Dreams Related To Needle


Needles tend to represent a singular time or place in space. As such, the variety of needles you saw in your dream vision and its context play a large role in the interpretation of this symbol. For instance, a sewing needle could point toward domestic tasks inside the home. If your area was filled with bits of scrap cloth and thread, it could be a sign that you need to clean and de-clutter your living space. On the other hand, a needle used by a doctor or nurse could represent the effects of a past illness or negative experience on you, either physically or mentally.

Pulling needles out of mouth

The feeling of sewing needles or safety pins poking you in the mouth is a metaphor for the troubles you are currently facing in wake life. The act of pulling these needles out, then, symbolizes asking the right questions to help you overcome the challenges you are facing. While it may hurt you emotionally to ask for help, relying on the expertise and experience of others would save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Deceased father chasing with a heroine needle

I have so much to type and not enough space. But my dad has passed away last year of a cocaine over dose. In my dream he came after me with a heroine needle and wouldn't stop smiling all doped up and just coming after me.

This dream of seeing you deceased father going after you with a heroine needle could serve as a forewarning of either getting acquainted or already knowing people posing as your friends who have selfish, dishonest or even criminal intentions. They would go out of their way to get you attention in order to reach their goals, but you are risking to end up in a situation when you would be left alone, hopeless and devastated. The dream therefore advises to take a closer look at whom you might currently be associating with or choose to trust and rely on in waking life.

A needle in the forehead

A lady injecting a long needle into my forehead.

Needles tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so having a needle injected into your forehead could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future.

A rusty needle in dog's fur

I dreamed I found a rusty needle in the fur of my dog. I handed it to my granddaughter, we were in Walmart. I was lying on a bench in the store, an employee was putting things on a shelve up high. There was no ladder for her, the owner of the store came in and laid on a bench. He seemed to not care there was no ladder or way down for her. He was very not interested. I rubbed the dog, and found plastic stitches on his belly, they were sharp, but just stitches, not sure about the rusty needle.

Finding a rusty needle in the fur of your dog may reveal an upcoming loss that would bring you great sadness. Your position laying on the bench inside a large store could mean this is related to finances. For example, you may be spending more money than you are bringing in or your investments are not returning what you expected. In either case, the manager's lack of interest in his employee could reflect your own feelings that those around you are not interested in or caring for you as you would like. The plastic stitches you later found on the dogs body could then represent achieving financial recovery but still being bothered that your friends and family abandoned you in your time of need. You may want to find an opportunity to discuss this with your closest family members so they can understand your point of view better.

Being injected with a needle

The feeling of being injected with a needle or a syringe in a dream, whether you were in a proper doctor's office or somewhere else, refers to a similar stinging sensation in wake life when you develop an awareness of something that has influenced you to act in a way contrary to your true being. For instance, high fashion may have caused you to wear clothes that did not match your personality or style now, leading to feelings of embarrassment over that period of time. Alternatively, hanging out with people who did not share your moral values may cause you to regret some of the things you said and did while around those individuals.

Being pricked by a needle

Finding yourself being pricked by a needle in a dream bears an advice-like interpretation regarding the state you are currently in. It symbolizes a need for you to focus on your spiritual condition, carry out introspection and evaluate the habits and behaviors you are used to exhibit, and the need for an immediate change. In another scenario, if the person pricking you is doing it too violently or causing you pain, it is then a sign that a rival or an enemy has set out to hurt you or cause damage, in this case be wary of the people you do not trust.

Needle and thread

Envisioning a needle and thread in your dream indicates the perfect time for a bright opportunity coming your way - a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. It is important that whatever striving and difficulty you are undergoing, you must stay motivated and never stop. The perfect sunrise has almost come. Ultimately, by seeing a needle and thread can be associated with having the ability to sew your dreams together and weave them into a reality. Thus, your life is about to find a meaningful cause, so do not quit as yet.