Dreams Related To Mirror

A broken mirror

Dreaming about looking at or finding a broken mirror in a vision is an ill omen predicting the passing of someone close to you, most likely a family member or relative. This death is likely from something sudden and unexpected, like a fast-moving disease or fatal accident, which would be a major shock to all those associated with this person. Seeing a broken mirror also means experiencing major difficulties and challenges in your life, leading to agitation and sadness.

For a young woman, seeing the symbol of a broken mirror is an especially unhappy sign indicative of getting into a bad relationship. This romantic affair is likely to cause disappointments right from the beginning because of its dysfunctional, unequal nature. No good can come of this relationship, and any thoughts or decisions about marriage should be avoided at any cost.

Looking into a mirror

Finding yourself in a dream where you are looking at or scrutinizing yourself in a mirror is a negative sign which normally means spending a lot of time in disagreement with others. In particular, this vision points toward dedicating a vast amount of time and energy toward conflicts you have with people near you, most likely co-workers or neighbors. This might be due to rivalry or jealousy on either party's part. In addition, peering into a mirror and at your own reflection may also predict experiencing great sadness and suffering at the sudden loss of someone who was near and dear to you, like a family member or good friend.

Peering into a mirror in a dream vision may also be the subconscious recognition of not having or effectively using experience and wisdom. In most cases, this is simply a matter of applying the right knowledge in the right situation. However, not carefully utilizing your intelligence may leave you exposed to other issues. For example, others may try to take advantage of you if you are not scrupulous or do not think of the future consequences of your actions. This dream may be a warning to think more carefully about what is presented to you or to think before you act. Finally, looking at yourself in a mirror may also indicate having a baby or becoming pregnant soon.

Looking in mirror and seeing someone else

Looking in the mirror only to see someone else's visage is often thought to portend a sudden shift in the direction or dynamic of your life. The face you saw could contain clues as to what you could expect. Alternatively, if you saw someone you knew, perhaps your life would be imitating some aspect of theirs or your paths would become intertwined in some way.

A mirror in general

Seeing or looking at a mirror in a dream, in general, is a negative sign associated with difficulty in achieving what you have set out to do. In particular, this sign in a vision is often given the interpretation of experiencing the highest degree of challenges or obstacles on the path to accomplish your plans or dreams, especially due to the interference or deception of others. In the case that a woman sees this symbol, it points toward domestic dissatisfaction and conflict, stemming from lack of communication. These issues could lead to separation or divorce with her current partner or husband if measures are not taken to improve the bond. In addition, mirrors also tend to represent mysteries or grey areas in your life that you have not fully figured out or recognized yet.

A face in a mirror

Dreaming about your own face in the reflection of a mirror or other glass surface can have a number of different interpretations. First, it can represent multiplication or growth in your life, for example, expansion of personal business, a promotion, or the addition of a new member to your family. These events are likely to bring much joy and satisfaction to your life. On the other hand, if you were searching for your face in the mirror but were unable to see it, it means you are soon to experience some serious illness or other negative change in your health, either due to exposure to some disease or a serious accident. Finally, looking for your own reflection and finding that your face is unrecognizable is usually interpreted as a sign of a great change or shift in the course of your life.

Using a mirror

Having a dream where you are utilizing a mirror for some specific purpose, such as for putting on makeup, finding something out of reach, or looking at who is behind you, usually means you are soon to be involved in a wedding or other associated event. For single people, it suggests getting married in the near future, while for married people, it represents attending the ceremony of someone you are close to.

A mirror for singles

Looking into a mirror in a dream vision, for those who are currently or recently single, is usually interpreted as a sign that this situation is unlikely to change anytime in the near future. When those who are not in a relationship peer at a reflective surface, it represents searching for a partner or your other half. However, because you can only see yourself, it predicts continuing as an unattached person, being unable to find someone with whom you have a good connection or who shares your attraction.

A mirror for those in love

If you are now in a romantic relationship, whether you are just dating or in a long-term commitment, and you see a mirror in your dream vision, it may predict meeting and butting heads with some rival who wants your partner for themselves. This jealous competitor is likely to go to any lengths to steal your lover away, including initiating an affair or whispering bad things about you in your significant other's ear.

Losing a mirror

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a mirror, either a small handheld one or a larger looking glass, is a negative sign that indicates experiencing sadness. In particular, lost mirrors portend feeling sentimental or regretful over certain aspects of your life, most likely due to your lack of skill or knowledge in dealing with recent changes in your life. This is especially true if you life seems to have taken a turn for the worse recently.

Your boyfriend in a mirror

Seeing the reflection of a boyfriend or partner in a mirror could have multiple meanings, depending on the circumstances within the dream. If his image is drawn, pale, or exhausted, it may indicate a separation from him in the near future. This could be due to trouble in the relationship, but it may also be caused by his sudden passing or moving away. On the other hand, if his image was energetic, fresh, or relaxed, it suggests a short period of rockiness within the relationship which eventually works out and brings the two of you closer together, resulting in peace, mutual understanding, and satisfaction.

A scary face in the mirror

Seeing the reflection of a scary, horrifying face in a mirror while in a dream could be interpreted as a sign of becoming increasingly involved in some mysterious, cloak-and-dagger affair which eventually leads to participation in a dangerous or life-threatening event. Additionally, seeing an especially gruesome profile in a mirror suggests being interested in or becoming a member of a group with ties to the occult.

Others reflected in the mirror

Having a dream in which you see the reflection of others in a mirror or on some others glass surface is interpreted as a negative sign. It means you are soon to face discrimination or ill treatment from others, particularly people who do not respect you or have given you trouble in the past. A vision where you see other people's faces on a reflective surface predicts these actions against you are likely to be initiated to humiliate you or cause you to lose face in front of those who actually like and support you.

A moving mirror

I and two others saw a mirror moving on the wall in a large room and then it seemed to have folded up or disappeared.

A mirror on the wall generally refers to image and self-reflection. There could be something your subconscious is trying to tell you about yourself. In addition, the large room is an aspect of your personality. The size may be a reference to your self-confidence and strong personalty or it could also be a symbol of a big ego. Whichever may be the case, the disappearance of the mirror means you may lack self-awareness. This personality flaw could make you insensitive towards others. You could come across as arrogant whenever you try to voice your opinions or assert yourself. Perhaps a bit of introspection would help you temper a tendency to be domineering.

Inspecting your reflection in a mirror

Having a dream where you carefully inspect or scrutinize your image in the reflection of a mirror is often interpreted as a reflection of internal thoughts and feelings, usually connected with other people's opinions and critique of yourself. You may take what others say too seriously or are easily offended when others criticize your behavior. In addition, examining your reflection may also indicate that you care too much about little details of how you present yourself to the outside world to the detriment of other areas in your life. While being concerned with appearances and personal image you may project is important, spending too much time trying to please everyone does not allow much time for self-improvement or soul searching.

Your own reflection in a mirror

Looking into a mirror and seeing your reflection just as it is, with no changes or unusual emphasis on any specific part, suggests you may soon receive an unexpected announcement or noteworthy information. This vision gives no clue whether this is welcome or unwelcome news, given the normal appearance of your body in the mirror image. However, this might mean becoming involved in some superficial task or time-consuming activity which would not actually challenge or better you as a person. Envisioning your own image in the reflection of a mirror may also indicate becoming ill, experiencing conflict with others, or being unsuccessful in some aspect of your current life.

Many mirrors

Having a dream where you are in a hall or room filled with multiple mirrors is usually interpreted as a negative sign associated with failing goals and aspirations. Specifically, this dream means that you may be lost or unsure what to do with your life. This may be because you are unable to achieve a dream you have had for a long time or because others have persuaded you not to push for it. In addition to not knowing what to do next, a mirror-filled room represents not trusting your friends to have your best interests at heart. They may have a different opinion about you and are surprised or displeased when you do not act according to their preconceptions.

A mirror with large or cloudy surface

Looking into or noticing a mirror that has a clouded, darkened surface is a negative sign to see in a dream vision. It predicts becoming the scapegoat for some failure or crime that you had no involvement in or connection to. The false accusations of those around you are likely to bring up feelings of frustration and disappointment due to their disbelief of your innocence. Additionally, a mirror which has an unclear reflection may predict becoming the butt of jokes or the victim of a vicious bullying campaign.

A monster inside a mirror

Looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of some terrible, horrifying monster in a dream vision represents the presence of some emptiness or dark hole within you. This may manifest itself in some inability to connect with others deeply, or you may make promises you have no intention of keeping. Your deception and taking advantage of others with sweet words and fake kindness cannot fool those around you forever.

A mirror made of pearls

Dreaming about looking into a mirror that is made or decorated with pearls is traditionally interpreted as a negative sign. It means you are about to experience a major disagreement or difference of opinion with someone whom you have been close to or have looked up to for a long time. Seeing a mirror covered in pearls is therefore often recognized as a warning to look out for budding conflicts and take action before things get out of hand.

Animals reflected in the mirror

Looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of animals on the surface is a grim sign to experience in a dream vision. It usually means you are about to go through a time in your life characterized by heavy losses and unhappy circumstances. Your lack of success and good luck is likely to cause feelings of disappointment, frustration and hopelessness.

No reflection in the mirror

Having a dream where you look into a mirror but are unable to see your own reflection is an ominous, grim sign pointing toward participation in dark plots. Specifically, this dream suggests that you may be controlled by or become the puppet of some evil force or corrupt organization, prompting you to commit crimes and participate in things you never imagined. This darkness is predicted to spread to those around you, those you love and care about the most, causing suffering and sadness. After experiencing this vision, you should seek the aid of God in ridding yourself of the shadows that surround you before it is too late.

Divination using a mirror

Finding yourself in a dream where you are having your fortune told by someone who is using a mirror or other reflective surface indicates a preoccupation with the future. You may be overly concerned with what your future holds or how a certain aspect of your life unfolds with time. Despite what you may like to think, no living person can truly know what is to come, so you may be wasting time over things that are not likely to come to pass.

Seeing yourself using a mirror to receive some prediction of the future reflects having negative if not harmful experiences in waking life. Excessive use of these methods may attract dark forces to you, wreaking havoc on your life and on the lives of those you love and care about the most. Only you can create your destiny through hard work and dedication. Relying on others is not the answer and is likely only to cause more and more problems over time.

Breaking a mirror into pieces

Breaking or destroying a mirror, causing it to shatter into many pieces, is a negative sign which portends someone you are or were close to may begin deceiving you in some heinous way. This person's underhanded ways and misleading words may seem trivial at first, but are actually likely to cause much suffering and sadness in your life. Another interpretation of this symbolic image includes being separated from or losing the friendship of someone you once trusted because of an act of betrayal on their part. This also means you may start feeling uneasy or hesitant about trusting others some time after this happens.

Giving a mirror to someone

Envisioning yourself handing a mirror to someone else, for instance as a present or as a token of friendship, usually means you make life more difficult for yourself than it needs to be. You may take a more troubling course of action just because it was your idea and you are stubborn about its use. You may also routinely refuse to allow yourself to be happy, purposely making choices which deny your true contentment.

Buying or receiving a mirror

Having a dream where you receive a mirror as a present, a token of friendship or when you are buying it, portends a future situation in which someone, who you thought was your friend, tricks or takes advantage of you. These actions against you are likely fueled by this person's jealousy of what you have accomplished so far in your life or of the connections, resources and experiences you have. This person or people may also simply be deceiving you because of your kind, but gullible, nature.

A mysterious person reflected in a mirror

Envisioning the image of a suspicious, mysterious stranger in the reflection of a mirror or other glass surface is usually associated with messages from the other side or beyond the grave. This vision points toward someone in another dimension trying to make contact or send a message to you. This communication is likely something that could be very important to you or vital to your well-being. If this peculiar person has given you some written message or object, it may represent coming into possession of some extremely valuable or useful knowledge. However, if they speak to you in this vision, it means you are soon to discover the answer to some question which has boggled your mind for a long time.

Your whole body in the mirror

Dreaming about your entire body being reflected on the surface of a mirror is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with emerging health problems. This imagery means you may experience some illness or injury in the near future which could in turn seriously affect your everyday life.

Giving a mirror as a present

Giving a mirror to someone specifically as a present is associated with building bridges and overcoming differences in regards to relationships. Specifically, this vision predicts you are soon to restore friendly relations with someone whom you have not gotten along with in a long time. Your willingness to put aside past conflict and animosity may prove beneficial for both parties in the future.

A flame reflected in a mirror

Seeing a candle or match flame from the reflection of a mirror represents some aspect of your personality which others find grating or difficult to handle. In particular, the flame points toward heat which in turn implies having a bad attitude or ill temper. You may want to be more careful in the future so that your actions do not rub others the wrong way and lead to further, escalated conflict.

Observing your blemishes in the mirror

Looking into a mirror within a dream vision and perceiving blemishes, such as pimples, wrinkles, dark spots, or scarring, is a positive sign associated with gaining material possessions. You may soon earn, win, or inherit a substantial sum of money or acquire some property which would greatly change your financial situation for the better.

Seeing yourself in a mirror

Seeing your reflection in the mirror suggests you crave for people's approval. You carefully curate your posts to project the best version of yourself in your profile, be it in Instagram, Facebook or other platforms. Since you care so much about what other people think about you, you are also very sensitive to criticism and negative comments. You lose sight of who you really are because you allow others to dictate your actions. Alternatively, this could also be a sign of narcissism. You care so much about your image because you feel like everyone is scrutinizing your every move.

A small mirror as a gift

I'm a female and I had a dream of walking over a bed with plain sheets when I noticed I received a gift - a small silver mirror with a pretty pink flower attached to it. From the angle I was standing in, the mirror didn't have a reflection.

A bed represents intimacy and privacy. It can be a place or a situation where you feel safe and comfortable. So the presence of a mirror on top or near the bed refers to an invasion of privacy. There may be conflicts or issues ahead that could drag your intimate secrets into the public arena. In addition, your lack of reflection in this mirror means evil and malicious individuals may be the masterminds behind the dark plots being set in motion to ruin your reputation. On the other hand, a pink flower often refers to love and kindness, so perhaps your detractors or one of them may think that what they are doing is for your own good. This means it could be someone close to you, like a friend or family member.