closer and intimate relationship.

What is the meaning of dreams about ocean waves

Ocean waves

Dreams which involve looking at ocean waves while standing on the ocean shore are usually associated with positive meanings. In particular, you could be victorious over the obstacles created on your path by adversaries, enemies or people you dislike or do not get along with well. That is, although some people would try to prevent you from accomplishing your goals, you would successfully manage the hardships they would conspire against you. Symbolically speaking, you are watching the problems from safe grounds.

Surviving ocean waters

I was in a vehicle that was travelling along a cliff and it was swept over the cliff by raging waters. Somehow, I and the other 2 people with me were thrown out of the vehicle into the water and then I found myself just floating over the deep dark ocean that was by the cliff. I was quite afraid because I thought I would have fallen into this ocean, but all of a sudden something just threw me and one of the other guys back onto the land and we were safe and sound. The other guy didn't make it though...

Cars are usually symbolic of your journey through life and being thrown from a car into a large body of water indicates finding yourself in a situation where you have many different options available to you. This could be related to your current occupation, including changing jobs or being offered a chance to work in a different city, or it could be related to your home life, like having multiple potential suitors or an opportunity to travel abroad. However, suddenly being put on land again safe and sound, while having a positive connotation, suggests being somewhat off-kilter. This means that if you do not carefully weigh your options, you may make a rash decision and find the balance in your life is off, making it difficult to manage your obligations or keep your stress levels low. You should look at all your options with a neutral eye and choose the one which has the most positive benefits for your future.

Walking on the ocean shore

Dreaming that you observe yourself walking on the ocean shore often predicts upcoming new experiences. You could become able to cultivate a new passion or engage in something you have never done before. This new activity or interest could become important to you and bring you a lot of new and exciting experiences.

Diving into the ocean

Dreaming about diving into the ocean's depths often symbolizes forthcoming traveling. Specifically, you could currently or soon consider the possibility of finally taking a long-desired trip. You would have delayed it up until now due to your busy schedule, work overload or family concerns. Whether now you would finally succeed at achieving such traveling goal is not revealed by the dream.

Swimming in a calm ocean

Dreaming about swimming in a calm, peaceful and serene ocean often is a very positive sign. It could foretell fulfilled expectations, victory and success. Such an outcome could accompany one or all of your plans, activities and dealings. That is, you would be able to accomplish your goals and complete your projects whatever these may be.

Stranded in the middle of the ocean

I am in the ocean, can see the shoreline, quite a long way off, a woman closer to shore also in the sea telling me the pool float drifting out to sea isn't too far away. I think it is too far to reach safely. I tried to retrieve it but was carried too far away from the shoreline and struggled to make progress back to the shore. Water and skies are dark and then the weather becomes stormy, then very windy and stormy with big waves, I wake up.

This dream contains many symbols related to the imagery of water and, therefore, could have conflicting meanings in its interpretation. For example, being in a large body of water, such as the ocean, indicates the presence of numerous opportunities which could lead to beneficial outcomes should you choose to pursue them. This is opposed by the image of the stormy sea which predicts trials and challenges in your future. Your vision, then, could suggest that if you miss out on available opportunities, it could lead to several challenges to follow. On the other hand, it could also mean that to fully reap the benefits of the opportunities ahead, you would need to make some significant sacrifices affecting other important aspects of your life, such as your free time or relationships with other people.

A white-sailed boat in the ocean

Dreaming about spotting a white-sailed boat at some distant point in the ocean usually is a positive sign. It could foretell that the patience, solidarity or support that you would offer to a new colleague or co-worker would pay off. In particular, you could receive the trust and loyalty of the helped person and your relationship would flourish. Along the way, this relationship would prove itself to be a stepping stone towards the accomplishment of professional goals and aspirations.

Dreams about ocean creatures like shell dwellers

Picking shells on the ocean shore

Dreaming about gathering sea shells along the ocean shore could represent the upcoming revelation of secrets. You could soon inappropriately disclose secret information to someone who should not have come in contact with this piece of knowledge. Such improper and ill-advised behavior would negatively affect the relationship you hold with the recipient of this secret. Moreover, it could lead you to experience some unpleasant, shocking or shameful moments.

Ocean for males

For the masculine gender, having recurrent dreams about the ocean often speaks of their sexuality. The dream could indicate that the sexual activity of these men has the overall characteristic of being speedy or not lasting long. In particular, it could reveal their inability to sustain sexual intercourse for a satisfactory period of time. That is, it could reveal the presence of some early ejaculation problems. This is a negative aspect. However, these men would have the ability to recover very quickly from the sexual act, becoming ready for a repetition in a short period of time. This is a positive aspect.

This dream further suggests that you could benefit from training to improve your sexual abilities. In particular, you could consider learning and applying a few techniques that were developed for the purpose of delaying ejaculation and enhancing the duration of sexual intercourse. These exercises could improve the pleasure, satisfaction and harmony that you and your partner obtain from each sexual encounter. You would have a generally better sexual life.

Ocean for those in love

For those who are in love, dreaming about the ocean usually is a positive sign. This especially applies to dreams that involve a calm and serene ocean, which could symbolize the existence of a harmonious and loving relationship between you and the person you love. You would both be aware of your mutual attraction and emotional attachment. The relationship could further lead to a favorable union or marriage between you and the person you love. This would be a direct consequence of the quality of your relationship, the reciprocity of your feelings and the overlap between your aspirations, goals and expectations.

Stormy ocean

Dreaming about swimming or sailing in a stormy ocean while being unable to see the shore or dry land usually has negative connotations. In particular, you could already have or develop a tendency to become involved or provoke scandalous, outrageous or conflictual situations. This behavior could directly affect people who are close to you, such as friends and relatives.

Being strapped down to the ocean floor

I was lying on the ocean bottom looking up, seeing the sun shine down. Then total darkness hit with a green flashing light with straps around my arms and legs lying naked on something cold.

The bottom of the ocean in your dream vision symbolizes introspection. You are trying to explore areas of your consciousness you have not confronted before and this will lead you to dark places as indicated by the total darkness. Your lack of awareness about certain quirks and personality flaws are probably affecting your relationships in negative ways. The flashing light signifies your journey to shedding a light on some of your repressed memories or buried issues. Being strapped down and naked means you will be very vulnerable during this whole process. It would feel like you are not in control and fear would set in. However, if you confront these issues as early as possible, there is a higher chance for happiness and building healthier social connections.

Ocean for those who cannot swim

For those who do not know how to swim, having recurrent dreams about the ocean could simply be a reflection of your subconscious fears and insecurities. These negative feelings would be related to some particular task or life change happening in your life. That is, in the dream, the ocean would be a symbol of your anxieties related to an actual life event. You would feel that you were trying to overcome your negative feelings regarding this situation. However, you would further feel your efforts to be enormous and unrewarding leading you to realize that you are unable to properly manage the situation and therefore cannot succeed.

Vast ocean surface

Dreaming that you find yourself in the middle of the ocean and observe its vast surface stretching towards the horizon could be a sign of forthcoming trips to distant places. For example, you could be about to engage in some business travelling. Alternatively, you could soon pay a visit to some faraway friend or acquaintance.

Bathing in the ocean

Dreaming that you are bathing in the ocean usually bears not a very positive connotation. In particular, you could be prone to attract all kinds of troubles and get into scandalous or outrageous situations. Such tendency would be a consequence of spontaneous adoption of inappropriate or conflictual behavior towards those with whom you interact on a daily basis.

A building in a stormy ocean

I'm female. I was in a giant building that was floating on an ocean like a ship would. It was at night. The waves were very large, it was almost stormy but not dangerously and no rain. I was also observing it from the outside at times in the dream.

A building often represents the self, while the ocean represents emotions. This means that a stormy ocean may indicate inner conflict or tumultuous emotions. Since the storm seems to be in its initial stage in your dream, perhaps your troubles are only just beginning in reality. Looking at the building from the outside could mean that you have not yet completely absorbed the gravity of the situation, so you still feel a bit detached. However, strong waves usually refer to loss and sadness, as well as an emotional breakdown especially if you are prone to bottling up your feelings. Complications and difficulties could wear down your defenses and send you on an emotional roller coaster. Ultimately, just like the floating building in the vision, your problems could make you feel lost and aimless if you are unable to manage your emotions during this possible challenging period.

Sailing or traveling in the ocean dream meaning

Traveling in the ocean

Dreaming that you are travelling on a ship in the ocean while listening to the sound of the waves against the ship's hull could be a negative sign. In particular, the dream could foretell some forthcoming problems and issues in relation to your business activities and dealings. Alternatively, the dream can foretell or reveal the existing presence of domestic conflicts. That is, there would be moments in your household filled with arguments, disagreements, constant blame-placing or discontent. Overall, the dream reveals that your home or professional life could be about to be affected by hardships or upsetting situations.

Shallow ocean

Dreaming of being able to see the exposed bottom of the sea, looking at shallow ocean or being able to wade through it is a simultaneously positive and negative sign. The calmness and lack of depth of the waters could symbolize existing or forthcoming moments of happiness and pleasure. These would alternate with periods of unhappiness and disappointment. Both positive and negative periods would have little substance and would not last long.

Drinking salty ocean's water

Dreaming about drinking the ocean’s salty water could reveal present or forthcoming alcohol abuse problems. Furthermore, the habit of excessively consuming alcoholic beverages could end up negatively and greatly affecting your body and the functioning of your internal organs, such as the liver and kidney.

Raging ocean

Dreaming about a raging and stormy ocean usually is not a very positive sign. You could be about to become the target of unfounded anger or violence from a complete stranger. Alternatively, you could become involved with or become a victim of a street brawl. This event would have tremendously negative outcomes, at least for you.

A rainy evening on the ocean

Me along with my elder sister are in the ocean or sea, but we are not afraid. The climate is awesome and its about to rain. Its evening time. We are together.

Dreaming about traveling on the ocean in the evening time when it is about to rain can be related to your tendencies to shut yourself down, alienate yourself from other people and make your presence less visible to others. This is usually an indicator of growing presence of depression, introversion, feelings of inferiority and loneliness you may be experiencing. The presence of your sister in this dream can suggest either that she somehow influences these states you experience or might try to help you in dealing with these issues.

Krishna on the surface of the ocean

Lord Krishna riding chariot on an ocean.

Although there is no exact meaning to match the dream you have experienced, dreaming about the divine entity (Krishna) on the surface of the ocean can mean that your goals and aspirations in life will be achieved, the most sacred dreams and hopes will materialize, you may be very happy in love and satisfied with the way your life is progressing.

A path on the ocean surface

I was in the ocean with a clear blue path from me to a deserted island. There were so many active sharks on both sides of me that the water was black. I then saw a woman's lips kissing my forehead.

Dreaming about being in the ocean usually represents having new and interesting experiences, either occurring randomly or due to your own efforts. Being drawn to or seeing a path toward some deserted place, however, indicates doing things on your own, therefore pointing more toward some course of action you take or choose for yourself. This might include trying a new hobby or going somewhere you have not been before. In addition, seeing sharks surround you may predict health issues if you are not careful about taking care of yourself. This includes your mental health, like expressing your emotions and not bottling yourself up, as symbolized by being kissed on the forehead.

Ocean carrying people away

I have constantly been dreaming of the ocean coming out and carrying away if I am walking or discussing with friends, it comes out carrying people, but fortunately for me I always hold on to something. I am just worried because I keep dreaming of the ocean coming out to carry people away. The last one in the dream I have to beg someone to show me the way out. Thank you.

Traditional dream interpretation sources see ocean waves as a symbol of ongoing changes. In the context of your dream, you seem to be rigid and unwilling to accept naturally occurring transformations in the lives of people who are important to you. You could be reluctant to accept their changing lifestyles or simply disagree with their point of view. It also seems that you may be preoccupied with your own everyday tasks more than giving attention to their needs, which could involve canceling a dinner together or finding more important things to do around your own house instead of going out camping, dancing, or socializing in some other way imaginable.

Polluted ocean and shooting

I had a dream about the ocean, it was like a forest and as I looked in the water I saw trash such as paper plates and other things, I didn't see a single fish. Then the dream fell into my mom being shot in front of a park-looking thing, they had people lined up and shot 5 and let the others free. I was behind a van when they shot my mom. I couldn't wake up, I saw her fall to the ground, as I turned around I saw this guy. He looked kind of in his 50's, he had a gun and shot me in my palm.

Scenes involving the ocean in dreams represent your state of mind. Hence, seeing polluted ocean indicates a gloomy disposition or an upcoming difficult period. Alternatively, trash could mean that you are living an excessive lifestyle and participating in harmful activities. It seems that you are being reminded to clean up your act or put a stop to destructive behaviors. Meanwhile, the other part of your dream where you witness the death of your mother suggests a fear of being unable to protect your loved ones. Maybe due to your personal issues, you have been unable to perform your duties and responsibilities for your family. Furthermore, to be shot in this dream refers to confrontations in your waking life. The blame game may be going around, however, there may be someone else in the picture that is causing discord inside your family. Instead of feeling like the victim, take stock of the situation and get to the root of the problem to find a proper solution.

Lured into the ocean by a mermaid

Hi. I had a strange dream in which first I saw a female mermaid staring at me in between a very deep black cyclonic sea like she was calling me, and I was very desperate to talk to her, but somehow that was not possible. Then again I saw her and I followed her walking over fluorescent stones deep inside the sea and realized I myself was turning into a fluorescent green mermaid until I realized some men were searching for me to kill.

Mermaids are tempting sirens. They are often associated with feminine attributes and sexuality. To dream that a mermaid was calling out to you probably reveals your personal journey toward discovering your own sexuality. Perhaps you feel inadequate and insecure about your ability to attract the opposite sex. Hence, your transformation into a mermaid suggests a yearning to be attractive and desirable in order to catch the fancy of prospective suitors. Despite this desire, however, you also harbor a certain fear of falling prey to their whims. You want to be in control when it comes time to select a partner.

Unable to find the ocean

In my dream I was looking for the ocean. Every time I would think I found it, someone whom I don't know, would tell me it wasn't the ocean, it was a river. It looked like the ocean, calm waves, looked deep, was blue and beautiful. I was very irritated that I couldn't find the ocean. So I kept looking.

The search for the ocean may be indicative of your real-world fixation on finding enlightenment and a sense of purpose. Perhaps, time and again, you have had certain individuals convince you to follow certain belief systems or pursue certain goals for practical reasons. This tendency to get swept away in the dreams others have outlined for you may be starting to wear you down. Deep inside you know something is not right and perhaps this dream vision serves to remind you to listen to yourself and pursue your true passion. It would take time, but passion entails a bit of suffering before you can finally look back at your achievements with pride and joy.

At the ocean side with boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend at the ocean or beach, water is full of waves and tides. Over us sky is lighting and it's raining heavily. My boyfriend was sitting on motorbike and pressing his leg over by butt and I was sitting within his shoulders covered. We got totally wet. And we both are looking at the waves and sky sitting on the edge. We saw a group of unknown people coming over there, group includes women and children too. After few moments they left the place and we both still sitting there.

The ocean is a powerful symbol in dream visions as it often represents the multitude of opportunities that are open to you. Given that you were sitting on a motorbike, an image commonly associated with the journey through life, and with your boyfriend, it seems that this vision is the manifestation of your thoughts about where the future could take the two of you. The stormy weather is a warning, however, to pay attention and be prepared for potential troubles which may seem to pop up out of nowhere. These issues may be caused by your temper or by the way you treat those around you. Your misuse of others may end the connection between you and your boyfriend before you reach your true potential as a couple.

Swimming in the ocean and getting lost

The US was located where Mexico is and South America didn't even exist. I was swimming west along the US coast and I somehow managed to swim half the width of the country. When I decided to swim back, it was night and dangerous waves as well as a strong current which prevented me from swimming that way. So I swam to the shore instead. There, a person with a lantern swam up to me from the seabed. The person told me she could help me get home. I woke up at home not knowing how I got there.

Often, the geography in your dreams mimics your state of mind. As such, the absence of South America and the shifting of the USA's location may reveal your anxiety about global politics and events. Swimming represents your efforts to try and make sense of the various issues that are both directly and indirectly affecting your existence. Thus, your inability to get home means you may have a tendency to get swept away by your emotions, especially in relation to social issues, so that you end up losing sight of your priorities and other important things. Perhaps in trying to argue your points and strongly held values, you inadvertently cut off loved ones or alienate yourself from those who care about you the most. So, the person holding a lantern symbolizes a wise individual in your social circle who may be able to help you focus on the things that matter and help you assert yourself without hurting or cutting off others.

The oceanside and a plant

Female. I was at the ocean - there were two very long canoes- set up like a see-saw on the beach. I was inside and kept looking out, but then got my coat and ran outside to take photos before the sun went down. My husband was inside talking to someone. Inside was very botanical or tropical-like. A caretaker there was very tired and sitting down, I asked him the name of a beautiful plant with red flowers, he didn't remember, but left and said he would go look it up.

Dreaming about being near the ocean is a fairly favorable sign in regards to your overall lifestyle and mentality. It is usually associated with peace and tranquility, often after times of hardship or difficulty. This is opposed with the image of the canoe you sat in on the beach. This symbol suggests conflict and disagreement, although its position outside the water may mean you are involved in this trouble unnecessarily. This interpretation is supported by the beautiful red flowers you saw inside at the end of your vision, a symbol associated with good relations, love and friendship. It would be wise to reconsider butting heads with someone, as it could be better to simply let things calm down and return to normal.

Being killed on the bottom of the ocean

I start by running and then I run off of a cliff and into the ocean. I swim down super deep and then at the bottom end up falling back on to the ground. When I land I get up and someone starts chasing me and then catches up and kills me.

This entire dream vision points to a personal reinvention. Perhaps you are tired of your current lifestyle and you want a change of pace. In this context, running and jumping off a cliff refers to a life-changing event in your near future. Swimming in the depths of the ocean depicts traveling to exotic locales. It may be for pleasure or you could choose to relocate there. This is your chance to start fresh and be free from your past obligations. In the end, being chased and killed refers to guilt. You will probably commit fraud or do something illegal in order to get the freedom you crave. Everything has a cost, after all.

Being in the ocean

Finding yourself in the ocean during the course of a dream vision is a highly memorable and esoteric symbol to perceive. According to Jungian philosophy, the calm, deep sea is a metaphor for emotions that run deep and true. You feel things strongly and are honest with yourself about the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with these feelings. A turbulent sea, however, may be a sign of spiritual or emotional unease. Something may be bothering or nudging you at the back of your mind for a good reason. Pay attention to your feelings and reactions in reality so that you can make the best of the situations you find yourself in.

Living by the ocean

Living by the ocean in a dream symbolizes a desire for emotional calm and tranquility. The sea portrays the ebb and flow of emotions, and being near it signifies a need to find balance amidst negative feelings. This dream suggests that embracing the spiritual and healing aspects of water can lead to success and inner peace. Consider incorporating activities like meditation or spending time near water to enhance your sense of serenity and emotional well-being.