Dreams Related To Myth

Being instructed by a mythic God

I'm a guy. I have been actively thinking about the old myths in a pro sort of way. I dreamed Odin, the Allfather, came to me and told me I needed to practice Abrahamic Ritual Magic to find my calling, my powers. It was clearly Odin, crows, Viking gear, the lot. But the sense was it didn't matter, he needed me to invoke and say the words of certain Kabbalist origin - the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory forever... . Not what I would have expected.

Dreams involving Odin the Allfather tend to point toward an internal desire to achieve success and recognition for your achievements. Just as Odin sacrificed his eye for wisdom and knowledge, so does this vision reveal that you would be willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Furthermore, with the idea of wanting knowledge comes the phrase knowledge is power, suggesting you want the respect, deference and power that being a well-informed individual allows. The Abrahamic ritual magic and the Kabbalist invocations could be connected to this idea by way of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In that case, your quest for more knowledge could have unintended side effects of a negative nature. For example, you may learn something you did not want to know, or you may upset some people by telling them things they are not interested in.

Befriending a mythical creature

A centaur befriends me in a wood.

Meeting a mythical centaur in the woods indicates you have strong traditional values. This also means you tend to stick to the books when trying to solve a problem instead of trying new things. While old-fashioned wisdom is important and useful, following it too closely can blind you from other options which might be more efficient and practical.