Dreams Related To Murder

Seeing murder

To see a murder in your dream signifies a great deal of sadness because of some people’s malicious intentions or behavior you are about to face. You may also witness violence leading to someone's death.

Seeing murder in your dream also means experiencing some kind of pleasure and fast recovery for those who are sick. It may also signify possible tragic accident or getting involved in a conflict or a dispute.

Someone attempting to murder you

Dreaming about someone trying to murder you tells you about your subconscious desire to get rid of a boring life partner and to terminate the relationship with him or her.

Your friend being murdered

To dream that you have learnt about your friend’s murder can mean strong tribulations and long periods of time passing before making a decision that is important to you.

Your friend committing a planned murder

Finding out in your dream that your friend has committed a murder staged or planned predicts unfavorable or unpleasant events, or an act of deception or forgery committed by a person you trust immensely.

Being murdered

To be a victim of a murder in your dream is a sign that you should be very careful in order not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you. This dream is also telling you to be watchful of actions or behavior that can ruin your image or reputation.

Someone murdering someone else

Miller's dream interpretation literature source states that witnessing a murder indicates malicious intent and misdeeds. You will become the target of gossip and speculation perpetuated by your rivals. They may also attack your allies to weaken you social support. Alternatively, seeing someone commit a murder can allude to a violent attack in the real world. You could witness a mugging incident or a brawl leading to injury or even death.

Witnessing a murder in progress

Witnessing a murder in your dream as it happens signifies too much violence in your sexual fantasies. You are failing to understand that someone may not like your aggressiveness and forceful intentions while having sex. The dream advises not to be selfish or pushy during sex.

To be a witness of a murder also signifies being saddened or concerned by cruelty and unfair treatment coming from others. When you witness a murder of a person or an animal right in front of you, it is a sign of you rejecting or disapproving actions of others. It can also mean that somebody close to you may be in a danger coming from robbers or killers.

Murdering someone while defending yourself

Murdering an enemy or someone you do not like while defending yourself in your dream is a good sign. This dream predicts your success in the dealing with society and solving problems you face when interacting with people around you.

Murdering someone

To dream that you murdered somebody is a hint to break free from unnecessary and boring relationship having place in your life. You always keep trying to convince yourself that it is still something valuable to have. However, the truth is that your relationship is deteriorating and in your future there is no place for peaceful and meaningful relationship for either one involved in this relationship.

Someone being murdered

Witnessing the murder of another individual while dreaming at night is often symbolic of some great sadness or trouble in wake life. You may soon fall victim to some rude or hurtful behavior by someone else in reality. Another possible interpretation, albeit a rare one, is that it directly refers to seeing violence that could lead to death or fatal injury.

Committing a murder

Dreaming that you have committed a murder can be a disconcerting symbol, suggesting that you may be engaging in actions or behaviors that bring shame and dishonor to your name. This intriguing vision serves as a reminder to reflect on your choices and consider the consequences of your actions. It signifies the need for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the impact your decisions may have on yourself and others. By recognizing and acknowledging the potential harm caused by your actions, you can take steps to make amends and strive for a more honorable path. Use this dream as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Embrace the chance to make positive changes in your life and cultivate a sense of responsibility for your words and deeds.

Murder with a knife

Dreaming about committing a murder while using a knife indicates that your sexual desires toward your partner are gradually getting better and this can be a mutual feeling coming from both sides.

Committing mass murder

Dreaming about yourself committing mass murder tells you about your aggression and anger, feelings normally hidden from the rest of society. These feelings are manifesting themselves as part of your dream because of stress and unhappiness in your life.

Learning about planned murder

Having a dream when you have learnt about arranged murder signifies unpleasant news or information you are about to find out regarding your colleagues or relatives. Females who had this dream will be able to brush off unwanted propositions from male acquaintances.

Surviving attempted murder

Seeing yourself surviving attempted murder in your dream signifies your fearlessness and courage which help you avoid dangerous or menacing situations. Cultivating these strengths will help you in the future to resist possible unwanted enemies.

Murdering someone with a gun

Interpreting dreams where one envisions using a firearm to commit harm can potentially signify an impending resolution of intimate conflicts or challenges linked to personal relationships in the upcoming days. Such dream scenarios might serve as symbolic indicators of addressing and overcoming emotional or relational obstacles on the horizon. Analyzing dreams featuring attempts to use a gun for harm could offer insights into the subconscious processes at play, hinting at a proactive approach to resolving private issues or fostering greater understanding within close connections.

Keeping a murder a secret and magic

I'm a female. In my dream I was keeping a secret about a murder that happened cause someone was trying to hurt me. Later on I had magic. I was on a flying carpet. Flying into a bunch of different rooms. I ended up in a fancy hotel as if I knew where I was and why I was there. I walked up to him and he knew me. He said I look like me but that I seem different. I told him magic changes people. After I said that he smiled seeing that it was really me. He kissed me. We were engaged. I did not know the man.

Starting at the beginning of the vision, dreaming about keeping someone's murder a secret could mean that the well-being of someone close to you, either emotionally or by family ties, is being threatened. You may be subconsciously preparing yourself for the worst to happen. In these difficult times, you probably feel less than excited or enthusiastic about life, which is also seen in the image of the hotel you later visited. This is also connected with your use of magic in this vision, a symbol commonly thought to be the manifestation of a personal desire to escape into a fantasy world to avoid the problems present in reality. This escapist attitude signifies that you would rather focus on what things could have been like instead of trying to take them in stride. The end of this vision contains a warning, however, and should be taken seriously. Dreaming of kissing a stranger suggests that your tendency to avoid tackling any developing issues may lead to long-term negative effects in your life that you might regret later on.

Being followed by a murderer

Someone trying to hurt or murder me and my friends and we would try to protect ourselves and told no one someone got murdered. I didn't commit it but I had evidence on me from somewhere and this other man was trying to get it from me and I was trying to find a place to hide it but everywhere I went he was there, so I went to the water, swam out as far as I could and dumped it. He swam after me trying to dive we got in an argument and I told him he was acting weird for days and didn't know what he wanted.

Being chased by a murderer or killer in your dream likely portends an identity crisis. The person who was killed symbolizes an aspect of your personality which you have lost or has been suppressed. Perhaps you do not feel like yourself lately. This may be due to peer pressure or some other factors affecting your emotions, thoughts and actions. It is also possible that you are the one suppressing this characteristic in order to fit in and the evidence of the murder is what would give you away. Despite personal or external pressures, you may still feel the need to hold on to the evidence so you do not forget who you really are. Furthermore, the water refers to your consciousness and swimming as far out as you can to hide the evidence is another reference to suppression. Either you want to bury this part of yourself in the deep recesses of your mind so you can commit yourself to this personal transformation, or it could also mean that you honestly do not want to change so you are doing your best to preserve your authentic self. Positive change can only come from letting go of negative traits and recognizing your own weaknesses for self-improvement instead of allowing others to dictate your thoughts and actions.

Murder of someone serving in the military

Learning about a murder in your dream which involves someone serving in the military means that this person may die while on duty or because some tragic accident while on duty.

Arrested after committing murder

Had a dream. I had this friend who was influenced by a big man (Kennedy) to go and kill someone without my knowledge. We both went to help this person, but during the helping that is where the killing was administered (food poison). The very same day I was arrested with my friend for the crime.

This dream has a neutral interpretation which leans toward the negative side, depending on how firmly you tend to hold onto your beliefs. The image of someone being poisoned is symbolic of death, but in this case does not represent physical passing away. Rather, it seems to point toward the death of a previous way of thinking, a belief that you held dearly until recently. Being arrested with the true criminal of the crime suggests that those around you, who once humored your misguided way of thinking, are no longer interested in your antics. You may have to reevaluate why you believed what you did and make efforts to show those around you that you are more open-minded and accepting than you were before.

Someone murdered because of rejection

I have had this same dream a few times throughout my life. It starts with a girl falling off a roof at a party, it is then revealed that she was murdered and the rest of the dream is about crossing off possible suspects. Someone is even arrested, but then a young boy who is quite chubby and geeky comes forward and says that he wanted to go out with the girl, but she rejected him, so he pushed her off the building.

The type of media content we consume can sometimes influence the narrative of our dreams. Having said that, your murder mystery dream speaks of your hidden yearning to get rid of a particularly unsavory aspect of yourself. The recurring sight of this vision means that either you are unaware of this aspect of yourself or you are afraid of confronting your inner demons. The unrequited love angle as a resolution to the murder reveals suppressed feelings of neglect and rejection. Maybe some part of you wants some validation or affirmation from the people around you. Visions like these call for self-awareness and introspection to break certain cycles and resolve deep-seated personal issues.

Playing dead during murder

At my grandma's house, there were people (I was there, my dad was and I think my brother). Then other people came and started slitting people's throats and we started to go underwater. I faked being dead so I could escape. They believed it but before they left they went from the side of mouth down and cut it with a knife to see if I was alive, I kept pretending, I did feel the pain. I had to continue being in hiding, I left to go somewhere else wearing a sweatshirt and sunglasses to hide.

There is an ominous tone to this dream, so your subconscious is likely shedding light on a delicate matter. For instance, being at your grandmother's house means this big issue may have something to do with legacy and the violent events during this dream scenario represent threats to this legacy. Going underwater is a prescient sign that someone wishes your family ill will. Similarly, slitting throats could point to cutthroat individuals who are taking advantage of your family. These people have probably ingratiated themselves into your family, so the act of betrayal could catch you all by surprise. Finally, getting your mouth slashed indicates being silenced. It is also possible that you will shy away or avoid this issue as an act of self-preservation. However, this passive way of dealing with it could be detrimental to your family. Maybe being more observant and assertive would deter them from going through with their plans.

Murder of an armed villain or animal attacking you

If you have murdered an armed villain or a wild animal in self-defense, then it signifies a good luck in everything you try to achieve and possible career advancement.

Murdering a stranger

To dream that you have murdered a stranger signifies your attempts to deal with parts of your own personality causing you to behave inappropriately or to your disadvantage. Or it can be a sign of trying to get rid of something in your life that makes you feel ashamed or uncomfortable.

Murdering a stranger in your dream confirms your success in removing this unwanted aspect present in your life. Dreaming about you murdering a stranger predicts that your fears will leave you, and your life will become peaceful.

Your enemy being murdered

Seeing your enemy being murdered in your dream is a symbol of great success, and having his blood splattered all over you signifies receiving a lot of money unexpectedly or from surprising sources.

Murdering a person

Murdering a person in your dream is an extremely bad omen. Crime and imprisonment may become the obvious outcome of your deeply flawed life. After experiencing this dream you should analyze and renounce sins and evil intention present in your life, otherwise the consequences may be horrible.

Having this dream may signify losses, accidents or robbery for traders and farmers. Your beloved one may be deceiving or cheating on you, and your best friend may abandon you, family disputes may also happen which may lead to dangerous situations in your household.

News about somebody's arranged murder

Hearing or discussing news about planning to murder somebody in you dream signifies your plans not coming true because of your friend's or girlfriend’s fault or interference.

Big reward for murdering someone

Having a dream about being offered a big reward for murdering someone indicates potential financial difficulties. You may be trying to increase your wealth and improve financial well-being by resorting to dishonest or questionable actions or behavior.

Conspiring to a murder

Committing an arranged murder in your dream signifies being involved in going through desperate actions of behavior that may lead to disapproval or even severe punishment.

Asking someone to committ a murder

If you find yourself asking someone to murder a person you do not like, it can be an indication that you maybe attempting to blame some shameful or inappropriate actions on someone else.

Murdering defenseless or innocent person

Dreaming about murdering an unarmed, defenseless or innocent person foretells difficult times or hardship filled with grief or sorrow you are about to face in your life.

Murder through suffocation

Dreaming about committing a murder through suffocation could be a metaphorical reflection of the need for revitalization and renewed passion in your relationships, especially with your partner. Just as suffocation implies a lack of breath and air, this dream might be prompting you to infuse your interactions with a breath of fresh air, introducing novelty, excitement, and spontaneity. It's a signal that routine and monotony might be stifling the emotional connection. Consider exploring new activities, engaging in open conversations, and injecting vibrant energy to prevent stagnation and breathe life into your relationships, fostering a renewed sense of closeness and vitality.

Murdering relatives or friends

Dreaming about murdering your relatives or friends is a warning about possible quarrel with them as well as failure to accomplish things you have plans for to be completed or achieved.

Waking up when dreaming about murder

Waking up during a dream about someone murdering you indicates a lot of fear you may have towards unexpected or frightful things you encounter. This may attract danger, and this dream may be warning you to be prepared for them.

Murdering somebody with a saber

Having a dream about murdering somebody with a sharp saber or machete signifies losses in material wealth or possessions. Be watchful of who you come in contact with in your everyday life.

Murdering your wife

Dreaming about the act of murdering your wife can be a symbol of losing control over important aspects of your life, leading to a loss of authority and power. The dream may reflect feelings of frustration or a sense of powerlessness in certain situations. It could also indicate unresolved conflicts or issues within your relationship with your spouse or a female figure in your life. Alternatively, the dream might represent a fear of making decisions that could have significant consequences, leading to a sense of being overwhelmed or unable to manage life's challenges effectively. It is essential to reflect on these emotions and seek ways to regain a sense of control and empowerment in your waking life.

Being murdered by your wife

Dreaming about being murdered by your wife is a bad sign of facing misfortune and difficulties in life which can drastically change the way you live and lead you to unpredictable and miserable existence.

Murdering yourself with a knife

Trying to murder yourself in your dream by committing suicide with a knife predicts a lot of luck. When you only wound yourself with a knife, the dream can also predict great happiness and joyful existence coming to you soon.

Being a murder suspect

I dream that police officer called my name. Then showed me the newspapers with the contents of murdered woman then beside is my name. They also showed me a paper with a two thumbs that had fingerprints.

In this dream you were convinced that you were somehow connected to the murder of the woman in question. This could be indicative of your guilt and remorse about your own actions and behavior which could have caused a person in your waking life to go through a period of humiliation and suffering. Perhaps, at some point in time you have acted inappropriately towards someone whom you know closely or who just happened to be there. The symbolic vision of fingerprints shown to you is also a reflection of your fear that you could either be criticized by others for your wrongful actions, or your sincere hope that you would never repeat this mistake if a similar situation occurs in the future.

Murder of a famous abolitionist

I had a dream being a witness to the murder of Beecher.

This vision of witnessing or attempting to murder the person who is known as an abolitionist reveals your complacency, inability to break free from or your willingness to continue being dependent on a person or people who are self-conscious and who may be exerting a lot of power and control over you. This could be only explained by the fact that your life is greatly influenced by what this person or these people are telling you to do and these principles seem to you as the only and the most sensible way to live by. Alternatively, your very livelihood and material well-being is tightly connected to associating with and obeying these people. However, subconsciously, you are looking for possible ways to free yourself from this dependency.

Entire family killed

My son was dreaming about someone killing him and all of us, his family.

Visions of family death, especially murder, are highly ominous and point to being in a dangerous or life-threatening situation in wake life. This could include a run-in with a dangerous person, such as a drunk driver or burglar, or a habit which has detrimental effects over time, like smoking or drug use. Because it was your son who saw this vision, it could be the manifestation of his fears about such a situation or something his subconscious is picking up about whatever presently preoccupies his mind.

Children and pets remaining after a murder

I had a dream that a woman had come and told me her husband had killed her. There were children who were afraid who had witnessed this murder, they all described who this man was and what he looked like. And then the man insisted he never did this, there were also stray animals, one was a cat that was blue and white, and then there was a dog who has been neglected. I bathed them and adopted them as my own, and there was a baby I also bathed and played with. At the end I was picking up dog poo.

Hearing about or witnessing a murder in your dream reflects your suspicious nature. You are not that easily fooled by other people's achievement or display of wealth. Alternatively, this vision could be a forewarning of becoming entangled in the affairs of others. Throughout this personal experience, it is required of you to remain impartial and hear out the different sides of the story. This also ties in with the strays that you see in your dream. The act of adopting them means that you may take certain lost individuals under your wings. Fortunately, this act of good will may also end up benefiting you, either in material benefits or spiritual satisfaction. Either way, this vision speaks a lot of your character when you choose to lend a helping hand despite your reserved and cautious nature.

Murdering a baby

The person I was with, and I, decided we needed to kill the baby that was with us. I don't remember why, but there was danger in leaving the baby alive. He said he would do it, and I said calmly "No. I will do it". With no anger, or anxiety. I knew it had to be done. I was holding the baby boy on my left arm, and I pushed the knife through his heart with my right hand. He awoke and asked for food. I said I would get some, knowing he would be gone soon.

Babies in dreams generally carry positive messages such as new ideas, hope and opportunities. However, within the context of your dream, the baby could represent being young and carefree, which means killing the baby actually points to your decision to be more mature and accepting of adult responsibilities. Killing the baby is not a bad omen, instead it shows your resolve to commit yourself to being a grown-up in order for you and your partner to move forward with your relationship. Instead of placing the burden of attending to adult matters on the shoulders of your partner, you recognize the need for you to start pulling your own weight when it comes to day-to-day decisions.

Helping a friend who kills people

In my dream I witnessed a friend of mine stabbing two people to death and it was horrifying to me in my dream and I was bawling my eyes out and very scared but also trying to help my friend get away with it, very odd dream.

In general, witnessing someone commit a crime in the dream world predicts the possibility of being subjected to judgment and scrutiny. You may be blamed for the misfortune of others due to some of your past or recent actions or decisions. This may be related to your work or even a personal undertaking. The thing is, while you may not be directly to blame, perhaps you were complicit to the mistakes committed, as illustrated in the dream. If it is work-related, you could be privy to unethical practices by colleagues, yet loyalty or perhaps personal gain prevented you from calling them out.

Family members being murdered

I am a female who had dreams of my loved ones being murdered in front of me.

Witnessing the murder of your family in the dream world could mean the possibility of experiencing problems in your household. Perhaps you are partly the reason for any conflict or tension brewing within your family. The act of murder is likely a projection of dissatisfaction or displeasure regarding your family's values or behavior. You could have differences of opinion which could cause a rift among the family members, hence be careful in defending your beliefs at the risk of antagonizing others. Conversely, your loved ones may need to practice prudence and respect about differing perspectives.

Being killed after a fight with the husband

I dreamed my husband and I got into an argument about him being unfaithful. He wanted to leave me, so I started punching him and then attempted to murder him, but couldn't do it, so a lady that kidnapped me killed him and then killed me as well. I have seen an unknown man running and then I woke up.

Dreaming about fighting with your husband because you think he is unfaithful symbolizes that you are unsatisfied with the way things are in your waking life. The notion of both of you being killed by someone is an indication that the problems which you have in your marital life might pose a threat to your well-being as well as that of your husband. It would be helpful to resolve any issues which you are facing to avoid further difficulties in your marriage.

Becoming an axe murderer

I have a recurring dream that I'm an axe murderer killing everyone in my path, sometimes friends, family or complete random people. There's a lot of blood and I often get it all over myself, I am female.

Dreaming about murdering unsuspecting friends or relatives has negative connotations. It signifies that you may face trying circumstances in your wake life. These could be associated with quarrels and miscommunication with your loved ones. Since this is a recurring dream, it can also be connected with what you feel subconsciously. Perhaps you think that you are being misunderstood and people are not making an effort to get to know you better. In turn, this angers you a great deal and you feel strongly about eliminating all those who misinterpret you and your true intentions.

A harmless serial killer

I was dreaming about Michael Myers looking over me, also walking around my house. He didn't try to kill me or anyone.

Dreaming of a fictional serial killer means you may be trying to rid yourself of some negative emotions. There may be aspects of your personality which you want to let go of because they are preventing you from achieving your full potential. This may also be an allusion to your self-destructive habits and tendencies. You could be afraid of being a danger to yourself because of your lack of discipline and self-control. Maybe it is time to confront your shadows and start to become a better version of who you are.

An elderly couple trying to murder

We were in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Me, my friend, my boyfriend and a few others of our friends which I can't remember. And we went inside this house which was actually only half of an normal-size house and there was a creepy old man and woman, half of the dream feels like a bit of a blur, but the elderly couple tried to murder all of us. Me and my friend gave birth in this disgusting house and we left, but the man somehow found us and got in contact and that's all.

Dreaming about someone trying to murder you could be a sign from your subconscious mind telling you to break free from people who can no longer satisfy you emotionally, possibly your boyfriend or your friend, while giving birth can predict a better future if you do so, not only for yourself but for others involved in your life. In the process, you could fall victim of rumors or unwanted talks, unable to determine who is betraying you or spreading lies about you, as indicated by the notion of being lost in the woods. The presence of the elderly couple in your dream also means you need to rely on wisdom and past experience during this time.

Keeping murder of a child secret

Dead body of a known child and knew the murderer, but I had to keep it as a secret and hide the body. But I finally told it. And I saw some area or landscape which is familiar with my past dreams. I and a friend walk along a road in that area with the body. And I saw my college and also a monk and temple.

Dreaming about covering up for a child's death could mean that the well-being of someone close to you, either emotionally or by family ties, is being threatened and so you are subconsciously preparing yourself for the worst to happen. Since you mentioned a familiar landscape in your dream, it could mean that what you are experiencing at the moment is probably a problem you have faced for awhile now and that it is probably continuing to have a deep spiritual impact in your life, hence the image of the monk and temple seen in the dream.

Cleaning up after a murder at school

I work in a school, one of the children was beheaded in the hall by Al-Quada and the head teacher made me dress up in a sari and clean the mess up.

Your dream seems to mirror the anxiety you might be feeling over recent events involving acts of terrorism and how you feel they might impact your life. It could also reveal the fact that you do not agree with some of the school policies or you could be having some existing or developing conflict with a colleague or a superior, and so you subconsciously merge the two issues together as equally bad when both of these things could lead you or people around you to suffer. Since you were the person designated to clean up the mess, it also means you are sensing some sort of added responsibility. Perhaps you should think about the aspects at workplace which make you uncomfortable and why you would equate them with radical fundamentalism.

Killing and burying someone in the backyard

I killed someone and then buried them in my backyard. Then I kept checking to make sure it was still covered up.

Killing someone in a dream is often thought to be the manifestation of your determination to tackle a challenge or obstacle that is currently causing you difficulty. Burying the body is also a favorable sign that suggests all your frustrations and negative feelings related to this problem would disappear soon, giving you a chance to rejoice and start living a much happier life. Your constant return to the grave, however, could mean you may become suspicious of happiness and contentment and would not fully be able to enjoy this time due to your lack of faith.

A murderer in boyfriend's house

I am a teenage girl. I had a dream that my boyfriend and I went to his mom's apartment and upon coming in I was greeted by blood on the ceiling and walked past a murderer in the bathroom. My boyfriend grabbed me and dragged me into the room after that bathroom, locked the door and said "Call the police", which I did. The murderer who was washing himself off, started to knock on the door to the room we were in while I was on the phone with the police.

Being threatened by a killer or murderer in a dream is generally associated with a characteristic or aspect of yourself which you want to get rid of or eliminate. In the context of your vision, the murder that occurred inside the apartment of your boyfriend's mother could mean that you may dislike certain qualities of his mom. Perhaps you feel like she does not approve of you, so much so that you seem to have noticed certain changes in yourself and your behavior in order to get her approval. Your boyfriend may be defending you from his mom, but her authority and influence over him may threaten your bond. Maybe getting to know his mom better would help relieve some tension between the two of you. Spending more time with her and understanding where she is coming from may change your dynamics. In doing so, she would also get to know you a bit better and she would see the qualities that attracted her son to you.

A friend brainwashed by a murderer

A murderer brainwashed my friend to kill me. He killed one of my friends but I couldn't prove it. He knew I knew. Managed to get to my friend. Ran downstairs and out the door. Came to a hotel looking for me. He managed to get in the room. Left a coffee cup to show he had been in. Started collecting weapons, mainly knives. Friends were helping. Managed to get hold of me in a corridor. I had a bag with weapons in. I was pinned down, friends got weapons, swapped places and I was about to kill him.

Being pursued by a murderer or killer in a dream alludes to the loss of identity. In the context of your dream, the murderer who brainwashed your friend may represent an influential figure in your social circle who may be turning your friend into someone you do not recognize anymore. When your brainwashed friend started coming after you in your vision, it means your friend likely trusts the manipulative individual more than you. Perhaps he is encouraging you to embrace a new persona, in the same way that he was convinced to let go of his old ways. Fortunately, gathering weapons and allies point to your firm resolve in sticking to your beliefs and values. You may need to remain resolute and counter the influence of this cunning personality who is controlling the actions and beliefs of your friend.

A murder scene without the body

I am a female. I dreamt I came home and found a bloody murder scene, but did not see a dead body. I called for help but police would not come and help so my kids and I just waited for a few days for someone to help.

To understand this vision, we should look at the symbols in reverse. Calling for help but being ignored by the police predicts much the same in reality, namely that you would probably ask your family and friends for help and be surprised to be turned down. Their indifference could have a profound effect on your life and make you start to question what you could have possibly done in the past to deserve such a harsh treatment. The bloody crime scene without a body suggests that your passion and ambition would provide you with enough motivation to be successful in overcoming these hardships and working through your problems without the assistance of others.

Men talking about possible murder

There were two men in front of two doors talking, the left one (the owner of the company) tells to the right one that he was not the one who committed the murder and that some people thought he was the murderer. In the end, the right man seemed to believe in his innocence. Then I was sitting in a double bed with white sheets and to the left sitting was the wife of the owner wearing a white satin nightdress. We were talking about jobs, I had a paper, writing things. She proposed to work in the airport and 4 columns with 4 faces appeared.

In this vision, the owner of the company seems to be you, a projection of your inner self into the world of your dream. Being accused of murder, then, can easily be interpreted as a sign that you are overly preoccupied with everyday issues and problems in reality. Rather than focusing on the big picture, you get stuck obsessing over small details that do not matter. This hurts both your psyche and your loved ones. This is supported by the suggestion of working in an airport, a sign associated with focus on material possessions. As such, all the white in the vision, the bed, the owner's wife's gown etc., all point toward realizing the error of your ways and looking beyond the dollar value of each item in your life. This could mean becoming more involved in a church or volunteer group or simply spending more stress-free time with your loved ones.

Someone murdered inside the church

I'm female. I was walking down stairs in my childhood church and passed a woman holding a sharp curved knife. Another woman at the bottom had a dull pocket knife (victim). I heard her say to someone, “What else am I supposed to do?”. I ran out the church after getting help. By the time help arrived all that was left was a white shirt, blood stained and a trail of blood in the same direction of my home. I knew after such blood loss she was dead a couple feet past my house but never saw her body.

Biblical sources associate churches as symbols for a spiritual journey or the possible need for guidance. To find yourself within this structure means you are contemplating recent decisions in the face of a possible moral or ethical dilemma. This dilemma may be related to the knife as another dream symbol which refers to conflict or discord. In particular, the woman with a sharp knife and the woman with a dull knife represent controversial personalities in your daily life. One may be straightforward and confrontational and the other more passive-aggressive in their approach. They could be both special to you and you may have to intervene and mediate a conflict before someone gets hurt. The bloody scene, despite the vivid and violent imagery, does not hold such an extreme message in dreamscape. It simply means possible betrayal and loss of trust. The good news is that your subconscious has alerted you to this brewing conflict and there is still time to undo the damage.