Dreams Related To Nose

Nose being pinched

Someone pinching my nose.

Your nose in the dream world symbolizes your character and core values. The prominence of your nose in this dream likely means your integrity will be tested by an unavoidable circumstance. In addition, the pinch to your nose is a reality check. Perhaps you take yourself too seriously and situations which are supposed to be funny become offensive to you. Your subconscious is probably helping you become more self-aware because other people may perceive you in a negative light if you always come on too strong.

Your own nose

Seeing your own nose in a dream, perhaps looking at your nose in front of a mirror or seeing it from a third person point of view, points to an opportunity for you to demonstrate your integrity in the face of a moral dilemma. This test of character would be easy if you have a strong set of values and a clear understanding of your ethical duties. Overcoming this challenge using your best judgment would gain the respect of your peers and colleagues. It would also open up doors of opportunities which would give you great success.

Your nose falling off

To have your own nose falling off in a dream, for some unfathomable reason, maybe when it got sliced off by something sharp like a blade, usually has something to do with promiscuity and the negative repercussions associated with it. Often it points to the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease due to promiscuous behavior. Your mind could be warning you to practice safe sex and be more responsible with your sex life because your well-being could take a turn for the worse.

A stuffy nose

A stuffy nose, such as from a flu or an allergic reaction to something in the dream scenario, portends manipulative acts which would be committed by deceptive personalities around you. For example, you may have a secret rival in your workplace who is subtly manipulating you for their professional advancement. This could also apply to your personal life whereby a backstabbing friend of yours appears to be trustworthy but is actually bad mouthing you behind your back.

Blowing your nose

Blowing your nose at some time over the course of a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign. It portends receiving some money as an incentive to act on someone's behalf or as a gift to improve your current circumstances. The money would come with no strings attached, although you may be inspired to support the provider or pay it forward to someone else when your situation improves.

Hair growing on your nose

To see hair growing on your nose, in addition to the nasal hair which naturally grows inside your nose, refers to surprising yet pleasant developments about to happen in reality. Apart from being unexpected, this event would also be extraordinary because it would allow you to make your wildest dreams a reality. This is not out of pure luck, in fact this is the result of all your hard work and determination to succeed despite overwhelming odds. Just when you think that you are never getting the break you deserve, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Your nose splitting in two halves

Seeing your nose split in half is a negative symbol to behold in a dream. It predicts an upcoming period of financial trouble or poverty, although the cause of your hardships is likely outside of your control. For example, this symbol is often seen right before or around the time of natural disasters. The destruction caused by these forces of nature would be the reason you would suffer.

A crooked or strangely-shaped nose

A crooked or strangely-shaped nose, such as a deformed nose or a nose with jagged and irregular bridge, typically refers to alcoholic tendencies. Your self-control may be quite low so you would often find yourself dependent or addicted to certain substances or habits. In this case, it means there may be an upcoming occasion like a party which would lead to excessive intoxication on your part. If you are not careful, overconsumption of alcohol could lead to a lot of regrettable actions or behavior.

Your nose larger than usual

Envisioning a nose that is larger that its usual size means you would have powerful people supporting or protecting you in reality. Getting the support of powerful and influential individuals in your chosen industry would likely occur after an event which would allow you to prove your worth in your profession and gain the respect of your colleagues. By extension, you would gain the trust of authority figures, some of whom would be willing to open doors and refer you to lucrative opportunities.

A broken nose

A broken nose in dreams, such as being punched and having your nose broken or breaking it as a result of an accident, means your enemies and detractors could place you in a compromising position. You may find yourself falling into their trap and in a position where you would be eating off the palm of their hands. This could occur because there is someone close to you who would perhaps inadvertently spill your weakness or you yourself may foolishly let your guard down when you are happy or just generally in a good mood.

A boiled egg stuck in the nose

Swallowed a boiled egg and it got stuck in my nose.

This dream vision could represent possible scarceness of money to buy basic necessities needed for everyday living. Perhaps you have been noticing signals of your extreme paucity for some time now. The hard boiled egg getting stuck in your nose could also mean that this condition would escalate to a higher level and you would feel the full impact of it. You are likely to experience this shortage of money for a while. Try to take this as a lesson learned, be wise with money and spending in the future to avoid repeating this kind of situation.

Someone with the nose missing

Envisioning a person without a nose, just slits where the nose should be or perhaps when the area is completely smooth, conveys a negative dream meaning. It usually means that you are dealing with a very real threat or danger to your life after you have this dream vision. In a way this is a warning for you to be more careful and observant in case an evil or malevolent presence is waiting to pounce and attack you when you are distracted or unguarded. Being more alert and vigilant may ward off people with ill intentions.

A nose in general

In general, the dream symbol of a nose even if it is just an image or an actual nose in front of you relates to unexpected encounters and surprising developments in reality. The nature of this unexpected incident could either be positive or negative. Usually, it means that you may be reprimanded for actions or behavior which you did not realize was wrong or inappropriate. So being called out for bad behavior would actually be a learning process for you in making you more cautious and self-aware.

A swollen nose

A swollen nose in a dream, perhaps post-injury or when your nose swells up from an unknown cause, is actually a good sign. If you are the one with the swollen nose, then it means you would soon be in the possession of a significant amount of wealth or assets. It could be through an inheritance or earnings from your investments. On the other hand, if it is someone else's swollen nose, then perhaps you are feeling envious of another person's success, maybe who is a friend of yours. You may covet their possessions or their social status.

A pimple on your nose

Noticing a big, red pimple on the end of your nose during a dream vision is often thought to be a harbinger of bad luck and disappointment in reality. This is especially true if you have been competing against someone or trying to get the better of them for some time. In this situation, you would find yourself outsmarted and at a loss for words as to how you failed. If you have a son, another interpretation of this vision suggests he may come down with a minor illness in the near future.

A red nose

As a dream symbol, a red nose perhaps from a flu or as a result of cold weather usually has something to do with your health. In most cases, it is a warning about the possibility that you would catch an illness or experience some sort of threat to your well-being. You may be neglecting your health so this is your subconscious urging you to take care of yourself more and perhaps get a full physical check-up more for preventive measures, especially if you are feeling like something is off with your body.

A fake nose

A fake nose, such as seeing a celebrity having just undergone a cosmetic surgery or yourself sporting a fake nose, means you could become acquainted with a powerful individual who would take you under their wing after seeing your potential or innate talent. You may also connect on a personal level, so this person's immediate interest in you would be very beneficial for you. A lot of doors would open and if you manage these opportunities wisely, you could enjoy a very successful and productive career.

A big and curvy nose

Envisioning a particularly large, curved or hooked nose, whether it was on you or someone else, is the manifestation of evil or demonic presences making themselves known in your reality. You may soon come face to face with your greatest enemy or have to fight your inner demons to achieve moral superiority and peace of mind. This would be a test of your resolve to be good, and your desire for holiness above the material temptations of this world.

Trimming nose hair

My friend sees long hair in his nose and then he started cutting down his long nose hair.

Dreams about having long nose hair can be considered a forewarning of some environmental problems, such as presence of smoke, dust when sleeping or a possibility that this person may have some type of respiratory illness. Subconscious mind is telling this person to improve these physical conditions (visions of cutting long nose hair) before it becomes a really serious issue.

Your nose disappearing

Looking at your face and noticing that your nose is missing or slowly disappearing in front of your eyes denotes a rocky relationship. If you are married, then this points to the possibility of a divorce. While you may have been experiencing problems recently, things would escalate soon enough. In extreme cases, this is also an omen of tragedy and death. You could lose a loved one from a freak accident or from natural death, perhaps from old age or after a long battle with an illness.

Wiping your nose

Wiping your nose with a tissue or handkerchief, maybe because you have a runny nose or you have dirt on your face, refers to a happy occasion ahead. If things have been rough and stressful lately, then this is a pleasant dream symbol telling you that you would finally get the break or vacation you have been craving lately. You may go on an exciting trip with people you care about, like a road trip to interesting places or a full-on vacation to a relaxing resort or the beach. This well-deserved vacation would get you energized and enthusiastic about life again.

Someone pulling you by the nose

In the context of a dream vision, being pulled or led around by your nose carries a fairly negative interpretation. It suggests you are about to get yourself mixed up in some activity or project because you did not think your involvement all the way through. The lack of planning or financial backing would likely cause it to completely fail and fall apart, meaning you would be held responsible for the failure or lose your own investment.

Strange sensation around the eyes and nose missing

I was in my room, lying on my bed and I felt a strong sensation of pressure and tickle between my eyebrows, same feeling when you bring a pencil or a finger close to your eyebrows. Then I saw some blurred people shouting about that your nose is cut off, and I saw a vision of my nose, black with scars. Then I woke up. But even then the pressure between the eyebrows was there for quite some time.

Sharp or pointed objects, like pencils and needles, tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so feeling a pencil-like pressure between your eyebrows could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future. However, what you see may not make you happy. Having your nose cut off or realizing it is no longer there is an ill omen symbolizing becoming an object of criticism among those you thought you were close to. It is possible they are talking behind your back or spreading rumors. The reason is likely because they are jealous of your abilities or recent achievements.

Being fed through the nose

I dream my gf was feeding me an the food was going in my nose, but she wasn't aware of it and I jumped up in fear of suffocation.

A dream about being fed usually predicts upcoming travels. So, envisioning yourself being fed through the nose likely reveals your reservations about your planned trips. Perhaps due to the current pandemic, you are wary about going on non-essential travel yet you are feeling pressured by your peers to take a trip with them. Since food is a metaphor for physical and spiritual health, then it is possible that there are people around you who are forcing you to subscribe to their beliefs or lifestyle. This situation could force you to reevaluate your relationships and figure out which ones have your best interests in mind.

Your nose smaller than usual

Seeing your nose appear smaller than its usual size, perhaps after seeing your reflection in passing or while looking at your face in the mirror, means you are likely experiencing some problems in relation to your latest projects or undertakings. These difficulties are probably out of your control or perhaps someone is sabotaging you out of pure spite. Furthermore, this injustice may have been going on for a while now and this is your subconscious urging you to take action so that you get the rewards or recognition you deserve.

Grabbing someone by the nose

Dreaming of grabbing someone by the nose, perhaps aggressively during a physical fight or playfully as pinching the nose of a younger sibling, denotes good luck in terms of your romantic relationship. If you are currently single, then this means you would soon meet someone special with whom you would have an instant connection. If you are currently in a relationship, then this means it would flourish further and perhaps it means you are ready to enter a new chapter in your journey as a couple.

A plugged nose

Having your nose plugged, such as with cotton balls or with cloth perhaps to stem a nosebleed or block out unpleasant smells, denotes upcoming danger and difficulties. There is a risky situation in your future which would be hard to overcome because of the many, many consequences each decision would have involving a lot of people, including your loved ones. So the plug actually represents the feeling of being blocked or trapped in a corner and struggling to find the escape route.

An animal's nose

Seeing an animal's nose or focusing on an animal's nose, perhaps a dog's nose or a pig's snout, refers to allergy attacks or a weakened immune system. This upcoming allergy attack would be more serious than the ones you have previously experienced. This potentially grave health emergency could be a result of a poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle. Alternatively, you may be thrust into unfamiliar climate or environments which would overwhelm your immune system. Your body would have to adapt to this setting before you start feeling like your normal self.

Having two noses

Having two noses in your dream, whether they are side by side or one is located elsewhere on your body, portends a particularly tense and potentially violent confrontation in the near future. So the extra nose is your subconscious and your gut giving you fair warning about a sticky situation ahead which you may have the power to avert. For instance, when you sense rising hostility and flaring tempers, perhaps it would be better to calm yourself first before deciding to speak up or join the fray.

An itchy nose

An itchy nose, such as after being bitten by an insect or because you are allergic to particles in the dream scenario or environment, signals possible danger or threats lurking in your reality. The stage may already be set for criminals and bad people looking to take advantage of you, but this dream means you may still have time to distance yourself from dangerous or suspicious characters before things take a bad turn. So perhaps your sensible and cautious side is trying to steer you away from trouble.

Someone's nose up close

Seeing someone else's nose up close, whichever angle it may be, such as from below and up the nostrils or just a face-to-face angle while talking, is a subliminal message about being more prudent and careful in making decisions. If you are in the midst of closing a deal or signing a contract, perhaps you need to hold off and wait for more information which would help you make a wiser decision. Alternatively, someone could be butting in or meddling with your affairs with or without your knowledge, so you need to be careful whom you give access to sensitive information about yourself.

Your nose growing

Watching your nose grow during a dream vision, whether it occurred suddenly or over time, is considered a neutral or slightly positive symbol. The growth is often thought to represent increased status, wealth, respect or happiness in reality. In many cases, it has also been tied to the idea of fertility, meaning you could have multiple children in the future. If the nose happened to shrink during the vision, it could suggest decreases or loss in these areas, leading to hardship and disappointment.

Pulling plants from the nose

Pulling deep plant roots through my nostrils, they were huge and it was slightly painful.

Dreaming about pulling plant roots through your nostrils could indicate emerging respiratory infection or poor environmental quality inside the place where you sleep. On emotional level, this vision could reflect that you have been overwhelmed with several issues you have to deal with at the same time. Traditional dream interpretation sources suggest that when your airways are blocked or envisioned to be, you are either living through or sensing upcoming difficult times and hardships.

A dead cockroach inside the nose

I dreamed of a dead roach in my nose, I poke my nose and it was in between all my mucus in my nose, dead.

This dream contains a negative omen for you. The cockroach in your nose forewarns a possible accident or a situation in which you are placed in harm's way. This is more likely to happen while you are outside your home. Be attentive to the things going around you and try to not get easily distracted.

A fly in someone's nose

Someone throws out a fly from their nose in my dream.

The fly in the nose of someone in your dream vision may predict future situations that are dangerous, difficult or otherwise risky in one form or another. You could find yourself gambling with your life in a physical sense, like climbing a mountain doing extreme sports, or in a figurative sense, such as putting all your money into one basket or dropping everything to make a huge change in your lifestyle. While most people would become stressed and miserable under such circumstances, the person blows the fly out of their nose, meaning you would have little trouble avoiding the worst pitfalls and troubles associated with your journey. However, this does not mean you can be careless. Your success in this matter is closely tied to how cautious and observant you are during the trial itself.

Pulling things out of nose

Extracting objects from your nose, perhaps a cotton bud or tissue, portends emotional release. You are coming to terms with your personal truth, and ready to show the world your authentic self. In order for this feeling of freedom to happen, there needs to be a moment of catharsis wherein you speak your mind and express feelings you have been repressing for so long. If this is a recurring dream, then it could point to a lack of mental nourishment. Perhaps you crave an intellectual challenge.

Pulling snot out of nose

Despite its repulsive image, dreaming of mucus, in general, is not as displeasing as it seems. This dream, in particular, is a harbinger of an unwanted incident that might come into the dreamer's waking life. The act of pulling a booger suggests that something alarming is likely to happen, and this might be brought by a specific person in your life.