Dreams Related To Mother

Deceased mother

Having a dream in which you see your departed mother is indicative of a period which is likely to bring along joy, happiness and prosperity. Your life would greatly benefit from the upcoming changes which would be brought about during this period.

Talking to your mother

Having a dream in which you are having a conversation with your mother indicates that you are in for a good time. You are likely to receive some good news or learn about some unexpected but pleasant announcement. It could be related with the activities or projects of your keen interest which consume most of your professional or personal time in your life.

Mother calling you

Having a dream in which you find your mother calling you, points to a possible setback or adverse circumstances for you. There are possibilities of some of your close friends or some near and dear ones deserting you. It could also imply that you may err on certain decision and exercise an incorrect choice or take a wrong turn regarding something that is important enough to be close to your heart.

Mother in your house

Dreaming about having your mother, who is living apart since long, being present in your house or visiting your house is a positive sign indicating that you are likely to be heading for success and obtain favorable results from any activity, project or endeavor you are currently engaged in or contemplating to initiate soon.

Mother sitting in the street

I am a black female. I had a dream of my living mother sitting on the street with eyes closed, thinning hair and when I woke her up she told me that she was waiting on my sister. I am not sure if she was picking her up or they were about to go into some place.

Freudian interpretations of seeing and talking with your mother in a dreamscape suggest you may be about to get some good news or hear some pleasant announcement in the near future. The thinning hair you noticed could reveal that this change may not be good for everyone involved, however. For instance, you may be happy to learn that your rival in love has made a fool of herself, not only ruining her chances with your love interest but perhaps boosting your image in their eyes as well. Alternatively, you could come into some money through the passing of a relative or the selling of a once precious item.

Mother dead

Having a dream in which you see your living mother to be dead or passing away implies that you are heading for tough times which would involve laborious tasks and time-consuming activities or projects in which you are involved or are going to start in future. It may also mean that you are heading for some disappointment and setbacks, misfortune or losses of some kind.

Mother crying

Dreaming about seeing your mother crying indicates an approaching bleak period. This period may engulf your life with misfortune, misery or a possible deterioration in health. In some way, it may bring an adverse effect to your overall well-being. It may be about major issues, disagreements or conflicts that may adversely affect your family. It is a wake-up call for you to face the emerging threats to the well-being of your family, identify the threats and initiate actions to counter and eliminate possible adversities.

This dream serves as a reminder to stop cold-shouldering your family. It could be adversely affecting their as well as your family life. The dream suggests that you should take some steps to ensure and secure well-being of your family members. You could start by setting priorities and based on these, address the most critical and pressing needs first. Only this will help improve the relationship inside your family.

Mother for a female

A female who had a dream wherein she finds her mother being present with her is likely to come across some pleasant and delightful activities and participating in something that would be genuinely exciting and interesting. It may also suggest a happy and harmonious marriage for those women who are not yet married.

Mother in distress

Having a dream in which you find your mother to be experiencing hardships or being in a stressful situation indicates possibilities of certain complications suddenly developing. Your goals and plans that you have established for yourself may not be achieved due to your inability to overcome these complications.

Losing your mother

Having a dream in which you see your mother passing away amounts to a forewarning that your mother is likely to be facing serious health-related issues or becoming sick in the days to come.

Mother in law

The presence of a mother-in-law in the dream world, whether or not you have such a person in your life in reality, is an indicator of pressure and stress in waking world. It means you feel you are being intimidated or bullied into acting a certain way or performing certain actions against your will. It is possible you even resent this man, woman or people for putting you in this position. It may be a good idea to avoid these individuals if they cause such negative emotions.

Deceased mother calling for help

I received a telephone call from my deceased mother saying "The house is rumbling. Could I please come over to check?". I said "Ok... I will be right there".

The call from your deceased mother reveals problems brewing within your household. You may be unaware of issues happening around you or involving your loved ones. A rumbling house alludes to conflict and disagreements which could damage your relationships with certain family members. So the call to check on the house may be your mind's way of telling you to pay more attention to your personal connections to avoid complications and misunderstandings.

Dead mother sick

Seeing your dead mother in an ill or unwell state often means you need to reconsider your words or actions in wake life. Your behavior may be unintentionally hurting someone close to you, especially if you are expressing controversial opinions in a harsh or one-sided manner. It would be wise to question your own thinking and perhaps reconsider your responses in future discussions.

Fighting with your mother

Having a dream in which you find your mother scolding you or yourself fighting with your mother presents an ominous sign of an upcoming adverse period. During this period you may witness unfortunate events or become involved in an accident for which you would find yourself to be solely responsible. However, it also implies that possibly everyone concerned is a victim and there is no one in particular who can be singled out as being accountable for what had happened.

Dead mother returning to the house

I saw my mother who had passed away over 20 years ago sitting in the corner of the room, but she had her eyes closed and we were talking. Then she got up, went in the next room and returned to her coffin. This dream was very upsetting, when I woke up I could remember it exactly and when I went back to bed I picked the dream back up where I left off.

Seeing your deceased mother in the dream world can give you significant insights into resolving an issue you may be dealing with in reality. In general, this is a positive vision pointing to a satisfying resolution to your problems, possibly through the generosity and aid from your peers and loved ones. Her presence also means that you already have the skill and capability to confront any obstacles, you just need to look within yourself to find the answers. Perhaps the key is in the life lessons you acquired from her or an enlightening experience you had in the past.

Crying to a mother

Dreaming that you are crying to a mother, whether it is your real-life mother or someone else's mother, reveals your need for moral support and acceptance. You could be feeling inadequate and insecure especially when it comes to relationships and social skills. You feel as though you are not a good enough person to deserve love or loyalty and so you seek validation from your loved ones. Alternatively, you may be feeling rejected or neglected so the tears in the dream represent sadness and frustration about your unrequited love.

Deceased mother needing to go to hospital

I dreamt that my mother who has passed was with me in her house. She kept telling me she was going to faint and needed to go to the hospital. I kept getting flashes of her saying faint, hospital, and a doctor saying nothing was wrong. I then woke up calculating months in my head, and a feeling that she was trying to tell me something.

Seeing your deceased mother in a dream often gives significant insight into how to resolve an issue you may be dealing with in reality. The symbol of fainting could be an indication of future health issues or injuries due to some behavior you are currently engaged in. This is supported by the idea that you suddenly woke up and began counting the months. Rather than a specific day or season, this seems to suggest that it is only a matter of time before your current lifestyle catches up with you and wreaks havoc on your body. Therefore, you could be right in your feeling that your dearly departed mother was trying to tell you something. You may need to be more proactive rather than reactive with how you deal with your health, including such behavior as eating right, seeing a doctor regularly and avoiding habits that may have a negative impact on your well-being in the future.

Dead mother talking

Your dearly departed mother's words to you should be considered a sign of solace or happiness, as such a sign is usually followed by good outcomes or surprise blessings. In a sense, your mother is letting you know that even if things seem hard right now there is a light at the end of that tunnel. If you were able to pick up on any of the words or phrases your mother said, it could give clarity to the message she is trying to send from beyond.

Mother sitting in bed and being condescending

It took place at a friend's house whom I used to stay with. I was running upstairs and I don't know why, but I was in a panic when I got upstairs to the bedroom. My mom was sitting up straight on the bed back against the wall and feet straight in front. And I started pleading or begging "Please mom tell them I'm good" over and over, and she turned to me with this evil look and said with a sarcastic kind of chuckle "Yeah, you are good" rolling her eyes.

A dream wherein you see yourself rushing up the stairs symbolizes that you are presently chasing after your goals. Although it's necessary to pursue your ambitions, perhaps you are making certain mistakes or omissions in the process. You need to be more careful regarding what your plans are to actually achieve your objectives and make sure you don't leave your loved ones behind. Perhaps you too feel that you are making a few blunders here and there and your guilty conscience has manifested itself in this dream. The notion that you were seeking your mother's approval and she felt otherwise signifies that you may have hurt your loved ones and are aware about the fact. Just make sure you take into account the feelings of the people you love while striving for your success.

Dead mother being alive

Envisioning your dead mother alive once again in your dream means the only way to sort out your current problems is to take the advice of your deceased mom or to follow in her footsteps. Channeling your mother's wisdom and character will give you clarity and provide you with guidance about your next steps. Alternatively, seeing your mother alive and well in the dreamscape is a testament to her enduring legacy. Every day you are reminded by her strong influence in your life.

Mother dying

The image of your living mother falling victim to an illness or dying in some tragedy is an allegory for some great hurdle you would have to overcome in the near future. You may be given a difficult task from your boss or teacher that would require you to do tedious busywork, such as detailed research or analysis. Alternatively, this symbol is sometimes thought to predict disappointment or bad luck. Such a situation would really dampen your mood and leave you feeling like there is little to look forward to in the world.

Deceased mother coming alive

I had 2 short dreams and my grandma had 1 too, please help me, it's about my late mother who passed away suddenly 4 months ago, one dream was exactly when I found her on the sofa on that traumatic day but this time by shaking her she woke up and I hugged her. Yesterday, I saw her in the dream decorating the table adding also tea ceramic pourer we used to use to celebrate the Easter breakfast, she looked radiant, beautiful and happy. My grandmother dreamt of being on some steps and seeing my mother being on a sail boat looking more beautiful than ever, radiant and happy, she was asking my grandma to come down and take pictures, it was a short extreme vivid dream. We are in so much pain we pray there would be some sort of sign that my mum is ok. Would deeply appreciate if you can help us interpret those 3 short dreams?

Seeing your late mother in your dreams is a very powerful, yet comforting message. The dreams you and your grandmother have had contain very positive images and represent both your deep sadness regarding this untimely loss and a promise of receiving solace and comfort after this personal tragic event. Seeing you mother setting the breakfast table and the images of hugging her represent your strong ties and deep connection between you and your mother, more so for you because you keep focusing on the days and times when you shared love with this woman, love that is still present in your heart and will never leave you. The image of her being in a sailboat has another positive and important message, even with her departure, she is asking you through subconscious channels to remember and cherish the memories of the past (represented by the notion of asking to take pictures) and to remain strong and hopeful no matter what challenges you and your family members may face in the future.

Mother as she is in real life

Dreaming about seeing your mother looking just the same way as in real life reflects that you are in complete control of your household matters as well as with regards to the relationship between you and other family members. It further suggests a relaxed period ahead during which no major changes or concerns are likely to surface for a long time to come.

Mother for a male

Dreaming about seeing your mother if you are a male, indicates that you could start flying higher in your professional life during the approaching period of time. During this period you might find yourself assuming more responsibilities, you could become more ambitious and goal-driven and be credited with some major accomplishments as a result.

Mother who is dead

Having a dream where your mother is dead or has passed away is highly symbolic of what is to come in the future. In many cases, this symbol is seen on the eve of great trials and tribulations. In essence, it reflects a desire for help or assistance in times of need. While you may have to go through some challenging situations, this symbol is also associated with happy endings and positive resolutions.

Dead mother calling you

Envisioning your dearly departed mother calling out to you in a dream is usually considered a good symbol according to the work in dream interpretation done by Miller. It suggests that something good is about to happen in your life. In a sense, your mother is letting you know things would turn out for the best, even if you have recently been feeling down and desolate. If you could not actually hear your mother's words, the blessing in your life may come as a surprise. If you could make out some of her message, however, it could point toward a topic or area in your life where you would see such improvement.

Confronting mother who left

My brother and I were in a big house, and we entered the third door on the left. We saw our mom sitting criss-cross on the floor, so we sat next to her. We asked the question "did you fight for us when we were in court?", she said, "No I didn't but...". I woke up before she could finish. She was pale-skinned and skinny, I couldn't remember her face. My mom left when I was 3, and died when I was 14, I never knew her, just had one picture of her.

Dreaming about arguing or trying to initiate a confrontation with a deceased parent, no matter how distant or detached you may have been in the past, signifies potential losses or shortcomings. It can also mean some unfavorable events or circumstances coming into play against your will or as external forces. The big house you were in within this dream is significant of your longing to fill the void left by the parental and physical departure of your mother, but conflicts or things leading to possible conflicts, with the deceased in a dream are usually a harbinger of negative things or experiences to surface in reality.

A busy mother and a baby

I saw my mom, she was talking to me, her back was to me. She was busy doing something. She seemed almost flustered. I also see a newborn baby. She didn't seem angry, just busy trying to get something done.

The two symbols in this vision are naturally opposed to each other, as seeing your mother in a busy, flustered state represents complications and failures, while a newborn baby is the manifestation of new beginnings and opportunity. However, when seen together, these particular symbols could allude to something new being born from the ashes of something old. As the old adage goes "when God closes a door he sometimes opens a window." Perhaps you need to be looking for a silver lining in a currently challenging situation.

Deceased mother alive and beautiful

I dreamt about my mother who recently died. I went to visit her body weeks after her death, but instead of being a rotten corpse she looked beautiful. I began to hold her in my arms and she began to smile and hug me back opening her eyes to look at me. I carried her through the streets trying to get people to help her telling them she was still alive but no one could see her. I was crying and struggling to hold her, but she continued to look up at me and smile. We were hugging each other tight.

According to your dream, it seems you are still mourning the death of your mother in a very intense way. Your dream could mean that, wherever she may be now, she is happy and at peace, still looking out for you, while your attempts to prove everyone else she is still alive could mean that you should accept her passing even though you try to bring her back to life in your subconscious states. What your dream could be trying to tell you is to move on with your life and keep in mind that your mother is in a better place while you still have a future full of opportunities ahead of you. You obviously miss your mother but you must agree with the fact that she is no longer here, although she will always remain with you through the memories you cherish so much.

Alive mother dead

A dream involving a vision of your living mother as dead or dying is an allusion to the introduction of a difficult task. Your boss could assign a particularly tricky task to you or perhaps a passion project would require tedious work and countless hours to finish. This morbid imagery also depicts disappointments and personal losses. All this bad luck will not only ruin your mood, it will also make you lash out on your loved ones. You need to learn how to regulate your emotions in order to avoid damaging valuable relationships.

Having to carry sick mother

My mother is sick and I have to carry her everywhere we go.

If you see a sick parent in a dream, whether it is your mother or your father, then it could be indicative of stressful problems or unresolved issues which you could be currently facing. This burden may have been passed down to you by your relatives and is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind it still weights heavily on you.

Sick mother being assaulted and taken away

My mother with dementia was lying outside, I could not pick her up alone as she did not recognize me. I went for help but looked back and saw people heading towards her. I went back and managed to get her to the street, but a large red pick up appeared with 3 guys in it. They said what nasty things they wanted to do to her and one produced a large billhook. I asked a passerby for help but the guy with the billhook slit his throat and dragged mum into the pick up before speeding off. I could not read the number plate and was left standing in the middle of the road helpless and distraught.

Dreaming about your mother is usually considered to have positive symbolism. However, dreaming about a mother who is sick and suffering from dementia negates the optimism of this sign. It portends a period of gloom and unhappiness which is about to enter your waking life. The notion of you running around and looking for help indicates that you would try your best to alleviate the problems which surround you but your efforts would remain unsuccessful. It would be helpful if you try to overcome your fears and apprehensions. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, make sure you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This would help you stay strong and not be swayed by any calamities appearing in your path.

Mother young and singing a lullaby

Having a dream in which you see your mother at a young age and singing a lullaby indicates that you are too busy with your activities outside your family, unable to spend required time with your family members and not in a position to attend to their needs. It could serve as a wake-up call to start paying attention to the needs of your family members, devote more time to them and make efforts to satisfy their needs.

At this juncture, this dream serves as a reminder to you to focus your attention on your family. Here is your chance to understand what matters to them, pay more attention to their needs, get involved more, spend more time and efforts to help your family members and reassure them that you take care of and look after them.

In a restaurant with dead mother

I was waiting for a takeout order at a restaurant with my dead mother who in my dream was sleepy and thin. I was watching her curl up in a chair falling asleep. I tried to stand her up to keep her awake or move her somewhere more comfortable but she kept falling to the ground.

Seeing your mother in your dream is very powerful. This dream is representing a trial in your life, one which you are seeking help with. Traditionally a deceased mother coming to you in a dream is a positive outcome, a promise of receiving aid in your circumstance. However in this context with your mother requiring your assistance this shows that you will need to be self-reliant right now and not be dependent on the help of others to make it through this current hardship. Specifically right now do not rely on family for help. Persevere and have faith in yourself, you are creative and caring as seen in your relentless pursuit to provide comfort for your mother. Be mindful of your situation and who you allow to help you right now, you may need to use your experience-based wisdom and some creativity to be victorious here.

Mother wanting to kill people

I had a dream that my mother decided to kill her classmates to put them out of their misery. I believe she claimed that they were going through rough times. I remember crying in the dream, wondering why she would do such a thing, but at the same time trying to prevent her from feeling bad and upset over the matter, as it had already happened.

Perhaps your mother has been comparing her recent life milestones and finding out that someone has achieved more and with better outcomes If you know that she has had any contact with the people from the past recently, either in person or by other means, she could be overly nostalgic about the younger years when she was spending a lot more time with them. There is also a possibility she is going through a age-related crisis, but has no one to share these feelings with. You could be sensing her inner feelings by the way she talks, acts or even through physical changes she might be going through. Killing former classmates signifies before all, your own desire and readiness to change this situation for better.

Deceased mother on top of me

I dreamt that my late mother was lying on top of me and I was trying to shout out, but no voice was coming out. I woke up screaming.

Both the image of your deceased mother on top of you and being unable to scream are ill omens to see within a dream which could predict the possibility of developing a sickness in the future. Because it was your late mother lying atop you in this vision, it likely indicates a disease or illness that has been inherited from her. This dream may then be a warning to get checked or screened for illnesses she suffered from or may have had. The symbol of not having a voice or being unable to produce sound from your mouth may mean there are no signs or symptoms yet visible. In order to stop the growth or possible negative impact of this problem, prevention is the key.

Becoming a mother

Dreaming about becoming a mother implies an ominous sign for a woman suggesting that her relationship with her boyfriend or her engagement to her fiance may be in a jeopardy, heading for a bad time with the things taking a turn for the worse.

Narcissist mother

A narcissist mother, especially if she is as self-centered in reality, is an ominous dream symbol about her impending death. Your subconscious is urging you to reach out and make amends because she will soon pass away, either due to natural causes or through tragic means. There could be an accident or a violent incident that would claim her life. Your conscience is encouraging you to be the bigger person and put personal grudges behind you so you can form a healthier mother-child relationship.

Your mother hates you

Any conflict with a mother, especially your mother, is an ill omen in the dream world. Mothers are metaphors for life, a nurturing presence and fruitful life. Hence, dreaming your mother hates you indicates a rough period of conflict and disagreement ahead. A friendly rivalry could take a malicious turn and put a friendship to a test. Alternatively, this may be a projection of your pessimism and a feeling that you are not getting the support you deserve, whether at work or in your own family.

Mother bathing in the sea

I saw that my mom is bathing in the sea and I am stopping her... My mom is a heart patient....And I saw this dream in the morning, about 6 to 7 am.

Dreaming about your mom bathing in the sea symbolizes her ability to overcome troubles and problems she may be facing, when you saw yourself trying to stop her this may be an indication of your genuine concern about whether you are doing enough for her to help through difficult times or situations which may require your support.

Deceased mother rejecting

I dreamed my deceased mother tells me she does not love me and does not want me to live near her.

Dreaming about your deceased mother usually means there is a lesson you need to learn. Her pronouncement that she does not love you likely means you are harboring some guilt or regret. Maybe you have done something in the past that you have come to regret. Perhaps you are not proud of the way you handled things toward the end of your mother's life. Whatever the case may be, it seems you are still trying to run away or distance yourself from your past instead of dealing with those issues head on or letting them go.

Mother attacked by football players

I had a dream where my mother was attacked by football players at a frat party where they beat her up and bruised her face.

To witness your mother getting attacked or beaten up in a dream means you are experiencing or about to have some misunderstanding with her in reality. You both feel passionately about something and you would end up arguing your side while trying to discredit the other. While this may start as a friendly debate, it may escalate to something more hurtful if both of you are unable to control your tempers. This is a word of warning from your subconscious so you do not inadvertently damage your relationship with your mother.

Living together with your mother

Having a dream in which you see yourself living together with your mother who may be alive or has passed away, denotes a positive sign of happiness and contentment. Moreover, it could contain a forecast of a sizable success in something that you have already undertaken or likely to start in the future.

Driving with sick mother

Dream about driving a car with my mother being sick.

Seeing your mother sick in a dream means you are struggling with a difficult problem or a stressful issue. This problem has probably been passed down to you by your relatives. You are the one carrying this burden and that is why you are the one driving in the dream. You need to push through and show a brave front because there are people depending on you to keep things together. No matter how much you are suffering, you cannot afford to buckle.

Feeding deceased mother

I was giving cooked pork slices to my deceased mother.

Seeing your dearly departed mother is usually considered an auspicious symbol, as it is associated with periods of joy and happiness. However, giving her slices of cooked pork, according to religious sources, means that this happy time may be overshadowed by troubles with your health. For instance, you may partake in a delightful party or wedding celebration but be unable to enjoy the food offerings due to an allergy.

Mother who passed away giving you clothes

Dreaming of your mother who passed away, and is giving you clothes is an indication that something great is bound to happen in your life. The act of your mom giving you these clothes allude to something significant in the past. These might be linked to your dreams or aspirations that you have already shelved. Yet, this vision suggests the need to act on this dream, for favorable events are ahead of you.

Dead mother dying again

Seeing your already deceased mother pass away once more is surely a traumatic and memorable image to perceive while you are sleeping. In most cases, this symbol suggests a need to look carefully at the way you are acting in reality. This could be related to how you present yourself to others or to how you treat those around you. In either case, careless comments or harsh words may come back to haunt you if you do not heed this warning.

Deceased mother giving black beads

My late mum walking with me and holding my hand and before she leaves she puts black beads on my right hand.

Seeing black beads indicates feelings of loneliness or depression, possibly brought on by some issue you have been battling for awhile. However, dreaming about your lately departed mother is a positive sign which symbolizes experiencing beneficial changes or periods joy and happiness. It may be that your mother is sending you a message that better times are coming. This is further illustrated by the specific placement of the beads in your right hand which predict overcoming difficulties or achieving victory over negative situations. This dream also represents being able to have faith in others, whether they are good friends you have known for a long time or new acquaintances you have just made.

Mother disappearing after a car accident

My mother was driving her car and I was in the back seat. She was angry about something and decided to drive off the cliff ahead. I jumped out and survived. However she was nowhere to be found nor was the car. I assumed she died and waited for her return. While I waited, the guy that I love was there at my home taking care of me. He never left my side. I finally met up with my mom at a small restaurant but she was a ghost.

Witnessing your mother drive the car off the cliff in this dream means she is about to reach her limits culminating in a possible emotional breakdown. You may have noticed her increasingly erratic behavior in the waking world likely due to the piling up of stress from her daily duties and responsibilities, at work or at home. She may end up projecting her frustrations onto you and other members of the family, causing disagreements and possible discord. To cope with the stressful environment, you may turn to your peers for some solace. However, the ghost of your mother manifesting at the end on this vision refers to persisting unresolved issues which you cannot escape. Some issues need to be confronted and properly resolved for you to have a more peaceful existence.

Deceased mother in a shop window

My mother passed away last month. Last night I dreamed I was walking in a dark place, but I saw a bright shop where my mother was sitting in its show case wearing white clothes with very big skirt. Almost the whole show case was covered with my mother's skirt. Light was radiating from my mother. I rushed toward her but the light was so strong that closed my eyes and pushed me back.

Dreaming about your deceased mother means you may be feeling rudderless or aimless. Perhaps the loss of your mother made your outlook on life pessimistic and uninspired. This dream alludes to a period of enlightenment which would trigger a personal transformation. In addition, a shop window symbolizes aspirations. As such, seeing your mother in the window display reveals how much you want to emulate your mother. As indicated by the white clothes and bright light, you would find the strength you need from the memory and legacy your mother left behind.

Aggressive mother

My mom woke me up out of my sleep and she started yelling and she wasn't listening to anything that I was saying. She went through my phone and she took it and she started beating and yelling at me for no reason. She kept telling me to shut up and calling me all types of names and she was being very disrespectful when I tried to simply ask a question.

When children see their parents yelling at or scolding them in the dream world, particularly mothers, it often means they are expecting to face adversity in wake life. This may be a subconscious understanding which you have reached based on clues around you, but it is possible that you are well aware of the troubles your are about to encounter. The image of your mother looking through your phone points towards trickery and deceit. Someone may try to get the upper hand in a disagreement through underhanded means. With your knowledge that such an event may take place, however, you are in a position to avoid the deception and maneuver yourself into a more advantageous position.

Someone's mother sick or dying

Having a dream in which you find some one's mother being sick or about to pass away indicates that unfortunately, you are going to go through some dark and gloomy periods. These periods will be full of suffering in the form of despair, frustration and sadness.

Healthy mother

Having a dream in which you see your mother to be a healthy person and in a very good shape represents a positive sign which suggests that those around you will extend their help and support as and when you need it. This dream speaks of your ability to get help and support from them when needed.

Mother's strange transformations

Hi, I've just had a pretty bad dream, but it will sound like I have mental issues which I don't. Here goes, then I was talking to my mum, she was in pain, then being killed by sunlight coming through a window, then she immediately changed into what I can only describe as my little pony toy. Please don't laugh it was really bad I needed to ring her straight away after waking up.

Seeing your mother in great pain is often interpreted as a sign that, subconsciously, you recognize your mother is going through some difficult time or has been carrying some burden. The image of her being killed by sunlight is particularly strong, indicating that she may be avoiding asking for help or trying to avoid the presence of those who might see these difficulties. You may want to take special care of your mother and make sure she is getting the love and attention she needs, not just from you, but from other important friends and family members. Seeing her turn into a toy or TV character reflects your desire to see that she is happier and well taken care of. Acting on these feelings and showing her you care is probably the best way to improve her morale.

Ill mother becoming healthy again

Someone dreamt my ill wheelchair-bound mother was walking and being her old self again.

When someone dreams about your close relative being back to normal, it is suggestive of you being in control of your domestic matters, such as chores or housekeeping as well as other matters related to your homes, like bills, taxes and budget. Because your home life is in order and under control, you should be able to enjoy a bit of rest that comes with the peace of knowing everything is taken care of. It is probably a good idea, however, not to procrastinate or let things pile up, as this may lead to chaos and uncertainty in life.

Reliving the death of mother

I had gone home to find my mum alive - despite her really dying 6 years ago. However she was terminally ill with breast cancer and had a month and a half to live, which upset me as I wouldn't be there when she passed. She asked me not to tell my sister.

This dream about your deceased mother reflects feelings of guilt. Maybe you still have not fully accepted her passing or you feel bad that you were not able to spend more time with her while she was alive. Her appearance in your dream could also be due to something that triggered memories of her in your waking life. If you are going through a problem or issue, you may be subconsciously looking for her assurance or guidance in order to deal with the situation.

Faceless mother in dreams

My mother comes to my dreams like 4 or 5 times a year and it's always in a stressful and struggling manner, but I can never see her face! Or is she trying to tell me something? That I could be missing her? I always feel sad after one of these dreams.

A recurring dream about your mother could be due to some unresolved matter between the two of you. The fact that the tone of the vision is stressful alludes to your ongoing preoccupation with your mother. On the one hand, you may just be seeking her help and guidance if you are going through a troubling period as a mother's presence and love can be comforting. On the other hand, it may be a sign of guilt. Perhaps you have not been in touch with her, hence the obscure manifestation of her face in this dream vision, and this is your subconsciousness reminding you to reach out.

Mother having someone else

I had a dream that I found out my mom had an affair and my real dad was someone else. I was insanely upset, angry and sad because I didn't want that person to be my real dad.

Dreaming about your mother having an affair when such a situation has never occurred in waking life can be the manifestation of your feelings in regards to how you perceive others, although not necessarily related to their choice of partners. Affairs are normally associated with the idea of lost and forgotten dreams, so you may see that the people around you are struggling to make their dreams come true but you are powerless to change this situation for the better. Your feelings in this vision may reflect similar, but more general emotions you go through in the real world.

Mother buying beef

My mother bought beef and brought it home.

Beef as a symbol in dreams refers to raw and wild energy. It can also point to disagreements and animosity. So bringing home the beef alludes to a grudge your mother possibly holds over someone. She carries it with her up to now. Perhaps you need to communicate this issue with her in case this grudge is in any way connected to you because of its appearance in your vision.

Mother dreaming about bad things happening

My mother dreamt about me crying and there was a cream table facing upside down, so what does that mean??

The dream your mother had, of you crying and a cream table upside down points to a period of negativity in her future. A time of misery and misfortune that could stem from a disagreement with her friends or neighbors. This trying time would not last too long, however, it could even be considered a wake-up call for her to change a disagreeable facet of her life, and maybe you are the one who can tell her about it.

Being suffocated by own mother

I had a dream about my biological mother whom I haven't seen since I was 4, came to my bedroom and slowly put a pillow over my head humming happily as she pushed the pillow harder against my face. I don't know what it means and it keeps reoccurring maybe twice every week. And in the dream, I die. But when I wake up, I'm sweating and feeling like I can't breathe. What does this mean?

Being suffocated in a dream vision is usually symbolic of a subconscious need to spice things up with a lover or significant other. This could be achieved through rekindling the spark of your partnership through dates and long conversations or through becoming more creative in the bedroom. The presence of your biological mother, whom you have not seen in a long time, could suggest these changes would bring about positive benefits in other aspects of your waking life unrelated to the closeness shared between you and your partner.

Mother declaring she is not dead

I dreamt of my mother who passed on back in my life telling me she is not dead, she was hiding somewhere, so my aunt won't kill her.

This dream of your deceased mother reflects your need for closure. Perhaps you have not yet fully accepted her passing, which is why she appeared in your dream vision. Alternatively, this could be a message of enlightenment, challenging you to look into her death and delve deep into the past to look for lessons you could use in your current existence. Her message saying she is hiding from your aunt who tried to kill her could be a reference to problems she has left behind. Maybe there are unresolved aspects in her life or issues she encountered while she was alive that are coming back and causing you distress.

Mother repulsed by sex acts

My boyfriend had oral sex in my bed with three women and they said he was doing spiritual work, and chakras and that three pastors ok-yed the activity. I saw the genitals of my guy and two of the women. They had on shoes and socks in my bed. I watched my mom who is dead drove off in my car. She would never have driven my car, she was invaliokayedd yet in her dream she did this.

The variety of sexual images in this vision suggests that you are very open with your emotions in front of others. You rarely shy from expressing your views and are quick to pass judgement on different ideas and trends. As mothers tend to represent happiness and joy, watching your deceased mother drive away could signal a change to the normally upbeat atmosphere around you. This is likely related to the first half of the vision, meaning you may say the wrong thing or bring up a topic that rubs those around you the wrong way. You may want to be a little more careful with your words and be conscientious of the beliefs and feelings of others.

Mother with a gun

I dreamed I was in a building full of people. Someone yelled out "Watch out, she's got a gun!" I looked around and it was my mother! Her back was turned, so I immediately quietly made my way behind her and put her wrist in a safer direction. She tripped me and then we were laying together with my hand on her wrist and I still have her in a headlock. She managed to slightly overpower me for a moment and there was was a few bullets passing by my head. She eventually emptied the clip in a safe manner.

Envisioning a building full of people going about their business suggests you are currently looking forward to some upcoming social engagement or a trip to a place that embodies the idea of "hustle and bustle." This is followed, however, by the negative sign of your mother brandishing a gun in the midst of the crowd and subduing her. This vision represents some unexpected, completely random obstacle that could make it impossible for you to actually enjoy your day or the company you are with. In some cases, you could face a physical obstacle, like an inability to get tickets or a delayed flight, but it more likely refers to an emotional or mental impediment, such as accidentally running into someone you do not like or having an argument with your travel companion.

Mother with her skin disintegrating

I had a dream that I was talking to my mother. She didn't feel well and showed me the skin on her chest and arms and it was full of holes and the skin was stretched out and hanging a bit (no blood, muscle, or bone showing - just black nothingness in the holes), but it was like it was just deteriorating off of her. In real (waking) life, my mother was just diagnosed with stage IV bone cancer. It probably has something to do with that, but is there any other meaning? This dream is really scaring me.

This dream reveals your concerns about your mother's health and well-being. In a more general sense, this vision represents how you view the deteriorating state of your mom, literally slipping away and disintegrating. The black holes of nothingness scattered on her body symbolize the wasting of the mother you remember. The disease could be taking its toll on her and her personality may be transforming in the process as a result of the suffering she is experiencing. There could be times when you can no longer recognize her and her good humor may be hanging by a thread. It is up to you to keep her optimistic and motivated to keep on living.

Deceased mother in the rearview mirror

My mother passed away 3 years ago of Alzheimer's, at 83 years old. Dream: I had taken her shopping, drove back to her home, waited till she was inside. Backing out and starting to drive away, looked to see mom in white sitting outside the house in arms of a large cactus.

Seeing your dearly departed mother in a dream vision is often considered a positive sign. It is associated with the idea of success or fortune in whatever endeavor you are working on. White clothing, as in wake life, tends to represent marriage or a marital relationship, perhaps pointing toward a partnership you currently have or an upcoming engagement. Following this idea, the cactus behind your mother represents your ingenuity and intellect which you can rely on to create a solid foundation for your partnership or new life together.

A mother killing one of her children

There is a mom standing above her two sons who are dangling from a cliff, she only has time to save one, so she grabs her favorite and the other one plunges and blood goes everywhere in the water below. The mom leaves with no care as the sun rises as an evil angel-like thing.

Cliffs represent critical moments and pivotal events. The mother in your dream may be an aspect of yourself caught at the crossroads. The two sons could refer to two very important decisions hanging in the balance. Perhaps it is a career choice of leaving or staying in your current job. Or maybe it has something to do with a conflict developing in your social circle in which you are required to choose a side between two opposed parties. In any case, perhaps the nurturing mother is what manifested in the dream to represent the gravity of the pending decision, and possibly even immoral in your eyes. Maybe in choosing one over the other, you feel like you are being unfair or biased.

Mother scared of something in the closet

I can't remember the whole thing... All I remember is going into a bedroom that was supposed to be mine but it didn't look like my room. There were two closets. One to the right and one straight ahead. My mom was standing there crying and looked stressed and scared and told me (not exact words) that something bad was in there.. She pointed towards the closet straight ahead. She was scared and stressed about it. I asked her if she meant the closet and she nodded. I just stared at her and woke up then.

Dreaming that your room looks different from what it should be is an ominous symbol to encounter in a dream vision. Bedrooms are usually associated with inner balance and emotional well-being, so seeing an unfamiliar-looking room instead is suggestive of falling in dire straights. You may need the assistance of your family members or friends to get you back on your feet again, the first chance it becomes possible to do so. Seeing your mother upset and stressed out about an unknown evil entity in the closet further supports this idea. It represents both the misfortune you may face and the despair that is likely to accompany it.

Mother-in-law forcing to kill a newborn

Was pregnant by current spouse, and ex mother is a demon trying to make me have the baby and kill the baby.

Envisioning yourself becoming pregnant but being forced to kill the baby reflects having a disappointing life with your husband. The imagery in your dream is a subconscious reflection of your husband's extreme dominance when he exerts a lot of pressure on you. If this is the case, perhaps this is a hint to free yourself of dark thoughts or bad intentions which you may have as a result of the treatment you receive at this point in your life from him or your closest family members.

Deceased mother attacking with claws

I keep having this recurring dream of my mom, she passed away in 2011 of cancer. I'm lying there asleep and she tries waking me up, then brutally attacking me with large claws and sharp teeth.

Dreaming of deceased relatives usually has something to do with unfinished business, something related to your past. The violent encounter with your deceased mother in the dream world likely points to present decisions or circumstances which your mother may not approve of had she been alive. Perhaps the recurring aspect of this dream alludes to the likelihood that you have strayed from the path your mother put you on. In the process, you may be harboring some guilt or shame about certain actions or behavior, past or present.

Near dirty water with deceased mother

I was with my dead mother, we were walking past dirty water on the ground and there was a crocodile and a big yellow snake trying to fight, but the crocodile was hiding in the ropes, so they didn't fight. There was a tap in this dirty water and I asked my mother if this water is clean if I can drink it and she said she doesn't know, she hasn't tried the water, then I went to the tap and woke up.

Your dead mother likely appeared in your dream because you are seeking her advice on how to resolve a current problem. As indicated by the dirty water, it seems your mind has been entangled in confusion and turmoil. You may be too emotional to see things clearly and make decisions in a straightforward manner. It is possible that the crocodile represents your bad temper and tendency to have emotional outbursts. Alternatively, crocodiles can also symbolize insincere individuals possibly pushing you into making wrong decisions. Hence, you need to be careful during this vulnerable period because the big yellow snake refers to a jealous individual within your circle. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place.

Someone pretending to be mother

A lady called Alicia pretended to be my mother and killed my grandfather. I am a girl. I also felt I had a serious connection with Alicia but I don't know why.

Dreaming about a stranger impersonating your mother has negative connotations. It signifies troubled times in your waking life, indicating the presence of people who may position themselves to be close to you but in actuality are trying to take advantage of you. The notion that you saw this person murdering your grandfather further reinforces the possible threat you may face soon. Make sure you steer clear of malicious individuals who might harm you when you least expect it. Since you felt personal connection with this person in the dream, it is an indication that someone who is close to you would attempt to cause problems.

Sex with a mother at a construction site

A male having sex with mother in a construction site and wondering if people can see them.

Seeing your or someone else's mother having sex with a man, especially a stranger, means you think your mother has changed and this has affected your relationship with her. In addition, sex implies union and a merging of values, so you could be noticing your mother being more assertive and having more qualities normally associated with men. Depending on your current interpersonal dynamics, this could be a good thing or it could mean a more imbalanced and confrontational relationship, especially if you are hiding secrets from each other.

Deceased mother staring back

My dream was about my mother who died recently. I hugged her corpse but to my surprise her eyes were bit open staring at me. I tried to close them but they would not.

The eyes as the windows to the soul is a saying with significant dream associations. In your case, the recent passing of your mother has stirred up your thirst for truth. Specifically, the circumstances behind her death which may be vague or perhaps even suspicious are the questions keeping you up at night, and subsequently causing disturbances in your dream world. This can also be your mind telling you to open your own eyes and accept the truth that is right in front of you. Living in denial would not help you live a good and meaningful life.

Being harassed by mother's ex husband

I am a 34 year old female. I have been having dreams about my mom's ex husband chasing me. I have my children with me and they are younger. I run from one empty house to another. If I don't wake up after running out of the second empty house I see a factory blow up and a strange man tells the suspect did it and point to my mom's ex husband who then smiles and I wake up.

Being chased generally points towards the rise of some powerful rival or contender inside your circles of friends. This person may be a complete stranger or newcomer to your social circle, or they might be someone whom you thought very little of before this change in the situation. Considering this individual took the shape of your mother's ex in your vision, it seems you may soon be overwhelmed and intimidated by this person's presence, as you might have been by someone who once had influence over your mom. The empty houses you run to represent dreams that have not materialized or panned out the way you may have hoped. Perhaps the rival within your group has discouraged or sabotaged you in some way. The factory symbolizes the troubles you are having, so the explosion could indicate a sudden and violent culmination of events, possibly a fight or confrontation with this man or woman. You may need to have a lot of courage and self-confidence in order to get through this ordeal and return to a normal state.

Looking for a word meaning, mother in a castle

I was walking with my mom. We saw the word BLACK sprayed painted on a pole, she asked me if I knew what that word meant but I didn't know. My mom was then living in a castle and watching a funeral procession happen outside from the window. The funeral was for someone important and all the people carrying the casket were dressed in white. We transferred to our old house and an alert came on the TV that the military had turned against us. A YouTuber told me to go down this tube to get to safety.

Many of the symbols present in this vision have overlapping meanings, suggesting that what they represent is a major factor in your present life. The first symbol, the word black, literally refers to dark emotions. Your inability to recognize the deeper meaning of the word perhaps reveals a subconscious desire to not reflect on the negative aspects of your life. While looking on the bright side may generally be a good thing, refusing to acknowledge or do something about them may point towards delusions or self-sabotage. The castle represents a desire to improve yourself and your family financially and literally be "a head above all others." However, the funeral procession made up of people in white clothes represents a long string of setbacks, hardships and sadness that, until properly addressed, would continue to hold you back. This is why you return to your old house at the end of the dream. While you may want to escape reality, confronting your issues head on is likely to have better results in the long run.

Mother diagnosed with heart disease

If you happen to see your mom ill in your sleep, then this is likely a warning sign that you might receive some bad news shortly. You might find yourself one day receiving a letter of rejection for something you have allotted your time and effort to. This event will leave you frustrated and dejected. In addition, the image of your mom having a heart attack or losing her heartbeat might also be a depiction of your underlying medical issues. Hence, it would be good to have yourself checked every once in a while.

Mother being killed

A dream involving your alive mother dying in an accident or murdered by someone connotes a period of conflict that will arise in your personal life. This dream indicates that you will soon work on a tedious and demanding task that could make you feel overwhelmed. The image of your mom dying, in particular, suggests that you are slowly losing your enthusiasm for work and wanting to free yourself from the exhausting duty. It is best to take a break when needed to avoid the feeling of burnout.

Mother giving me money

To dream of yourself receiving something of value, such as money, from someone as dear as your mother, is a positive sign that you are about to achieve something great in life. It could be achieving your materialistic goals, such as your dream house, a new job, a better car or something spiritual or emotional such as finding the right person to marry or being able to give birth despite failing to thus far. From ancient Biblical teachings, a mother in a child's dream is a vivid illustration of an emotional connection formed between the two, wherein the parent always seeks out to help the child.

Dead mother not talking

Dreams of a deceased mother who does not speak can be a reflection of unresolved emotions and issues related to her passing. Dreamers may be struggling to interpret their feelings and emotions, which may be preventing them from moving forward in their life. Deep down there is this strong love and connection that still unites you two, even though she has passed on. Ultimately, the dream serves as a message to acknowledge and process any lingering emotions or feelings related to the deceased mother.

Dead mother happy

Dreaming of a deceased mother who appears happy symbolizes a deep emotional acceptance of her passing and a celebration of her life. Moreover, this meeting and talking to her shows that the dreamer is channeling her mother's wisdom or guidance in waking life. Alternatively, some dream interpretations suggest that it implies a need for maternal comfort and nurturing. Ultimately, this dream is a positive and healing experience for the dreamer.

Dead mother asking for food

According to traditional dream interpretation sources, the image of your dearly departed mother asking for food carries an important meaning related to something you have been asking or praying about. You may have recently taken care to improve various aspects of your life. However, you cannot do everything by yourself. The image of your mother requesting food, then, means that you are lacking in some basic area of your life. For example, you may be spending a lot of time studying or working to advance your career but are neglecting your health as a result. Of course improving your intellect or social standing is important, but if you are hungry, do not forget to eat!