Dreams Related To Motion

Feeling motionless

In my dream I was sleeping, suddenly my right hand got stuck, I couldn't move, I felt something pushing and holding on my hand. I felt the same thing on my right leg, I tried to make my voice heard, but I could not. I tried to get up from there, I did and tried to open the door. I was trying make scream, but only murmuring came out. Finally I opened my room door when I became free. My mother was coming to my room, and I asked her "Where were you till now?". Father was simply siting outside of the room, he didn't hear my voice. Mom was slowly coming to my room. Suddenly I woke up from the dream.

Dreaming about being unable to move parts of your body symbolizes two different and opposing ways of thinking or two paths that you must choose between. Specifically, envisioning hands that are prevented from moving points towards decisions that are ideological, spiritual or communicative in nature, but because there were no physical restraints, there may be a conflict between illogical or unreasonable desires and what is actually possible given the reality of the situation. Dreams about being unable to move could also be associated with close relationships, which is further enhanced by the entrance of your mother and father into the dream. The decision you must make may be regarding them, and either the decision itself or the result of making it may cause some rift or even physical separation between you and your parent(s).