Dreams Related To Mutton

Being given mutton

I dreamt my old student bought me a packet of mutton meat and stated that her aunt has sent this for me as in their family they had a akeka ritual.

Dreams about mutton meat is a good sign of success, they could indicate getting promoted at work or receiving some monetary benefits. Sometimes these benefits can come from a completely unexpected source. Another possible interpretation of dreams about eating mutton meat: they can be an indication of some sort of weakness you are trying to overcome in order to become more successful or achieve something very desirable. Once you become capable to eliminate this weakness from your personality, you will become successful in things you are trying to accomplish.

Giving mutton to a stranger

I saw that I am giving away raw mutton to a stranger. The mutton is very good, from a healthy sheep.

Mutton in a dream, especially when of good quality, represents success. In many cases it points to a promotion or other monetary benefits from working hard. Because you gave this meat to a stranger, it is possible that you are sacrificing your own future prosperity to help those whom you consider just as worthy, if not more so, than you. While this is both very gracious and valiant of you, it may not be in your best interests in the long run to keep putting off your own happiness.