Dreams Related To Mountain

A mountain lit by shining light

A dream about a mountain visible through a shining light, say a full moon, should cause your face to light up. It indicates that your current undertaking would continue to make progress and could result in something more financially beneficial to you. As a consequence, you would be able to afford more of life's comforts and conveniences.

A mountain top

Dreaming about seeing a mountain top speaks about having the best of what life has to offer. You would reach the height of your dreams out of sheer luck, by virtue of inheritance or as a result of your very own hard work. You could be in the top of your class, the boss of your company, the chairman of your civic organization, the owner of your business, or the main implementer of a project. This dream vision indicates that you actually like holding positions of power and assuming huge responsibilities.

Dreams about mountain meaning

A mountain in general

Dreaming about seeing a mountain is an indication that you are a nature lover. You would rather spend most of your free time outdoors, exploring forests and nature reserves, going for swims in secluded rivers and lakes, watching migrant birds, observing wild animals in their natural habitats, or just enjoying the changing of the seasons. You treat the environment with awe and reverence, as though it were hallowed ground, and you always make a conscious effort to protect and preserve its beauty. Being in love with nature, you are also in love with life itself. For you, every day is a fresh start and every experience is an opportunity for spiritual growth. What matters most to you is the here and the now. As far as you are concerned, you are living your life to the fullest right at this moment. On the other hand, this dream vision is also a symbol of looming danger, perhaps attributed to the vision of mountains being a scene of deadly accidents and incidents, such as a fall, an avalanche, soil erosion, a snake bite, a bear attack, and the like.

Lofty mountains

Dreaming about seeing or climbing lofty mountains with hardly any vegetation in sight is a reflection of self-importance or self-efficacy. You probably think that everything you would say or do would matter to everyone around you. Therefore, they should listen to you and do as you say if they want to do it the right way. The fact is, with or without your participation, they can make their own decision and act at their own discretion.

Viewed from another angle, this dream vision may be telling you to act in a straightforward and down-to-earth manner so that the people to whom you wish to convey your message would recognize your sincerity and good intention. If your motive for forcing your opinions on others was merely to show off or to assert a false sense of authority, then you were doomed to fail from the outset. If your intention is for the good of the majority, then they would most likely give you the floor to speak your heart out.

A mountain ridge

Dreaming about seeing or standing on a mountain ridge is a fitting symbolic vision of a series of problems and difficulties occurring simultaneously. As the ridge is a continuous series of elevations in varying heights, the problems would also appear in your life in varying degrees of difficulty within an unbroken period of time. Such an event might lead you to believe that you could be one of the unluckiest persons alive. But if you can surmount all of these challenges and later look back wondering how on earth you were able to do it, no more mountain would be high enough to keep you from reaching its top.

Climbing a mountain

Scaling a mountain alludes to an uphill battle. The path to a happy and fulfilling life will not be easy as symbolized by the daunting mountainside. The harder the ascent, the more challenges you would have to face en route to your ultimate goal. On a more personal level, to climb a mountain is also a metaphor for pursuing your lifelong partner. To achieve domestic bliss and settle down with a romantic partner, you would have to go through various phases and even take breaks from the relationship before you ultimately commit to each other.

A bare mountain

Seeing a bare mountain in a dream is a symbol of unfounded fears and anxieties. Perhaps you had gone through a very painful experience in the past which left you deeply wounded and traumatized. Sensing that you are about to enter a similar situation, you would automatically exhibit symptoms of these unfounded worries and concerns as a defense mechanism. On the one hand, your present emotional state might help you in terms of being able to prepare for and handle the situation properly, having learned it the hard way in the past. On the other hand, this dream vision may be reminding you that you really have nothing to worry about. If your are a female reader, this dream vision warns you that the person you are currently dating may turn out to be a philanderer, and the subsequent heartbreak might change the way you would look at men in general.

Rolling down a mountain slope

Rolling down the mountain slope in a dream is a warning that your plans for success could have their pitfalls and hidden traps, and you could become a victim of your own doing. For instance, in your effort to put most of your hard-earned money into savings, your frugal existence could only mean poor quality of life, and ultimately, poor health. You could end up spending more money for your hospitalization than you have managed to save in the first place. On the other hand, this dream vision could indicate big losses in your current project or business, or a loved one's departure due to a serious misunderstanding.

Admiring a view of a mountain

Enjoying a mountain view or admiring the mountainous landscape in a dream is a reflection of open-mindedness and a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life. Keeping things simple and maintaining an uncomplicated way of thinking in all situations would direct you to the shortest route to solving the problems you would encounter along life's journey. No matter how big or small a problem may be, you would always find a direct solution to such a problem and implement the fastest and most efficient way to successfully deal with it.

Someone moving a mountain

A dream about seeing a person exhibiting Samson's legendary physical strength by moving a mountain from one spot to another symbolizes a search for the best means and resources to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in real life. Since no one within your close circle seems capable of helping you move past such a challenge, besides the fact that you are not keen on seeking help outside of the same circle due to trust issues, you would be forced to look from within, that is, to explore your own strengths and capabilities. You might be surprised to find out you have what it takes to go through life's rough paths on your own.

Jumping off a mountain into a river

I climb a steep mountain and jump into the river flowing below with my arms spread. Though I don't know how to swim, I swim out of the water and again do the same at least 5 times. I wake up while I am at the top of the mountain, ready to jump yet again. Gender: Male (my younger brother).

Steep mountains often represent the trials and tribulations one must go through on the path to success. As such, your brother may be envisioning the manifestation of the hard work and effort he has recently exerted in a specific area of his life. Flowing rivers are commonly considered as indication of acquiring material wealth. Therefore, jumping off the mountain and into the river could mean that your brother's efforts would be rewarded with money or valuable goods. Additionally, the idea that this occurred multiple times could either show that continuing to work hard would lead to additional monetary gains or that hard work in other areas would yield similar results.

Descending from a mountain

Dreaming about descending from a mountain on the way home or in conclusion of a trek is a forewarning that you could encounter a series of obstacles and setbacks in your career, project, business or current relationship. A company crisis could be threatening to lay you off. A contract breach could cause your project to be temporarily shelved. A supply chain disruption could jeopardize your business operations. A serious disagreement could shake up your romantic relationship. For an optimist like you, such troubles will come to pass, and you will emerge stronger, wiser and better than ever. On a lighter note, this dream vision is an apt reminder that you have lived half of your life, and you could not be more excited to take on the other half, which you believe is where the real adventure begins. You are convinced that happiness lies not in adding years to your life, but in adding life to your years. In other words, it is not so much how long you live your life but how you live it.

Driving up a steep mountain

Driving up a steep mountain or along a high mountain range is thought to reflect the dreamer's internal desire to get in touch with their true nature. If you see this symbol in a dream vision, it is likely that your subconscious has been urging you to make some changes for some time, changes that would bring your daily existence more in line with your natural predilections. In this case, you probably need more time away from the stress of everyday life. Your body craves the great outdoors, camping or just some time in the shade of a large tree. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities would be sure to refresh your mind and body.

Walking on the snow towards a mountain

I had a dream where I was walking through the snow in a battle dress moving towards a mountain. When I got to the mountain, the snow started melting and grass grew. I am a 17 year old male.

Walking in snow represents your surrender state of mind or a current situation in which you do not feel like you are moving forward or making much progress, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. This is also seen in your journey toward the mountain, which is a symbol for trying to do something or moving out of your comfort zone, which may indicate that you see, at least subconsciously, a need for change and growth. This is supported by your battle attire, which could signify a willingness to take on the challenge of self-improvement. Finally, seeing melting snow at the end of your vision symbolizes finding some reassurance or building confidence along the way as you see the progress you make.

Falling down from a mountain

Falling down from a steep mountain in a dream is a symbol of a brazen display of arrogance and perceived superiority on your part. Wealth, higher social standing, profession or education certainly provides a bit of comfort and privilege, but it could also become an avenue and excuse for abuse. Since you may be blessed with one or more of these success indicators, you might think that behaving like a rock star or acting like a diva is a birthright. You might consider it normal and within your rights to treat nameless people, particularly the working masses, as your inferiors. Beware, though, for you might get the same treatment in case the tables are turned.

Living on a mountain

A dream about living by the side of a mountain or residing in a mountainous region is symbolic of having powerful connections. You may be having moderate success at present, but this would all change for the better as soon as you meet a rich or influential person. This person could help you become a lot more successful through networking, that is, channeling your skills or products to the right people in the industry in which you are currently employed.

The bottom of a deep mountain gorge

Dreaming about ending up at the bottom of a deep mountain gorge after a hard fall is an ominous sign of impending doom and sadness. The dreamer is hereby warned to refrain from getting involved in activities which might be criminal in nature or undertakings which might result in committing crimes. This dream vision indicates that you could spend considerable time behind bars or end up dead.

A bird, a mountain and the Sun

A bird (seemed to be a seagull) flying in front of the sun at the top a mountain placed over a calm and flat ocean. The Sun was aligned with the top of the mountain and the bird was in front of the sun, so I could see only its silhouette. There were those marvelous sun rays behind the entire scene and the mountain seemed to be a light green color and there was a very light reflection of it on the ocean. I can't tell if the bird was coming for me or flying towards the mountain. I know that I wasn't the bird.

The interpretation of this dream relies heavily on the four main symbols present. First, the seagull itself is often thought to represent a tendency to obsess over tiny details that do not necessarily matter. You probably get pretty bent out of shape when things do not go your way. However, the Sun represents greatness and the mountain in front of it means reaching great heights, so the fact that the seagull is only seen as a silhouette in this vision means that your troubles would seem minimal in comparison to the better parts of your life. Finally, the calm ocean suggests realizing your accomplishments are greater than your challenges would bring you inner peace and happiness.

Someone climbing a mountain

Seeing someone climbing a mountain in a dream portends a life-changing decision or a process of saying goodbye to the old self in favor of the new one. You could be going through the process of giving up a habit, shedding some weight or downgrading a lifestyle. It would be an uphill battle, since you may have tried to go through it several times before but failed every time. It might also become a subject of ridicule or be met with scorn. Due to your past experience, only a few of your friends or family members would take your action seriously, thinking that you would revert to your old ways sooner or later. However, this dream vision indicates that you could do it this time.

Moreover, a dream about someone climbing a mountain signifies neglect and abandonment at a time when the exact opposite is expected. You may be seeking the attention and love of someone you deeply care about, but it looks like this person has been deliberately ignoring you from the start. You may have to choose between keeping this person in your life for a chance to change and to show a side of him or her which is capable of returning the love, or deciding that this person does not deserve your love and affection at all.

Running down the mountain slope

Running or sprinting down a mountain slope in a dream, as if getting ahead and steering clear of an oncoming avalanche, symbolizes a successful attempt at narrowly escaping or avoiding a dangerous situation in real life. You might call it a stroke of luck. You might consider it divine intervention. Or you might attribute it to your own cunning. But the whole experience would change the way you would view the world at large and give you the utmost reason to prioritize your own safety and security.

Ascending a mountain using a path

Having a dream about ascending or climbing up a mountain using an existing trail is a prediction of making good progress in a current romantic relationship. It indicates that you and your current romantic partner would get to know each other on a deeper level. As a result, your mutual love for each other would grow as you continue to complement each other and fill each other's voids. If you keep the flame of your love burning by giving it more time and importance, the relationship would culminate in marriage and lifetime companionship.

Fear of climbing a mountain

Dreaming about being scared of climbing a mountain connotes an opposite symbolic meaning in relation to career paths. Contrary to what the dream vision suggests, you would soon find a better job which pays you more and puts you in a better position. With a little hard work and determination, you could also rise from the lower ranks and get the respect and admiration you deserve.

Being anxious while on a mountain

Male. A high mountain plateau or base of a mountain. There is a ledge on the other side of the mountain. I am near a cliff but surrounded by mountain. Overcast with sunset. The wind gets cold. I hear planes and everyone panics. Chaos. I hear Dad talking to me, but may not have been "Dad". Says I am trained well. A lady hands me shoes and tells me to tie up. Long laces, many chords each hand. I make cross. I'm in for a big event. I wake with an urge to run. I jump out of bed to get away.

Your reaction to get up and run when you awoke from this vision makes sense but not for the reason you might expect. The excitement or adrenaline you felt was not because of fear due to the chaos in the vision but rather from the implied opportunities this vision portends. First, standing near a cliff is literally a sign of being on the precipice of something great. Often it is seen by those about to make a great speech or formal announcement. The mountains that surround you indicate that you would soon be able to put your skills and expertise to work. The sunset reveals that you are old enough to appreciate the consequences of your actions, both good and bad. This course of action you are about to undertake being one of them. The shoes you receive represent growing wealth, but having to tie the long, multiple laces yourself means that this would not be an easy task. However, your experience and patience would eventually pay off.

A mountain covered with trees

A dream about a mountain covered with hundred-year-old trees is a subconscious revelation of your romantic partner's unfaithfulness in real life. You could be so blinded by your consuming love for your partner that you may fail to notice that he or she is having an affair. Your sex life might lead you to believe that your partner is extremely happy in the relationship, which would give you the impression that he or she would never cheat on you. But if all the rumors are true, you should get out of the relationship as soon as you can. You would not want to live the rest of your life in the company of someone who carries a stigma and whose mere presence, and every absence, would elicit suspicion.

According to some dream interpretation sources, dreams about mountains densely covered with vegetation indicate the absence of distractions and obstacles in your current undertaking. For this reason, you would likely meet your goals and complete your project in time. This dream vision also predicts pleasant news and favorable events which would put a smile on your face and give you a lot of reasons to be nice to other people.

Reaching a mountain top

Having a dream about reaching a mountain top is a subconscious invitation to aim higher and to attempt to reach the pinnacle of success in real life. You are currently enjoying the fruits of your labor. You are comfortable with your high position in the company. Your business is expanding rapidly. Your project is in full swing. By all accounts, you are already a successful person. But you are not yet at the height of your success. In fact, there is a lot more room for improvement. This dream vision reminds you to keep pushing the envelope, so to speak, and you will be amazed at how much farther you can go from here and how much more successful you can be.

Dreaming about an arduous and complicated climb to the top of a mountain, especially one which requires frequent stops to stabilize the breathing process, could indicate a lot of obstacles and challenges along the way to success. It may take some time to overcome each of these difficulties before being able to take a deep breath and to move forward with ease. In case the climb is easy and effortless, it indicates the capacity to overcome every difficult situation on the path to the top, with a little help from family members, relatives and friends.

Encountering a mountain while traveling

Travelling in unfamiliar territory and seeing a mountain by chance in a dream indicates that you will be in good hands. You may be down on your luck at the moment. Money may be hard to come by. Unpaid bills may be stacking up. An eviction notice may be served to you soon, and you could be living on food stamps or on welfare. This dream vision tells you to hang in there because even in this day and age, there are still good Samaritans who will lift your spirits and help you get out of your misery. They have been in the same situation before and they know exactly how it feels. When you finally find your stability, you should not just thank the people who helped you. You should resolve to do the same to others in need.

A mountain with ruins

Dreaming about climbing a mountain and discovering ruins hidden in the mist in the middle of nowhere is a prediction of your lucky streak. If you are into gambling, lottery or betting games, this dream vision is a cue for you to place a bet, since you would have greater chances of winning. If you are luckier, you could win a substantial amount of money enough to buy you your dream house or a really nice car.

A mountain spewing fire

Dreams about a mountain spewing fire, as if it were a super volcano, are warning signs indicating perilous or life-threatening situations ahead. These imminent dangers could be anything from natural disasters, such as flooding, an earthquake, a snow avalanche, and the like, to human-caused hazards, such as a freak accident, a terrorist attack, a premeditated infliction of bodily harm, a botched robbery that turned deadly or a prank gone awry. This dream vision is telling you to stay away from activities or people that may cause such endangerment and to be careful at all times.

Surrounded by mountains

Dreaming about being surrounded and overshadowed by mountains is an indication that you will be able to put your talents and skills to good use. You could soon find a job that would fit you to a tee on account of your educational background or previous work experience. An opportunity could present itself and serve as an avenue for you to do what you do best and get paid really well for it. For instance, you could be drafted to the NBA for having Michael Jordan's "airy" moves. You may soon open your first diner because your secret barbecue recipes are to die for. However, this dream vision also comes with a word of advice - consistency is the key to success.

Quitting climbing a mountain

A dream about climbing a mountain and thinking of quitting because of sheer exhaustion mirrors the kind of person that you are in reality. A pattern could be forming from your previous experiences in life which would indicate that you are a quitter. You are shortsighted and have no staying power. You get easily discouraged when an obstacle poses a bit of a problem, or disillusioned when you realize the outcome would not be as grand as you had previously thought. Unless you change your mindset, you will never be able to get anywhere.

A chain of mountains

Dreaming about trekking a chain of mountains is a symbol of harboring baseless fears and useless anxieties. There could be a deeper reason for your irrational behavior and immaturity, such as a childhood trauma borne out of a terrible personal experience or developed as a result of having witnessed other people's tragedy. In any case, you could be missing a lot of opportunities because you may be afraid to fail, not realizing that it is in going through countless failures that you will succeed.

Having a dream about a mountain range standing on your path or blocking your way is a symbol of upcoming obstacles and difficulties in the process of completing a project or undertaking. If the mountain range is located just beside the path you are travelling along, this indicates that completing the project would be a breeze. Competitors might try to give you a hard time along the way, but they would not succeed.

Dreams about mountain or nature what is meaning

A bare mountain top

Dreaming about seeing or standing on a bare mountain top and enjoying a 360-degree view of the surroundings is a warning sign of imminent failure and defeat. You are advised not to make any major decisions or undertake any serious projects within a considerable period after experiencing this dream in order to avoid disappointments, heartbreaks or material losses. It may also be best to put a current undertaking or project on hold. You would rather allow a few losses from halting your operations on a temporary basis than lose everything because you were too stubborn to heed the warning signs.

Being injured while climbing a mountain

Having a dream about trying to conquer the mountain top but being hampered by a serious injury along the way is a reflection of a similar situation in real life. A plan of action or a current project may be seriously derailed for a lack of manpower. This dream vision is telling you that while you are perfectly capable of doing things by yourself, this particular plan of action or project may be a bit too much for you to handle on your own. You would definitely need the assistance of others to make it succeed. In this particular situation, two or more heads are better than one.

Finding precious stones on a mountain

A dream about finding precious stones by chance during a mountain trek symbolizes a chance of working in collaboration with a man of power or authority. You would soon have a lifetime opportunity to work alongside someone who is widely recognized as an expert in the field you are trying to enter, and this could be the break you have been waiting for. If all go as planned, you would owe this person your prosperity or renown.

A big mountain in the middle of a plain

A dream about observing a towering and big mountain in the middle of a plain indicates a time of deep reflection, self-examination and soul-searching. You would soon spend a quiet time alone, whether during a spiritual retreat or on a nature trip, to examine your life starting from your recent past and moving on to what the future might hold for you. You would particularly look into and take interest in your past good deeds, believing that these would serve to inspire you to move forward and to aim for a better you.

Several mountain tops

To dream about observing several mountain tops in one panoramic scene is a distress signal for a health watch. You are advised to obtain an accurate opinion from your doctor with regard to your physical well-being. You may not know it, but you could be burning yourself out from overworking. Or you could be worrying too much about problems. You must remember that stress is a killer.

Standing on top of a mountain

A dream about standing on top of a mountain is a symbolic feeling of being on top of the world in reality. A successful life characterized by material wealth, good social standing and popularity would put you on the proverbial pedestal for everyone to see, admire and pattern their own life after. You could never be more proud of yourself for setting a good example and for getting the hero treatment at the same time.

A mountain with two tops

Dreaming about a mountain with two tops symbolizes dual achievements. Your impending success would come with the help of someone who is considered an authority in your career, project or business of choice. Working in collaboration with this person would prove to be mutually beneficial. This person would conclude that he or she was right about believing in what you could bring to the table. In the same way, you would feel that he or she was the right person to bring out the best in you.

A river on a mountain slope

Having a dream about a river flowing down the mountain slope indicates giving weight to the inanities or trivialities of life. For lack of a better option, you might be forced to engage in activities which bear little significance and do not really contribute to your goals in life. For instance, the only available job for you at the moment may have nothing whatsoever to do with your expertise or experience, but you would have no other choice but to take it just to tide you over. Chances are, you would not last in this job because your heart is not really into it.

A mountain with settlements

Dreaming about a mountain dotted with human settlements is an indication of being surrounded by people who can be fully trusted. You would feel blessed by the collective support and love that your family and friends would bestow upon you, especially in the coming days when your current undertakings might pose some serious challenges and difficulties. You would take comfort in the thought that your loved ones would be there to help you in no time at all.

A mountain advancing on you

Dreaming about walking toward a mountain but observing that the mountain is advancing toward you is a symbol of success coming to you as if on its own volition, even if you are not making any significant steps to obtain it. Your success would most likely be brought about by external factors, including people you may be working for, people who may have extensive connections or your ancestors themselves. This dream vision is also an indication of finally getting what you have been praying so hard to have for a long time now.

Someone asking to help remove a mountain

Having a dream about a friend asking you to help him remove a mountain and you willingly comply is a reflection of your own generosity and kindness in real life. There have been several instances in the past when your friends and acquaintances needed your help and you gave them your full support every time. However, you may now be getting more and more frustrated because it feels like you are the only one willing to give. You may have read somewhere that it should be a give-and-take situation, but it is just not the case with you. For this reason, you may start having second thoughts about extending assistance next time.

A mountain starting to move

A dream about a mountain moving on its own or rumbling like a woman's pregnant womb, followed by the sudden emergence of myriad field mice scurrying across the adjacent region and destroying everything in their path is a symbol of regained sense of good judgment. For so many years, you may have been blinded by your own stubborn beliefs that what you have been working on would result in success. Despite numerous situations pointing to the contrary, you may have relentlessly insisted on your own terms, refusing to swallow your pride for fear that it might be taken as a weakness. This dream vision serves as an avenue for you to finally realize that you are at fault, your battles are no longer worth fighting for and you need to seek the wisdom of others in order to start anew.

Making your way through inside of a mountain

Dreaming about exploring the bowels of a mountain or having a vision reminiscent of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth predicts an upcoming favorable event or occurrence pertaining to your job, your business or project, or your current romantic relationship. It would come to you as a pleasant surprise. This dream vision also indicates that you would be able to observe a significant improvement in your current undertaking, mainly on account of your own effort, dedication and hard work.

A mountain right in front

Dreaming of a mountain looming large and standing tall before you is a symbol of upcoming obstacles and difficulties blocking your path to success. You would soon encounter problems at work or in your business which could cause you to lose a substantial amount of money and threaten your very survival. Your romantic relationship might suffer its hardest blow yet. This painful phase could go on for a long time, but if you have enough patience and endurance, you would be able to overcome it.

Being on top of a black mountain

Dreaming about being on top of a black or dark mountain portends an imminent danger related to your job, business or project, or current relationship. There is a possibility that you would lose your job if the company you are working for cannot recover from its recent losses as soon as possible. You might lose a lot of money from your business operations due to external factors you have no control over. You might engage in a serious fight with your romantic partner concerning a third party. You should be careful in dealing with this grim situation because it might ruin your career or cause your relationship to fall apart.

Falling on a mountain from land

Having a dream about falling on a mountain from the lowland as a result of what might be called a gravitational shift symbolizes a possibility of job loss and unemployment. Due to the global economic crisis, price increases in raw materials, quality control issues or any other reasons which have nothing to do with you, the company you are currently working for may be in serious trouble and may be forced to stop operations. Your life and the lives of those who depend on you could be in jeopardy.

Hiking or walking on a mountain

Hiking on a mountain or walking on a mountainous terrain predicts better wealth and career prospects. You would soon observe a significant improvement in your standard of living as a result of securing a better-paying job or experiencing brisk sales in your business.

Climbing a mountain and holding something

A dream about climbing a mountain and holding something in your hands, such as a mobile phone or a water container, is a prediction of the arrival of a baby in the family. If you are a male reader, your wife would soon break the good news to you that she is pregnant. If you are a female reader, you would soon be able to confirm through over-the-counter pregnancy test kits that you are having a baby. This dream vision indicates that the baby's gender is most likely male.

Being a farmer on a mountain

Dreaming about taking the role of a farmer and doing upland farming on a mountain close to home symbolizes contentment with current possessions. You have everything you could ask for at the moment. Your supply of basic needs such as clothing, food and other household items is adequate and sufficient. In other words, you are currently satisfied with your daily life and you are hoping it would stay this way for a long time.

Climbing a mountain for a sick person

If you are currently sick or having health problems, dreaming about climbing a mountain is a prediction of getting well soon. If the climb in your dream is arduous and difficult, the process of recovery may take a while, but you would have greater chances of healing completely. This dream vision is a reminder that you should undergo a thorough medical treatment so you would be able to ensure your full recovery.

A plain surrounded by mountains

A dream about seeing a plain amidst a group of tall mountains indicates protection and security. You would be surrounded by people whose main concern is your safety and well-being. You would feel secure in the knowledge that no one could physically or emotionally harm you. Consequently, you would enjoy a sense of peace and serenity, and your life would be stress-free.

Climbing a steep mountain

The vivid imagery of climbing a steep mountain while dreaming is generally thought to be a reflection of the dreamer's desire or readiness to achieve a higher plane of understanding, at least according to Jungian sources. You unconscious mind may be urging you to make some changes in your life that would align your internal goals more closely with the external persona you display to others.

Living in a mountainous area with a girlfriend

It starts with me moving to a new area somewhere in some mountains where I meet this beautiful girl (I have no idea who she is) and we end up progressing our relationship over an extended amount of time. Things are going great and we move into a home overlooking a small town in the valley of this mountain. The dream always ends in tragedy though. Last night I had this dream again and we decided to go on a walk. Out of nowhere a storm appears and ends up striking the girl which leads to her death. While the death changes, the scenery stays the same.

Living on a mountain or region resembling this scene in a dream is an indication of protection and assistance you may be getting from someone at this point in your life, which you greatly depend on and cherish. However, the notion of the happy times you spend with the female friend ending in a tragedy speaks of the possibility that this arrangement is about to end soon. You could be facing serious troubles coming your way, so try to be prepared and act accordingly.

Climbing a mountain with family members

In my dream me and my family were climbing up a mountain, we were tied together with a rope and we get to a place to stop and rest and there is a walkway. We start walking up to get to the top and when we start walking up I slip and grab the ledge of the cliff causing everyone else to fall and I couldn't hold on, my grip slipped and we fell down and it was never-ending for what seemed like eternity just falling then I wake up.

Mountains and large hills normally point toward growth and prosperity in dream visions. However, falling down from the mountain strongly suggests that this is only an illusion. It means that you may think things are improving in your life, but in reality things are about to completely collapse around you. The situation may also involve your family and cause difficulties for them as well, given the fact they were "tied to you" in the vision. You may want to take a good hard look at the reality of your situation and try to make decisions based on facts rather than on wishful thinking.

Slipping and falling on a mountain

I have had this dream for YEARS and I have no idea what this means. I am climbing a mountain, but then my foot slips on a rock and I begin to fall. Then I jerk awake.

This recurring dream of climbing a mountain and falling on the way represents a fork in the road for your career. Falling from the mountain slope could be interpreted as a strong possibility of finding a better occupation. Something that could make your life more fulfilling and enriching could be just around the corner if you just dare to look for it.

Stranded and dying on a mountain top

I was stranded on a mountain top, holding on, waiting for help. There were others who were holding on and some who fell to their death. I knew I couldn't hang on much longer. I saw that the ice and snow were melting and I was losing my grip. I screamed "I don't want to die". The part that bothers me is why would I make myself suffer a slow painful death by holding on when I knew that death was inevitable?

In dreams, the mountain top or the summit represents the pinnacle of success, depending on what success means to you. For example, it could be becoming the boss of your company or having a comfortable life. Either way, the dream tells you that you would be able to reach the height of your aspirations with relative ease, possibly with a little bit of luck involved. Your dream vision also reveals your natural knack for holding positions of power and assuming serious responsibilities. However, once you realize your dreams, the trouble is maintaining your footing. Perhaps the latter part of your dream, involving the ice and snow, represents your anxieties and fears of failure or not reaching your full potential, yet your resolve and determination keep pushing you toward your dreams.