Dreams Related To Moving


Relocating or moving to another place of residence likely reflects your discontent. You could be craving for a change of pace, whether it is from work or in personal life. The daily grind could be driving you to boredom, hence you seek an escape or look forward to adventures. You may get what you wish for as a job opportunity would come your way promising a more challenging and exciting work environment. Alternatively, you could meet someone new who would reignite your passion and motivate you to pursue your dreams once more.

Someone moving away

Dreaming that someone is relocating, whether it is a member of your family or a neighbor, means you are increasingly becoming unpopular. Your peers or colleagues are likely forming a negative perception of you because of your insensitive remarks or bad behavior. The next time someone refuses your invitation or gives you the cold shoulder, it is time for some much-needed introspection. You need to be more self-aware in order to get along well with people.

Moving in general

To dream that you are moving in general, like to a new apartment, house or town, could be an indication of both good and bad global changes in your waking life, and in the process you would be trying to cope with them in the midst of this change. If for example you are sick for quite some time already, there could be positive improvements with your health soon and if you are facing life difficulties, you could be resolving them in no time. Alternatively, you may be having arguments or quarrels with relatives and a sudden downturn in finances, if you are leading quite a satisfactory life up to this point.

Moving for single women

If you are a single woman and you are dreaming that you are moving to a new place, house, town or country when you are generally enjoying your life, may mean a possibility of tying the knot or getting married sooner than you expected in your waking life. As an analogy for moving, this could be the most awaited milestone that you are expecting to happen in your life and you could not be more happier with this. The dream may also mean starting a new relationship with someone special soon whom you would be meeting through a friend or an event you would be attending.

Moving from my present house to another house

A dream which involves moving from your present home to another suggests good tidings in reality. This could manifest in actual movement to a new environment, such as relocation or a new job in a new office. By extension, this dream symbol suggests travel of some sort. For example, you could even go on a well-deserved vacation which will give you new experiences and memories to treasure. Alternatively, change and movement could also occur within yourself, perhaps in the form of enlightenment and a new perspective which will propel you in pursuing new interests.

Feelings after moving

If you feel happy and satisfied after moving in a dream, bubbling with excitement and laughter while talking to new neighbors while hosting a house party, you could expect wellness, happiness and satisfaction in reality. However, if you are unhappy in the dream like frowning or crying altogether while surveying the new location, you may encounter minor difficulties or challenges in your life, but nothing to worry about because they are those that can be easily overcome.

Moving house

To dream that you are moving to a big and cozy new house in a nice and happy neighborhood, when you are feeling restless, discontented or unhappy in your current home for some time now, could very well be referring to you unexpectedly relocating to a new place or residence in your waking life. It would be better to re-assess where you are located right now. This could mean a whole new life and perspectives presented to you after relocating and growing roots in the new place where you would be relocating to.

Unable to move

An inability to move while dreaming is a sign of two opposing actions or ideas raging inside of you. This paralysis in fact symbolizes your indecision about a major aspect of your life. For example, you are in love with someone but this person does not fit into your mold of the ideal partner. The feelings are strong, yet your desire to project perfection according to your standards is holding you back. You must reconcile reality and fantasy, otherwise you are keeping yourself from being happy in your futile search for perfection.

Moving to another state

Dreaming about moving to another state or region can represent a significant change or transition happening in your life or it may be influenced by your current environment or a desire for a more exotic or adventurous lifestyle. It is possible that it is related to a recent or upcoming relocation you may be experiencing, causing the subconscious to process the changes and new surroundings. Alternatively, this act of relocation to another state indicates your willingness to take risks and explore the unknown, and your subconscious is exploring the possibilities of what that change might bring. Moreover, it is a good and healthy decision for the dreamer if they are thinking that way, starting a new phase will bring joy and satisfaction to your life and more opportunities will open up.

Losing belongings while moving

If you are losing belongings while moving in a dream when you are riding towards a new destination, like things or appliances are falling out of a moving van or misplacing them after moving to the new house and being unable to find them anywhere, it could be a hint for you to be more independent and self-sufficient than solely relying on others for help. You could try to be more proactive and energetic instead of constantly delegating your tasks and responsibilities to others.

Moving to a new house

Moving into a new house during the course of a dream vision should be a cause for cautious optimism, as Cayce's analysis alludes to this symbol predicting great opportunities in the near future. You would probably feel much happier, and you may even find yourself wealthier or healthier than before. However, you would have to reach out and take the chance in order to achieve these benefits.

Moving to an unknown place

Moving not knowing where.

Both moving house and going somewhere unknown are symbolic of experiencing a major transformation in your waking life. Not knowing where you are moving suggests a major change brought forward through someone else's actions, like being offered a new position or suddenly being allowed to do something you have always wanted. The moving house also means the same outcomes, though it indicates someone bringing this news to you in the form of a verbal message or written correspondence, implying that you already know the person who delivers this news to you.

Moving to a new place for singles

Moving to a new place for singles in a dream, for example to a new house or possibly a new town or a foreign country after staying in the same old place for several years, could signal that big changes will soon occur in their personal life. This may mean that after being single for quite some time now, you could now be ready for a relationship and gain momentum as far as your romantic situation is concerned.

Things breaking while moving

When things are breaking while moving in a dream, like a glass shattering down the floor or a car or a laptop broken down all of a sudden on your way to the new office or while moving house, it could be a potential advice or hint not to attempt to undergo too many drastic changes at this moment in life. You may want to slow down and smell the flowers so to speak, otherwise, you could expect some serious disappointments coming your way.

Moving to another country

Dreaming of moving to another country while enjoying the beautiful scenery and eating exotic cuisine or riding a camel, like a 360 tour in an island setting or a far away dessert that you have just imagined once in a while, could mean possibly getting a promotion at work which is already long overdue, or an incentive or bonus for a well-performed duty or task. All your hard work could be finally recognized and rewarded.

Helping someone who is moving

To dream that you are helping someone who is moving house during a busy work day schedule, like assisting an old man or woman load big and fragile items into a moving van, could hint that your careless words or actions, not well thought out, can become the source of troubles or problems for those you deal with regularly in your waking life. This could also mean possible misunderstandings in your everyday communications. It would be best if you start thinking through first before speaking or doing things to clearly send your messages across.

Watching someone moving

Dreaming that you are watching someone moving to a new house when you are sitting on a park bench one lazy late afternoon, like a new neighbor off loading appliances from the van into the new home and painting the walls with a new color, could be an indication of an unexpected travel or trip for you somewhere in your waking life. Be prepared though, as this travel could be for good or bad reasons. It would be better to stay focused and plan ahead of time, and not be caught unaware when the trip pushes through.

Packing and moving

Packing up and moving house in the dream world can carry a prediction of upcoming news that would surprise or shock you in wake life. Jungian philosophy suggests that such information would prompt you to change or do something different than you were planning, hence the image of moving to a new house or living situation. Common bits of news in this situation often have to do with sudden travel plans or changing a place you commonly frequent.