Dreams Related To Neighbor

A neighbor moving into the house

I am a female. My dream was that my next door neighbor was swapping homes with me. But already he was in my home putting in his kitchen cupboards and cooker.

Dreaming about swapping houses with your neighbor indicates upcoming changes in your life. It portends events which would completely alter the way you live when your current situation would undergo a major upheaval. These alterations could be related to new relationships or a new job. The way you handle these situations would actually determine whether these would turn in your favor or against you. However, the notion of your neighbor trying to set things up in your home signifies difficult times ahead of you, which could be related to the major changes taking place. Try to take things in stride and focus on important issues to get through.

A marriage proposal from neighbors

I am a 16 year-old girl, we were on this boat with my mom, and my neighbors, who have two sons that are both 6 and 7. My neighbor says that I should marry one of them, and my parents love the idea. I decide to play along with it. When we are at home the next day, both my family and the neighbors are making food for the upcoming wedding. I then have a second thought, and I tell my mother I don't want to marry one of the neighbor's sons. My mother gives me a look of disapproval, then she leaves.

Dreaming about being in a boat with someone signifies upcoming positive changes in your life. You may soon go through certain circumstances which would have a deep impact on your life. The notion of you getting a marriage proposal from your neighbors also symbolizes positive outcomes in any endeavor which you are about to undertake. However, the idea of rejecting the proposal and your mother's disapproval could portend a few wrongdoings on your part which could have a negative bearing on your life. Make sure you tread carefully and handle any opportunity with wisdom and consideration so that you do not jeopardize your future.

Neighbors moving out

Dreaming of your neighbors moving out means you are entering a period of uncertainty. Your could be kicked out of your home, lose your job or say goodbye to the stability of your current life. To remedy this stressful situation, you would have to think outside the box and be resourceful to survive. Unfortunately, you will be faced with morally ambiguous predicaments and this will test your character. This ominous prediction does not have to be a signal of a downward spiral if you have enough virtue and mental fortitude to overcome extraordinary challenges.

A neighbor moving away

I dreamt about my good neighbor and friend moving out of our apartment building. Thank you for interpreting my dream.

The departure of your friend and moving away from you is an indicator that you are losing loyalty and respect among a number of your family members and peers due to what you have recently done or said. Since no conflict or signs of tension were present in the process of your neighbor's moving away, the dream suggests that your social balance is preserved and that you will be able to cope and repair the damage to your reputation by yourself, which, however, may involve investment of time and resources. The ultimate reward after the revision of your relations with other people is the return of your confidence and self-esteem.

Neighbor visiting while naked

For some reason, my male neighbor visited my house naked. When sitting on the couch his penis was tiny and hidden amongst a lot of black hair. But I could see it was about an inch tall. When his penis got erect, it suddenly had a black crochet hat on it. I commented that it was strange and I'd never seen a penis hat and my neighbor said he loves them and always wears one. Help please, I've never had a dream this weird.

This vision is a manifestation of your disposition toward this person, and you seem to be treating him as an insignificant, low-key and undeserving individual. The small penis is also an indication of hostility and aversion you may have, which you project into your subconsciousness, but not dare to express openly. The crochet hat he had on the genitalia is a sign that he wants to learn more about you, in a non-sexual way, and perhaps prompt you to change your attitude toward him, which is supported by the fact you were so focused on and interested in such little details of his exposure in this dream.

Neighbors forcing to sell the car

I dreamt that I came back from somewhere and found my first car booth opened and also saw a white Benz which I didn't have in real life and that the engine was stolen and tried to ask my neighbors who were around if they knew anything. But I was told they didn't know, after which one of them came and pushed the car away, that I should call some people to buy it. But I refused, I said I will fix the car, that I'm not going to sell it.

Cars represent mobility, ambition and drive. The type of the car plays a significant part in the interpretation of the dream. In your case, the luxury brand reveals your ambitious nature and the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead. This also suggests a tendency to splurge and spend beyond your means. The advice in the dream reflects the admonitions your get in real life. Perhaps people are telling you to cut back on extravagant purchases. Nevertheless, you seem to be determined to realize your dreams, as validated by focusing on getting the car up and running, regardless of the cost.

Having only females as neighbors

Dreamt my roommate, my son and I all lived in a neighborhood with just other women as neighbors. All the female neighbors would come over to ask my male roommate for help with doing projects.

Envisioning a situation in which your male, adult friend is being requested to help females in the surrounding area suggests you have a caring and giving personality, especially if in the vision he seemed happy to perform these services. The big difference between the number of men and women, however, suggests you also tend to treat people preferentially according to your code, which may or may not agree with society's norms or traditional views.

A neighbor from the past

Encountering a neighbor from the past predicts an event that will prompt you to adopt a simpler lifestyle. Getting laid off or crushing debt could force you to reevaluate your priorities and cut back on unnecessary expenses. On the other hand, this symbol could also be a projection of your nostalgia for the past. The excess and hedonism of today's generation may be triggering a longing to go back to your childhood which you have idealized in your head. Detachment and isolation from the current generation may also lead to depression, hence you would seek out professional help like psychotherapy.

Killing your neighbor

Killing your neighbor in the dream realm is often an unconscious reflection of stress that is manifesting itself from wake life. Students of Edgar Cayce would interpret this as a sign that you are currently witnessing a lot of worrying or unfortunate situations in reality. For instance, you may see a lot of civil unrest over government policies or the spread of a terrible disease. It is also possible that this vision is a premonition of seeing such events in the future if you are not currently bearing witness to such tragedies.

Neighbors arrested

Witnessing your neighbors get arrested means you will soon require the help of acquaintances. There is a chance you will involuntarily help criminals or do something illegal and you may need to lawyer up in order to avoid getting jailed. Alternatively, the traditional interpretation of this dream involves introspection. You are probably clueless about the lives of others, so you tend to react insensitively and make sweeping generalizations. When you find yourself confronted by the realities of life, your perspective will change for good.

Neighbor forcing to fall in love

I am female, in my dream I saw myself pushing a bicycle passing via our neighbor's house. Reaching his backyard I saw he blocked a path connecting to our home with woven and barbed wires, I passed another side to reach our house. He followed me home with his twin kids (girls). Kids got scared of me. He forced me to fall in love with him. I pushed him away, he entered into our house and it turned into a crowded hospital. My coworker and me cooked peanut sauce, my mom was going to cook lamb meat stew.

Pushing a bicycle in your dream vision means you have a hard time balancing your work and personal life. There could be issues on the home front at the moment and this added burden is making you tense up and tired all the time. This cause of strain could be the people in your neighborhood. For instance, the barbed wires suggest you and your neighbor would have a misunderstanding, while him forcing you to fall in love with him illustrates your clashing personalities. This also reveals your general displeasure towards him because of past or upcoming unpleasant encounters. In this sense, the crowded hospital represents your need for a place to relax and your home is no longer giving you this sense of solace because of the antagonism with your neighbor. Finally, lamb meat symbolizes the sacrifices that have to be made in order for you to attain a sense of stability both in your work and at home. You can ease off from work for a little bit to attend to important matters at home or you may need the support of loved ones to help you sort out your problems.

Neighbor attacking

A hostile neighbor, such as being confrontational or physically attacking you, depicts a happy and content life. The meaning of this dream symbol is the opposite of the aggressive tone. You will be blessed by decent friends, family and acquaintances who will not ingratiate themselves into situations that are none of their business. As a result, this harmonious environment will allow you and your loved ones to thrive. It could also represent a fresh start in a new neighborhood.

A new neighbor

A new neighbor signifies a fresh perspective or a new object of desire based on the teachings of Sigmund Freud. This type of a dream symbol suggest your subconscious is being invaded by unfamiliar ideas triggered by new experiences in the real world. For example, your viewing patterns on Netflix may be influencing your own thoughts about sexuality and relationships. Other objects or symbols in the dream could provide further dream analysis about the specifics of your newfound interests.

Neighbors stealing from me

Seeing your neighbors stealing from you in the dream realm, whether they are rifling through your jewelry box or taking your bicycle from the yard, is often considered the manifestation of unchristian, immoral behavior you are witnessing in wake life. Perhaps you have recently seen someone behaving in a greedy manner, unwilling to share their bounty with those who need it most. It is also possible that you are morally concerned with larger issues in society, like homelessness, the wage gap or price gouging in times of emergencies.

Making up with a drunk neighbor

I was in a different house, my brother kissed a girl, then we went into our neighbor's, my ex friend who is my neighbor too (we don't talk in real life) was there and was drinking, then me and him went downstairs, then he was very drunk and he was talking to me and we where friends again but he was still drunk.

Dreaming about being in a different or unfamiliar house often predicts soon meeting someone who would want to be part of your life. Some dream analysts specifically point toward potential romantic partners when looking at this symbol, however, your drunk neighbor may leave this open to wider interpretation. For instance, someone may want to get on your good side for the purpose of selling you something or getting you to do something for them. This dream is a warning to pay close attention to what they are asking of you, as there is high potential for this relationship to be damaging for you. You may be taken advantage of or ripped off if you're not careful.

Fighting with neighbors

Hostile interactions with your neighbor, such as physical fights or verbal confrontations, symbolize the achievement of harmony and happiness in your life. The reading of this symbol is actually the opposite of the aggressive tone in the dream. In fact, this is an allusion to having healthy relationship both in your personal and professional life. You are blessed with friends and family who remain supportive without being too intrusive when it comes to personal matters. Professionally, you also have a good mentor who will help you realize your full potential.

My neighbors in my house

Having neighbors in your house suggests you will involuntarily get involved in a scuffle with someone you interact with on a daily basis. This imagery points to a seemingly petty argument which could snowball into a life-changing decision. For example, a disagreement with your boss will make you think about finding a new job. In a similar fashion, you could also have a misunderstanding with your significant other over trivial things which may be the last straw that will ultimately end in a breakup.

Neighbors giving you money

Dreaming that your neighbors are giving you money reveals the Christian value of generosity. A time will come when the less fortunate in your community will need your help and you will be pleasantly surprised at how your social circle will step up to share their resources. Alternatively, this is also a projection of your yearning for love. You probably feel isolated and alone, so your subconscious is manifesting this symbol to help you become aware of your loneliness and hopefully take some steps to become more open to others.

Neighbors murdered by someone

Seeing your neighbors killed by someone is an allusion to pent up aggression. This violent imagery means you will either fall victim to a violent act or you yourself could become violent because you have been suppressing anger for a long time. An insensitive comment or a simple inconvenience could make you scream out in frustration or even get physical. Alternatively, you could be the unfortunate target of someone's anger, so try to keep yourself out of trouble or channel your anger into harmless or productive pursuits.

Neighbors becoming homeless

Envisioning your neighbor as a homeless person on the off-ramp of a freeway or a beggar in a park does not suggest you are having a prophetic vision about this individual's future. Rather, it is an omen that portends your own future may be at risk due to some natural disaster or uncontrollable event. For instance, your house could be destroyed by a flood or you place of work may go out of business due to a sudden, dramatic shift in the economy.

A neighbor who has been stabbed

In my dream I stood in my kitchen when my next door neighbor randomly appeared in my front garden wearing a McDonald's uniform covered in blood as if he had been stabbed.

This vision could contain a premonition of a looming dangerous situation or indecent act. The McDonald's uniform worn by your neighbor speaks of your uncertainty about the causes that led to such situation or about the external or general factors which could contribute to its occurrence. It is unlikely that you would be being a victim of this incident yourself. Instead, this upcoming event would most probably involve witnessing something bad happening to another person or people. The kitchen, as a symbol, could reveal that this event or incident could happen close to where you live. Alternatively, it could be an event domestic in its nature, i.e. domestic violence, spousal abuse, etc.

Neighborhoods being built around

All my neighbors completed building their houses except me.

The symbol of building a house in a dream vision is connected to the idea of making improvements in your life or bettering your circumstances. In this case, because others are completing their homes and you are not, it represents an internal fear of not keeping up with those around you. While comparing yourself to others is natural and even a good thing at times, it is important to remember that everyone is on their unique path and hits different stages at different times.

Neighbor losing an entrusted dog

I dreamed that my neighbor lost my dog on a big busy avenue.

Seeing someone being responsible for, but losing your dog in a dream points to the possibility of hardships in your future. You may soon face threatening situations or troublesome circumstances over which you may have very little to no control. These could be long-lasting issues in your waking life with outcomes that will leave a lasting imprint on your psyche and make you want to re-evaluate your existing relationships with others.

Moving in a bad neighborhood

I moved into a new home. The neighborhood had lots of young children as I walked around. Later, some older teens and young adult neighbors began to gather on my porch. In conversation, I found out I moved to a troubled area. I had a feeling that the neighborhood wasn't safe. I tried to call a friend on my cell phone, but the phone fell out of my hand and broke.

Moving into a new home in a dream signifies uncharted territory. You could soon be traveling to some distant land or handling new responsibilities and projects for work. This new chapter you are about to enter is characterized by an unfamiliar environment and interpersonal dynamics. In relation to your work prospects, you may end up being surrounded by or having to deal with much younger colleagues, perhaps even fresh graduates. Maybe there is a generation gap at play. There could be plenty of challenges, for sure, and as demonstrated by your dream vision, your previous experiences and practical knowledge may not be too helpful. Perhaps it is time to learn new things or acquire a few extra skills to keep afloat.

Neighbor's house on fire

I dreamt that my neighbor's house was on fire.

A dream in which you see your neighbor's house on fire points to an expansion of your social circle. Specifically, this dream portends the possibility of gaining new friends or acquaintances. This could, in turn, lead you to experience and try new things which would greatly benefit you and them in the long run.

Neighbors killing cats

I dreamed that I went to a flat next to mine to complain about their four cats. When they answered the door I saw four women and four cats. They argued and I told them I would report them. When I went back later again the four women were still there but I saw a smallish suitcase with three of the cats laid out next to each other on their backs dead and them busy with the other cat still trying to put it in the case to bury them.

The killing of cats in your dream vision seems to represent your growing boldness in acts which border on being immoral or illegal. Others may be calling you out on your change in behavior, as is represented by the women who have the cats. The scene of observing the cats dead, then, suggests that your friends and family may stage an intervention, as they know the real you would never be involved in such terrible behavior or deeds. It is more likely the influence of untrue friends and peer pressure, which is causing you to act this way.

Afraid of a neighbor next door

In my dream I recently moved into an apartment I didn't feel safe in. My kids weren't home and as I was locking the door, I saw a man going to his apartment through a crack in the door. He said something to me and I was scared. Shortly after he was coming after me, wanting to kill me. He threw me and my dog out of a window, but we landed on something soft and were able to run. I tried to run to my grandma's to call for help. Her backyard was just ruined by a tornado. I had to keep running.

Dreaming about a menacing stranger inside your apartment suggests instability in your relationship with someone close to you, as homes often represent your inner being in dream visions. In this case, feeling there is an intruder is a shock to the system, meaning something is not right with one of your relationships. On the other hand, the intruder could be a reflection of your own guilt. Have you recently developed some uncharacteristic habits or behavior? Perhaps those are the roots of the uneasy feelings being manifested in your vision. You may be looking for some guidance and a sense of security as well as comfort because of your recent foray into uncharted territories.

A neighbor who has asthma

I dreamed that my old friend Arts teacher had moved to nearby house to me. I went to visit them, other friends were there too. He was laying in bed, very white skin, had a white cloth over his face. I asked him if he had asthma. He looked sick and nodded "Yes", he had asthma.

In this vision, it seems your old friend and art teacher could be representative of either yourself or someone else close to you in reality. This is due to the fact that he had moved to a house near yours in the vision. Your subconscious may see some parallels in your art teacher's life or personality that mirror something in your own, allowing him to act as a substitute for the situation you witnessed. Seeing him very pale, then, alludes to some form of betrayal or subversive behavior, meaning either you or someone you care about is about to be hurt in the worst way possible. The cause of your friend's illness in this case is asthma, a symbol associated with flexibility in the face of uncertain or painful circumstances. You may need to think outside the box to get through this troubling time or rely on outside sources to find comfort when all is said and done.

A deceased neighbor trying to rape

Dreamed my deceased neighbor wanting to rape me. Being trapped in the house with him.

The horrific, vivid imagery of this vision should be considered carefully as it does contain a warning. Being trapped inside the house with someone who is trying to attack and rape you reveals domestic troubles from which you see no end. Considering this was a deceased neighbor, perhaps some drama or unrest is affecting your area, making life difficult for you both inside and outside of the home. Moving out of your house may not be an option, but choosing when you go out and how often you make contact with potentially toxic individuals in your area may help ease some of the tension you no doubt feel.

Playing cards with neighbors

Playing cards with neighbors in their kitchen.

Dreaming of playing cards or other types of games with your neighbors could be an indication of superficial relationship with these neighbors, you could possibly soon start having disputes or confrontations with them.