Dreams Related To Nest

A bird nest in the mud

A chick nest under the mud, more alive and few dead chicks.

Mud is often symbolic of time filled with uncertainty and despair. If you wallowed through the mud at all in this vision, it may suggest you are about to go through some trying times with an unclear resolution. However, finding a nest in the mud represents a pleasant surprise or a lucky turn of events, so you should never lose hope in a happy outcome.

An empty bird nest

I have had this dream twice. I walk out of my house and I see a bird's nest on the ground, but it's empty. Feathers on the ground and one in the nest. I feel sad and start to look for the babies, but can't find them.

Dreaming of an empty bird's nest indicates new houses or homes. Your vision suggests you may soon purchase or come into possession of a new residence. The emptiness of the nest means that the residence is ready to be occupied, hence the possibility of moving into a new home. As with any transfer or change of address, there will always be a bittersweet feeling associated with it. The sadness you felt in your dream mirrors the melancholy of relocating and leaving behind the connections you have established in your current place. Nonetheless, the feathers imply new associations and new friends to look forward to.