Dreams Related To Nail

A nail injuring the foot

In my dream I had stepped on a nail that went all the way through my foot.

Stepping on a nail and having it cut through the skin can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon lose the trust of someone close to you in reality. Perhaps your parents would disagree with a lifestyle choice you have made, or maybe you would inadvertently betray a friend by accidentally revealing something about them that was supposed to be a secret. If you wish to avoid the possible negative effects of this vision, you would have to be extremely careful with your words and actions.

Cutting nails too short

To see yourself cutting your nails too short during a manicure routine in a dream is a negative sign. According to traditional Hinduism sources of dream interpretation, such visions suggest that your normal relationship with your loved ones is going to be affected in one way or another. There still is a chance to introspect, look where and if you have been wrong in your treatment of others, or if you have been too clingy to the point of becoming over possessive or irritating towards others. Take the chance and you may change the course of things while it is not too late.