Dreams Related To Mum

Mother holding a baby boy

Kitchen with family and my mum was holding a boy (months old) with light brown eyes and hair. I started walking up the stairs to my apartment and called my mum on mobile and she told me the boy is my brother.

This vision seems to predict an upcoming period of grace and happiness in reality. Kitchens tend to suggest tense atmospheres, and they are often associated with difficulties in reality. For instance, you may be suffering financially from a lack of work or under-employment, or someone you know and care about may be seriously ill. While these pressures are weighing down on you heavily, however, the presence of a new brother in this vision portends good things are on the horizon. It is not clear if your direct issues would be fully solved, but it does allude to some alleviation of suffering. Perhaps a friend would be able to lend you some money, or you would feel peace of mind when your unstable situation becomes more clear.