Dreams Related To Mutant

A strange mutant insect

I was walking down the street and came upon this garden someone asked me to look at. As I was looking, a rock and some soil tumbled over (it was flat ground) and then out came a flying black insect about 3 inches long that looked like a cross between a dinosaur and human. It kept flying towards me causing me to panic and then I woke up.

In a dream vision, walking down the street is normally associated with upcoming success and prosperity. This is likely linked with a project you are undertaking or a course of action you have recently put into effect. Additionally, the stranger who invites you into the garden could be a positive symbol regarding a hope you currently hold in your heart. You may be able to make your deepest desire a reality under these circumstances. However, the dinosaur and human-like hybrid insect that comes toward you could reveal potential financial difficulty or ruin should you fail. Your efforts would have to be carefully calculated and thought out lest you dig yourself into a hole you cannot escape from.